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Dempsey or Donovan? You make the call


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Donovan or Dempsey? I'll take Lionel Messi. On team USA I'll take Hope Solo.:)

Landon is the heart and soul of the U.S. team. When he plays well, the teams wins. Clint Dempsey is a good player with a knack for scoring in key situations, but his amazing play for Fulham does not always translate to the USMNT. As a lifelong U.S. fan, I am glad we have more than one player of scoring goals. If we could only short up our defense, we would have a competitive team.

I am a Brit and Fulham season holder so see Clint weekly.He shows 100 % effort every week coupled with high tech skill with lots and lots of goals
Donavan is a good player but needs to play a whole UK season and prove his worth
For me Clint on all fronts

I am english and a life long Everton fan,Donovan all the way,outstanding player,with so much to offer any team he plays in.We want to keep him.

Donovan has been the headliner for the USMNT for a long time and he never fails to disappoint. he is the first to give up and can't lead a team. Great passing skills and vision but like a spoiled kid, he often just doesn't want to perform. Dempsey on the other hand has superior skills in ball handling and tight spaces and, unlike Donovan, has the guts and heart to make the run and finish!

Dempsey is one of the world's top players and goal scorers, Donovan is not either one of those things. The press crowns superstars but your eyes don't deceive you, Dempsey is the real thing!

I can't believe this is even a discussion.. One plies his trade in a mediocre league and is satisfied with silly 'USA Player of the Year' year-in-year-out and is PROVEN NEVER TO HAVE WHAT WAS REQUIRED TO SUCCEED ON HIS LAST TRIPS TO EUROPE.. anotehr is a proven winner and scorer in the world's best league.. AND THERE IS EVEN A DEBATE?? DEMPSEY BY 5 MILES!

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