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Miami's watching MLS

Miami may not have an MLS team anymore, but apparently it still has MLS fans. The league has discovered that Miami is one of the top three television markets for MLS games among non-MLS cities, along with San Diego and Atlanta.

In fact, the league is reaching out to Miami fans with T.V. ads targeted to this market promoting Thursday's Philadelphia Union v. DC United game (8 p.m., ESPN2) on local Comcast channels. Commercials are scheduled to appear locally on ESPN, ESPN2, TNT, TBS, FX, USA, Discovery and the History Channel.

So, if you're watching your favorite history documentary tonight and an MLS commerical pops up, you now know why.

Do you watch MLS games on TV? How often?


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Nope! I don't watch MLS. I watch the EPL, La Liga, UEFA champion competition, and international competition. It's like comparing the NBA to the Chinese Basketball league, in soccer's case MLS is the Chinese league. MLS needs to get it's own identity and stop trying to piggy back on other teams, like DC United (there's only United!) or Chivas USA? That's bad and corny.

I'm willing to bet if a European club gives an MLS player a chance to play they'd would leave. MLS has a long way to go, but I'm happy people out there are enjoying the beautiful game.

Yes I watch but for a long time I didn't since they shut down our Miami Fusion. Took me almost 10 years to get over it but now I watch. Let's hope this Beckham to Miami rumor is true.

Yes I watch MLS and I love it

Bring MLS to Miami.

To the person who said there is only one United? What? There is Manchester United, West Ham United and Sheffield United to name a few. And NBA compared to Chinese League? Right if several of the big names from the last decade were in China maybe. MLS has David Beckham, Thierry Henry, Robbie Keane, Allesendra Nesta...four of the biggest names of the 2000's and several other servicable players from Europe like Di Vaio, Tim Cahill, Thorsten Frings, Krid Boyd and Rafa Marquez. As well as Americans like Landon Donovan and Kenny Cooper. MLS is solid.

Yes i always watch MLS games and I wear proudly my MLS Jersey. Miami is more than ready for MLS. Soccer is our sport. Ready to buy 3 season tickets.

I never miss a MLS game on the TV. I wish we had a team in Miami. I hope it will come soon.

Queremos MLS en Miami.

Miami is on MLS radar. Miami wants MLS. Time to bring MLS expansion to Miami.

What is MLS wating for to bring MLS to Miami. Miami will support MLS. I am ready to buy season tickets. Any intersted investors? what about Marcelo Claure?

We miss MLS in Miami! I look forward to seeing a team in Miami again soon.

Miami does not need to prove themselves by watching this game...the MLS should already have noticed the crowds that have shown up in record numbers in previous international friendlies over and over again..in order for the MLS to ever be mentioned in the same breath as other top leagues in the world, a market like Miami should not be ignored or denied much longer. Get it together Comish...BRING MLS TO MIAMI!!!
A NJ native that wants the same joys on such a great place like Miami


Miami has done eveything Mr Garber asked us to. MLS will be supported by soccer fans in Miami. Miami has changed since the Miami Fusion were around and MLS is a better league now. Miami would do better in attendance than some MLS cities. We want MLS in Miami!!!


I can’t believe Miami doesn’t have a MLS team. Miami loves soccer. It’s time to bring MLS to Miami.

Kenny/ Chicago

I watch every game on MLS. Mostly on MLS LIVE on my laptop. Contrary to what some say I believe MLS has improved a lot and is getting better every year. For Miami to get a team we need big pockets for a stadium, success will follow.

Vamos!!!!! MLS Miami.

We all want to see MLS come to Miami. What happened to Marcelo Claure? Can you find out Michelle Kaufman?


I support MLS because it's ours!
Sometimes I leave the tv channel on so the cable company's will count and think I watch. That deep I think :) just to improve the spirit of this game and MLS.
It gets better and better every year!
Wish Miami was in MLS

I follow and watch the games on NBCSN and ESPN networks, but not on Galavision. Also, i have the MLS live package which i get to enjoy on my Iphone or PC. I've adopted the Seattle Sounders FC as my MLS team and wear the SSFC Jersey too among other European clubs jerseys too.

To the rest of football fans, it's okay to love and follow the European football clubs, but it's so shortsighted of you to snub and not support our own league. Do you now take for granted all the football coverage now we got access to, but did you forget it was not long ago we were in the dark ages and looked down ? Get real, love the football, but support our league which has grown immensely in only 17 years and will continue to do so.

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