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Euro quarters set! Messi's Miami visit.

Been on furlough the past week (cruising in the Caribbean)...watched Euro 2012 aboard the Allure of the Seas ship, which was very cool. Many of the passengers -- and the crew members -- were soccer fans.

So, the QFs are set: Czech vs. Portugal, Germany vs. Greece, Spain vs. France, England vs. Italy.

Thoughts? Biggest underachievers were the Dutch. I expected more.

If I had to guess, I'd say Portugal, Germany, Spain and Italy will advance. You agree?

You can vote below. Closer to home, Lionel Messi comes to Miami's Sun Life Stadium on Saturday for an all-star exhibition called World Masters Tour. Also includes Diego Forlan, Falcao, Didier Drogba, Clint Dempsey, Jozy Altidore, Dani Alves, Alessandro Nesta, Carlos Bocanegra and more. This is a rare chance to see Messi up close. Don't miss it! Tickets on sale through Ticketmaster and stadium.





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The Dutch were awful, but the biggest underachievers were the Eastern European/ex-Communist Bloc contingent. Eastern European football has been a joke, a dinosaur, for over a decade now. Hristo Stoichkov, Gheorghe Hagi and Davor Suker are not walking through that door. Two Eastern European nations hosting. Plus, Russia, Croatia and the Czechs. That's five out of 16. One makes it through, and that was from a group that had three ex-Communist Bloc countries to begin with. UEFA should split Europe into two groups for World Cup qualifying. Give more spots to Western Europe, and let the ex-Commies battle it out for a playoff spot against South America. Eastern European football is horrific.

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