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Mamma Mia! Italia!

Italy scores first! Mario Balotelli header puts Italy ahead of Germany 1-0 in 20th minute.

on ESPN. Now.

MAMA MIA! Balotelli scores AGAIN! This time an amazing blast from his right foot to upper right corner. Italy leads Germany 2-0 in 36th minute!

No wonder they call him "Super Mario''!

Balotelli, 21, plays for Manchester City and has a cult following there. He was born in Sicily to Ghanian immigrants (his birth name is Burwuah), and given to an Italian foster family when he was 3 years old because he suffered from medical problems and his parents couldn't afford to help him. When he was 18, he sought Italian citizenship. Italians are happy he made that decision !! Germans not so much.

Second half underway...buckle your seat belt.

61' Free kick Germany. Can they close the gap? Reus takes beautiful high curling shot, but Buffon leaps and makes the save.

69' Super Mario Balotelli out. DiNatale replaces him.

Bad news for Germany: They just said on TV that Italy hasn't allowed a goal in 300 minutes. Impressive!

Italians keep attacking. This could easily be 4-0.

91' Ozil scores for Germany. Too late. Not enough.