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21,000 in the rain: Not bad

So, I missed the US - Honduras game because of the Jewish holiday (I joked that the monsoon was the wrath for US Soccer holding a game on Yom Kippur)..anyway, reading the reports was happy to see that 21,000 showed up -- or at least bought tickets, anyway. That's not bad, considering there was no promotion whatsoever from US Soccer. If weather was nicer, surely there would have been a bigger crowd.

So, what did you think of the game? Assessment of the US team? Klinsmann got his first win as coach, which is nice. Dempsey looked good. Brek Shea looked good -- minus the slip on wet grass in front of open net. Who else do you think stepped up? Who didn't? Share with the group...


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Michelle, bit lame to miss the US national team playing soccer on your patch because of a holiday! Sports writers don't cry off Thanksgiving or Christmas Day football or basketball using that excuse. I thought it was great that so many turned up to watch, it was special to be able to see how the new coach has things set up different from Bradley's way, which was occasionally successful but usually wasn't. You could tell Klinsman's approach is more "European" in outlook and execution, and can only be better still when Donovan returns to the team. Overall, I have a lot of confidence in this new era for US men's soccer.

Tyler James:
More than a bit lame for you not to know that Yom Kippur is the holiest day of the Jewish year, not just "a holiday.'' I spent all day in synagogue and have never worked on that day in 26 years. I know plenty of Christians who wouldn't work on Easter Sunday or Christmas (in fact, that is why a lot of Jewish writers fill in on Christmas, because non-Jews need that day off).
As for your soccer views on the US team, I agree.


I went to the game wearing my Honduras jersey while 2 nephews of mine wore red US shirts at 115 section midfield seats. I was pleased to see more people showed up than the 7000 tickets which had been previously announced. I won't judge US soccer skills, but i got to see tv ads a week before the game which is not enough promotion if one is shooting for a bigger crowd turnout. Anyways, the game was entertaining and exciting and watching a football match at Sunlife stadium is way better than lockhart or FIU stadium. I might be wrong on this, but my impression was there was a bigger , if not the majority ,
US pro-crowd. Even though there was a downpour, i don't believe it diminished the energy and electricity felt at the stadium from anyone who went to the game.
I've gone to the last three games Honduras has played in Miami and the US
should reconsider and come down to play in miami more often with a better game promotion, of course.

I know Dan Garber, the MLS commissioner, was paying attention how the Miami fan turnout would be. 20k+ fans, not bad for a not so well promoted game and rainy/thundery 10.8.2011 game day.

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Tyler James,

You have been served!! or in Football terms, You were scored on via a rocket shot to the goal. Not to be a Mr. Whitenight here, but in defense to Michelle, I have nothing but respect and admiration for the knowledge of the beautiful game, but for the passion she shows as well.

Reading your original message though, I can understand you were not trying to diminish her religion, but maybe your lack of knowledge on the Jewish holiday or her passion to observe it allowed you to unfairly put her down for not going to the game.

Michelle, thanks for being professional on your response and we FOOTBALL, Futebol, Futbol, soccer fans love your support, knowledge and passion for the beautiful game. :)

Great turnout considering the weather and lack of promotion. And about 50/50 USA/Honduras support.

It was 6,000 more fans that LA pulled in for the US-Costa Rica game last month. With the huge uptick in support for local club soccer this year(Strikers) and good turnouts for events like the US game or Barça-Chivas, we are reversing the negative reputation that the total mismanagement of the Fusion and Miami FC gave South Florida.

With the Strikers revival coupled with the positive support for local clubs in Tampa Bay and Orlando, Florida as a whole is getting back to what it always was before MLS came in and wrecked it all up: a great stronghold for domestic soccer.


Sandy Koufax wouldn't pitch on Yom Kippur, I think Michelle gets a pass.

On the attendance topic, some people were talking some smack when it was 6800 tix sold about 5 days before the game, but I guess Miamians buy their tickets late. In the end, turned out to be a pretty good crowd.

The attendance was good. it showed Miami does support soccer and MLS should come to Miami.

Can't believe Michelle is being positive about soccer in our area, I am used to her usual gloom and doom, and the "You should be ashamed Miami" stuff she prints most of the time, so props to her for this post!

I suggest those of you ripping me on here for being "negative'' about Miami soccer go back into the Herald archives and find the more than 400 articles I wrote on the Miami Fusion when it was here. It was overwhelmingly postive and enthusiastic and I want soccer here as much as anyone. My job is to report news and when MLS executives tell me that they aren't convinced this is an MLS market, I have to report that. I am not a Miami cheerleader. I am a journalist and my only goal is to be fair, which I believe I am.
OK, I'll stop now. thanks for reading.
Go Soccer!


I have been an avid reader of your football, aka soccer, columns. I am a strong supporter of the beautiful game over any other sport out there; Therefore, I can vouch you can be supportive of the beautiful game, but critical when you need to be without being one of the journallist who want to sound they know about the game when they don't know jack. I do remember your fusion articles as well. As passionate futbol fans, sometimes we get so used to so called "sports journalist" become so xenophobic and blatantly ignorant, but in your case, your knowledge and even passion about the game comes across thru for anyone who is a constant reader of your articles.

Thanks a lot and we are proud you cover our sport with passion yet a lot of professionalism as well.

Ole! Ole! Ole! :)

So I have to go back to 2001! Whoa!...There are other ways to support besides writing in the Herald, there is Twitter and Facebook etc. Why didn't you show up when we had a meeting with the commissioner earlier this year? Or supported our efforts via twitter, after all you only have to press "retweet" You wanted Miami to be ashamed before an event actually happened, that is speculating, that was not being fair. By the way that post was actually giving you props!

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