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Heartbreaker. Sigh...

Alex Morgan!!! 1-0 USA over Japan!!! WOW! 69th minute. TAlk about tension. Youngest player on the team, great future. Buckle your seat belts. Where are you watching? TEll us about the atmosphere. We were invited to several watch parties. Very cool day for Women's Sports. Just heard from Donna Shalala, UM prez, who is there as guest of US Soccer. SAys it's a wild scene.

Uh-oh! Don't celebrate yet. Japan scores to make it 1-1 with 10 minutes to go...US defense clears twice to the middle and gives Japan the goal. American fans groaning.

Abby Wambach to the rescue again! Unbelievable! Header in extra time 103rd minute off Alex Morgan beautiful cross. WOW. USA 2, Japan 1.

NO WAY! SAWA Scores for Japan! Her fifth goal in six games. Amazing. She has played in five World Cups, and it shows. USA 2, Japan 2. This is killing me. What a game.

Going to PKs. Unreal. 

Funny sign: Marry me Hope! I'm Solo!

PKs. Let's go...OHNO! Shannon Boxx misses. OHNO AGAIN! Lloyd over the post. Tobin Heath, who just came in, also misses. Three misses in a row. OHMYGOODNESS. US loses in PKs. They look stunned. So heartbreaking for the US team after so much drama and after capturing the American imagination. Two US leads, and they lose. Japan is the world champion, beats USA for first time in 25 tries.

Abby Wambach classy in post-game interview.

Your thoughts?