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25 posts from July 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

WWC outdraws All-Star Game, British Open

Women's World Cup postscript: Much of America is suffering from post-WWC hangover this morning.

Here's what's going on in the news...

1. WWC final drew an 8.6 rating on ESPN. British Open golf got 2.6. Last week's Major League Baseball's All-Star Game 7.9. Top markets for the Women's World Cup were Baltimore, San Diego, West Palm Beach, DC, Norfolk. The 1999 final, played in the US and shown on ABC, got 11.4.

2. Abby Wambach and Hope Solo on Letterman Tuesday night.

3. WWC Final set a Twitter record for tweets/second (7,196). Brazil's Copa America loss to Paraguay yesterday, also on PKs, was close behind at 7,166. Both beat Osama's death and royal wedding of Will and Kate.


Poll: Who will win Copa America?

Copa America surprises!

OK, who in their right mind would have predicted that the Copa America semifinalists would be Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela? No Brazil. No Argentina. Wow.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Heartbreaker. Sigh...

Alex Morgan!!! 1-0 USA over Japan!!! WOW! 69th minute. TAlk about tension. Youngest player on the team, great future. Buckle your seat belts. Where are you watching? TEll us about the atmosphere. We were invited to several watch parties. Very cool day for Women's Sports. Just heard from Donna Shalala, UM prez, who is there as guest of US Soccer. SAys it's a wild scene.

Uh-oh! Don't celebrate yet. Japan scores to make it 1-1 with 10 minutes to go...US defense clears twice to the middle and gives Japan the goal. American fans groaning.

Abby Wambach to the rescue again! Unbelievable! Header in extra time 103rd minute off Alex Morgan beautiful cross. WOW. USA 2, Japan 1.

NO WAY! SAWA Scores for Japan! Her fifth goal in six games. Amazing. She has played in five World Cups, and it shows. USA 2, Japan 2. This is killing me. What a game.

Going to PKs. Unreal. 

Funny sign: Marry me Hope! I'm Solo!

PKs. Let's go...OHNO! Shannon Boxx misses. OHNO AGAIN! Lloyd over the post. Tobin Heath, who just came in, also misses. Three misses in a row. OHMYGOODNESS. US loses in PKs. They look stunned. So heartbreaking for the US team after so much drama and after capturing the American imagination. Two US leads, and they lose. Japan is the world champion, beats USA for first time in 25 tries.

Abby Wambach classy in post-game interview.

Your thoughts?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Pia SINGS to the media! DO NOT MISS!

The Women's World Cup final is 48 hours away, so what does US coach Pia Sundhage do? Something Bob Bradley would never do. Something Pat Riley would never do. Check it out right here! AS IF there weren't enough reasons for fans to love this team.

And here is ANOTHER video of Pia's musical talent.

Up close with: Strikers captain Hohlbein

Get to know  Fort Lauderdale Strikers captain Aaron Hohlbein...



Thursday, July 14, 2011

On the phone with Hope, Abby, Pia...

I was on a conference call today with Pia Sundhage, Abby Wambach, Hope Solo, Ali Krieger and Rachel Buehler. They spoke to reporters for more than an hour. How refreshing to talk to such thoughtful, bright, spunky, and patriotic athletes. No egos. No attitudes. It's no wonder the nation has fallen for them. This team has forged its own identity and broken free of the large shadow of the 1999 team.

By the way, there were 90 reporters on the call. Big difference from the early 1990s, when the US women had to fax the game results to their families because there was no print or TV coverage (not to mention Twitter, Facebook, etc..)

Look to Sunday's Miami Herald (and website) for lots of pre-game coverage. In the meantime, a few nuggets from the conference call...

Hope Solo on comparisons with the '99 team: "Our team is so incredibly different from that team, the game's come so far since then, but we have nothing but respect for them. They paved the path for us.''

Pia Sundhage on the team spirit: "We have an incredible atmosphere in the locker room. It's a little bit crazy, to be honest. There is a lot of singing. We win with great heart, and together we will make this dream come true.''

Abby Wambach on the response from fans back home: "Technology has allowed us the opportunity to see the response with our own eyes. We can see people jumping out of their seats during the Brazil game, people tweeting, texting, posting on Facebook, every mode of technology. We feel that energy, the energy of millions of people supporting us back home, and that's an amazing thing. It might propel us to victory. We hope they all watch. No matter what the result is, we're gonna make America proud.''

Rachel Buehler on Japan's team: "They are incredibly technical, great passing game, crafty. They're not sending in air balls. They rely on their skill on the ball and we have to be ready.''

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Poll: USA or Japan?

Barca-Chivas on ESPN2

Just found out the Aug. 3 friendly between Barcelona and Chivas Guadalajara at Sun Life Stadium will be televised on ESPN2. This is your chance, South Florida soccer fans, to prove you truly are a world-class soccer market and are willing to buy tickets not just talk soccer. How many fans you think will show up? Make a guess.

Japan looking good.

Hey, US fans..Don't Party Like it's 1999 just yet...

Japan leads Sweden 3-1 in the second half of their semifinal, and is proving that the win over host/defending champion Germany was no fluke.

The U.S. team is in for a tough final on Sunday.  Great for women's soccer.

Let us know your predictions, thoughts on the big game! Let's get some conversation going here among all you South Florida soccer aficionados!