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Shame on you, Miami!

So, the US national team plays Honduras here at Sun Life Stadium on Saturday night, a rare opportunity to see two World Cup teams up close. All the US stars will be here -- Landon Donovan, Tim Howard, Jozy Altidore, etc...and how many tickets had been sold as of Monday? 6,800. No, that is not a typo. According to a US Soccer official, fewer than 7,000 tickets had been sold in the same market that drew 71,000 to Barcelona vs. Chivas in August.

Shame on you, Miami! If fans don't step it up big time, I don't EVER want to hear whining about how this market deserves an MLS team. Ok, so the game is at 6 p.m. (not ideal), and it's on Yom Kippur (the Jewish population in the stadium probably won't be very high), but still...USA vs. Honduras in your town, you haven't bought tickets and you call yourselves soccer fans?

C'Mon, Miami. You can do better than that. Thoughts?


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Michelle, the problem here is that it's not a very exciting opponent. If it was the US vs Spain, Brasil, Argentina, or Colombia, then you'd have a lot more interest in this game. No disrespect to Honduras, but they're not a big name in the world of football.

The problem lies with US Soccer. The opponent shouldn't matter. If the federation does nothing to advertise the game, how can we expect non-fans to a) know about it or b) purchase tickets and attend. The Barcelona game was packed because there were TV and radio advertisements. I haven't heard a peep about this game, and that is the fault of the Federation. They have never found a way to capitalize on ANY of our team's successes (men's or women's). If they had a clue, they would have made a slew of TV ads showing how the US team played in 90,000 seat Rose Bowl in front of 80,000 Mexicans. The only way to drum up support is through National pride; it seems that the Federation knows nothing about doing this. They have failed the team miserably.

Hey I bought my tickets. Then again I live in Broward where people actually care about domestic soccer(USMNT and our US-based leagues).

And the opponent does matter. Despite the low advance ticket sales numbers, we should not be playing any Latin American team in Miami. We want the US to have a home field crowd. Play England, the Netherlands, Germany etc. A premier nation that would be unlikely to outdraw the US fans. There will likely be more Honduras fans than US fans.

I'll be rocking in Section 156 with the American Outlaws, that's for sure. Whatever the crowd size, we'll make plenty of noise. Also no Donovan, he backed out to recover from an injury so Buddle will be here instead.

But there is a more important game for South Florida on Saturday night. That's the Strikers first leg of the NASL Semifinals vs. Puerto Rico on the road. The USMNT is nice and all, but the Strikers are South Florida's team playing for the shot at a title in a game that counts! I'll be watching from the stands at the US game on my phone! GO STRIKERS!!

You're right Michelle, the numbers are terrible and shameful. Need at least 35-40K fans to make SFL a credible MSL destination. Even the Strikers are getting 3-4K for home games now.

Whao you think a Strikers game is more importart than the USMNT, no wonder soccer here sucks!!

The Honduras team plays very well, but unfortunately, it is not one to attract the masses. But besides that, Miami is not the place to host a US game. If we get 20K it is going to be top.
A much better choice would have been Orlando.

Miami does not deserve a MLS team. In 96 MLS wanted to come to the Orange Bowl. But with then Mayor Carollo playing his arrogance, the Fusion ended in Ft.L. Then they planed the Marlins Stadium with a Soccer Field. We know what happened.
I do hope Ft.L. will one day get a MLS team.

Dont dismiss miamis transient population. Barca is a world class soccer club that millions follow. When you narrow it down to US and Honduras, dont expect much. More than 60% of dade county is from somewhere else, so there goes the support for the american side, and theres a tiny population of hondurans. If you put 2 latin teams it will draw more. Theres more rivalries, and bragging rights amongs soccer loving latinos. A while ago, in the same stadium, peru-honduras had a lot more people attend, with a great atmosphere. Put argentina-uruguay, colombia-chile, brazil-peru, mexico-ecuador etc, any of those combinations will attract more fans.

I bought 3 sideline tickets ahead of time out of the soccer locker store. It's a shame only 6,800 tickets have been sold considering there's a bigger Honduran population which can easily pull at least 15000 on the stands. i'm from Honduras and I'm glad Us is playing thrm in Miami, but regardless who they had played i'd still go to the game. If Miami messes this up with a decent attendance, you might As well say hell will freeze over first before miami is awarded any MLS team.....shameful indeed!!

The fact of the National Team is to support the team whomever they might be playing against. Don't we all want the best teams to come over and play? Sure, but you can't always get what you want. That's just a lame excuse and as soccer fans, specially hispanics, if your hometown national team is not playing, then the second team to root for is where you are living for better or worse. Enough said!

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