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Friday Headlines

Hi there, Soccer Fans.

I'm baaaaack from the London Olympics. Amazing event. Among the many events I covered were the USA women's soccer win over Japan and Mexico's historic win over Brazil. Great atmoshpere for both. Even the media bus TO Wembley Stadium was fun on the day of Brazil-Mexico. Those journalists are a lively bunch, to say the least.

Just getting back to work. Here are some quick Friday headlines as we head into the Opening Weekend of the English Premier League.

-Robin Van Persie seals deal with Manchester United. The former Arsenal star signed a four-year $38 million contract with ManU and said he made the decision because the "little boy inside'' him was "screaming'' for ManU. Van Persie led the EPL with 30 goals last season, and Wayne Rooney was second with 27. In other words, ManU fans are very happy today. His debut is Monday vs. Everton, 3 p.m., ESPN2

-Brazil coach Mano Menezes under fire after losing to Mexico at the Olympics (no big surprise there). There were rumors that former Barca coach Pep Guardiola was a possible replacement, but his agent says there have been no talks.

-Clint Dempsey wants to leave Fulham, reportedly refuses to play for the team, so he was left off the opening-day starting lineup. Most reports have him heading to Liverpool, but there is no deal to speak of.

-Finally, US soccer fans will no longer see La Liga matches on GOL-TV. The rights were sold to BeInSport, a new Miami-based company operated by Al Jazeera. Their matches are available on DirecTV and DISH Network. See TV listings below.

What are your thoughts on today's news? Thoughts on the US win over Mexico Wednesday night? Is it significant? Share your views. We want to hear from you.




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To quote the great Dennis Green ' The Bears are who we thought they were!'

I'm of course not referring to Mexico but rather the USA.

It's obviously a huge win because it's never been done and considering key pieces did not play for the U.S. and they still won..that's kinda of big deal.

But that Orozco goal was not a thing of beauty. It seemed like his foot just glided over the ball and barely put enough spin to knock it in.

Nit picking I know but in the grand scheme of it all I'm not sure what to make of U.S. soccer. They continuously get our hopes up and deliver the same old results time and time again. Straight up mediocrity. I'm still not seeing a whole lot of technical ability and flair. To use a basketball analogy all I see is a bunch of spot up shooters and not enough players who can create their own shot off the dribble. We need more Dempsey's on both sides of the ball. Too many workmanlike players or utility players is not a good think. We need stars. Question is do you make one or are they born this way?

How about this for a novel approach. Why don't they hire phil jackson or jimmy johnson as a consultant to help in whatever areas they have something to offer. I know it's completely different sports but those two gentleman know a little something about winning which translates into any sport. Winning in Men's U.S. Soccer is occasional thing. Or maybe the women's team should consult them or even console them.

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