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Messi to Miami?

Argentina's early exit from Copa America may be good news for South Florida soccer fans.

Reports out of Argentina suggest that Argentine star Lionel Messi is planning to join his Barcelona teammates in Miami Aug. 3 for the exhibition match against Chivas Guadalajara at Sun Life Stadium (tickets available at TicketMaster and local soccer stores) and then go on to Dallas for the Aug. 6 match against Club America. Messi's Argentine/Barca teammates Javier Mascherano and Gabriel Milito may also play. Argentina and Brazil were expected to go deeper in Copa America, and the star players would have taken vacation afterward, but both teams lost in the quarterfinals. Brazil players Dani Alves and Adriano may also play in Miami.

There are also reports that Messi and a few Barca teammates will make a visit to the White House to meet with President Obama, a soccer fan. When the MLS Cup champion Colorado Rapids visited the White house, they presented Obama with a No. 10 jersey, and he made a comment about Messi. 

Stay tuned!