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Strikers update, Ray Hudson in house!

On deadline..quick update...0-0 Strikers vs. Stars with 6 minutes to go. Soggy conditions, but very sprited effort by the Strikers. Minnesota packed the back, clogged the box and made it very hard for Strikers to score. Nice atmosphere. Even some singing Minnesota fans, clad in blue, with trumpet and horn. Ray Hudson in the house for first time this season. He was impressed. Read the Herald tomorrow for the full story. Gotta go. Deadline looming...  


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nobody cares...get a real reporting gig

and you're on here doing what?

i'm just trying to remind you that nobody in s. florida really truly cares about soccer

i see this as a public service for the fine citizens of miami/ft. lauderdale

you're welcome.

6900 in the pouring rain, for a 2nd tier league that barely is reported on, seems pretty good to me. In fact a lot more than the 600 that attended that Marlins game. The last Phins game had a ton of empty seats, and among those who were there they rooted for Denver.

That's 6900 despite already being 2 goals down going in.

Good to hear Ray Hudson was there.

6900 in the pouring rain is a randy newman song, is it not?

Thank you for the pieces on the Strikers. It's good to see some of the local community taking note of a great organization with deep roots in SoFla. The Strikers made some great accomplishments in U.S. soccer this year, and I can't wait for the next chapter. At least one SoFla sports team makes me proud to be from SoFla--The Strikers.

Too bad for the weather (and scoreline). The Strikers could have reeled in some new fans if the weather conditions permitted.

Can't believe Hudson had only been to 1 game all season. What a Bandwagon'er. He better have been getting the Strikers a deal with Gol-TV.

Thanks again

To the Andrew who thinks nobody cares about soccer down here, the 2006 and 2010 World Cup TV ratings for South Florida CRUSHED the TV ratings for the NBA Finals, Stanley Cup finals and NCAA Final Four those years. It wasn't even close. I happen to love all those sports, too, but to suggest soccer isn't popular in South Florida is downright wrong.
If you don't like soccer ,fine. Not sure why you feel compelled to rip the sport and act like it should be abolished and not covered. I happen to think golf is boring, but I know others love it, and would never suggest we not cover it in the paper. Just let people enjoy whatever sports they want to enjoy.

Thanks Michelle, very well said. And as always appreciate any soccer info.

people love international soccer in s. florida michelle. '' international'' soccer.

whats your excuse for the fusion and magic jack collpasing?

why would a mls team in s. florida work now as opposed to before?

it would still fail. we don't deserve one.

let's just enjoy the exhibition games when they come to town.

except me. i wont enjoy the exhibition games because of all the dererk fisher esque flopping like the flop marquez did the other day.

why not cover golf in your paper? you guys dont cover mma or surfing?

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