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Beckham's Miami Visit: Your views?

In case you missed it, here's my weekend story on David Beckham's visit to Sun Life Stadium and FIU Stadium


I have no idea how this will all shake out, but I do know that it's very interesting and promising to have Beckham in town for 5 days touring the city and talking soccer with Marcelo Claure, a true soccer guy with tons of passion to bring a team to Miami, loads of connections, and pockets deep enough to make it happen.

I am still not completely sold on either of those venues, and not 100 percent convinced that Miami fans who care deeply about international soccer will be loyal fans of a domestic league. But with the right owners, the right stadium, and some big-name players (Miami will settle for nothing less than at least a few marquee names), anything's possible.

I do know European and South American players LOVE to visit Miami. Many have condos here. They take holiday here. If they had a chance to play here on a team owned by Beckham, some may bite.

Time will tell. What do you think? You think it could work? Where do you think they should play? Would Marlins Park work? Share your views... 


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Hi my name is Burij Muchnik I currently I reside here in Miami but in came from Honduras. I just wanted to express my opinion about having and MLS team here in Miami. This is the perfect city to have an MLS team I know few years ago we had a team named the Miami Fusion which had the famous colombian player Carlos Valderrma. It maybe not worked out back then but now it's different. Miami has hispanic segmentation than before and having teams come to FIU would be amazing since FIU has students all over the world. I'm sure Beckham can bring famous players to Miami like in the article says " players have condos here in Miami", and this would bring more tourists which means more money. I think it would be ideal to have one more time an MLS team.

Too risky given the extremely poor support of soccer clubs in the past here in Miami. There is a pro team in Ft. Lauderdale that averages about 4k a game. Wouldn't it be smarter to have him build on that rather than start over brand new?

Ready for MLS. Bring it Beckham.

Hi Michelle,

I have been a MLS fan since 1996 and when the Fusion came to Miami, err, FT. Lauderdale, I went to the inagural game. After that, I managed to go to other games with my then 5 years old nephew which he's currently into his late teens.

I am a hardcore football fan who attended games at the Sunlife Stadium for Chelsea vs AC Milan with 4 other relatives, USA vs Honduras with my nephews. I will attend to this year's Gold CUP and the Guiness ICC. I have attended last Gold Cup games at FIU stadium and to the exhibition matches at the defunct Orange Bowl stadium. In other words, a football aficionado regardless of region/nationality and more concerned about the fooball quality enjoyment level.

Going back to the main topic, Miami can/will support club football (soccer) in Miami, but don't expect to fool them easily. Miami expects serious effort and willingness to bring good quality football and good caliber footballers. If not, they won't fall for that "carrot" on a stick so easily.

Unlike in the past, MLS now requires owners with DEEP pockets who won't be counting pennies and having a profile owner or partial owner in Beckham will make it easier to bring the spotlight and convince other high profile footballers to come play for us.

As far as a stadium goes, FIU stadium won't cut it as a permanent home and Sunlife Stadium will not be so suitable. A new 20-25k downtown or West Miami/Kendall stadium with a canopy around it and other ameniies will be vital to make sure fans attend games in the brutal Miami summer weather.

In other words, with the right ownership willing to invest as it should, Miami football fans will join in and make MLS proud. I can't say the Fusion were given a fair shot in every sense of the word.


a passionate football fan.

By the way, I remember you saying once that Miami is a city with high tv ratings for MLS matches on tv. Is is relevant to point out that I have purchased the MLS live package since 2007 and watch MLS games not only on tv, but tune them in via WatchESPN, NBC Live via my pc or phone?

Football (soccer) fans in miami are somewhat fragmented by regionality, but if you bring a football club that can play high football, it won't matter if a Colombian, Honduran or a particular nationality is in the roster as long as they play football who can entertain and please the fans.

Rob the team that was the Miami Fusion played in FLL and they got killed due to the low turn out in FLL and not being in Miami.

I belive that a team in the FIU staudim will succed. It is not a big stadium so you can fill up the stadium with true fan, after a few years that the team has built up a following then you can expand and maybe build its on stadium. FIU surrounded by people from South America that are passionate for soccer and need a team to chair for other than its national teams. I say go for it and ill buy season tickets!!!

The key is to bring in high quality footballers and have a nice venue in Miami, not Ft. Lauderdale. Big time names do not have to equate with quality. There is tremendous quality across the americas, that does not play in Europe, and Miami could be a great place to showcase young talent. Yes, it will require capital, but it could be successful if done right. The demand is there. Soccer is quickly gaining on baseball and football as Miami's second favorite sporting event, after basketball, of course. Just compare the attendance numbers for international soccer events to your typical Marlins game.

MLS is played in the summer months and our summer storms would wreak havoc on home games (think Marlins at JRS). Plus it will be really hot and that will hurt attendance. I think you need a roof and that means Marlins Park, unless an owner were willing to build a soccer specific stadium with a retractable roof and that won't happen. I'm not a big fan of the idea but you absolutely need a roof and AC.

M. Perez is somewhat right. They would need to figure out how to do baseball and soccer at the same time at Marlins park. The shape of the field and the diamond would lot of constant rework unless an elaborate schedule was worked out. In the old NASL days, some teams played wrh infields.

I don't think Beckham visied Marlins Park. I understand FIU enthusiasm, but they need to add some cover. I know all the local Hispanic support could work out very well for the team, but I'd prefer a team for all people of Miami.

Oh, another special treat about the Old NASL Strikers was that after the home games, you could hang with them at a local Ft Lauderdale pub.

The radio commentators were the same as for the Miami Dolphins and believe it or not, they did a great job. Rick Weaver picked it up quick and he just knew how to do sports..

Back to my earlier thought.,I prefer ths franchse to not be like another Chivas USA. I wsh that team would dissolve. They just dont feel right in the league, .

Don't forget Orlando City Lions. They are 3rd tier and drawing 7000-8000 and wanting a stadium.

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