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Battle to Avoid the Drop!

Happy Monday.

Well, happy if you're a ManCity fan. The sky blues remain atop ManU after beating Newcastle 2-0 on Sunday, so if they win their final match, they will be EPL champions for the first time since 1968. Newcastle, meanwhile, remains in fifth place behind Tottenham, one spot shy of a Champions League berth.

The big match today is Wigan vs. Blackburn (3 p.m., ESPN Deportes). Resurgent Wigan is in 17th place with 37 points, Blackburn in 19th place with 31. Blackburn is desperate to avoid relegation. Wigan hopes to build up its cushion with some points today.

Right now, bottom of table looks like this:

Queens Park Rangers 37

Wigan 37

Bolton 35

Blackburn 31

Wolverhampton 25