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Friday, December 06, 2013

Vote: World Cup Group of Death?

LIVE: World Cup draw...

Hey there soccer junkies...

Admit it, you are playing hooky from work to follow the World Cup draw from Brazil on ESPN2 or Univision...Definitely an exciting day. The World Cup seems more "real'' once the draw is done. The Carnaval has officially begun...

Stay with the Miami Herald for full coverage...and share your thoughts. Would love to hear from you.

My husband just pointed out that the first image from Brazil World Cup is a hostess in a VERY revealing dress! Welcome to Brazil!

Here we go...

A1 Brazil

B1 Spain

C1 Colombia

D1 Uruguay

E1 Switzerland

F1 Argentina

G1 Germany

H1 Belgium


Uruguay gets Italy in its group.

Spain gets Chile in its group.

Brazil gets Cameroon in its group

Switzerland gets Ecuador.

Colombia gets Ivory Coast

Argentina gets Nigeria

Germany gets Ghana

Belgium gets Algeria


Group A: Brazil, Cameroon, Mexico, Croatia

Group B: Spain, Chile, Australia, Netherlands

Group C: Colombia, Ivory Coast, Japan, Greece

Group D: Uruguay, Italy, Costa Rica, England

Group E: Switzerland, Ecuador, Honduras, France

Group F: Argentina, Nigeria, Iran, Bosnia

Group G: Germany, Ghana, USA, Portugal

Group H: Belgium, Algeria, SKorea, Russia

On quick glance, looks like toughest groups are B, G and D. Easiest look like E and F and H. You agree?





World Cup Draw! Friday! 11:30 a.m!

The world will pause at 11:30 a.m. today for the World Cup Draw from Brazil. We will finally find out how the 32 teams will be divided, who plays who, and where.

The 90-minute show will be televised on ESPN2 and Univision.

Send us your thoughts once the draw is revealed. You nervous? Excited? Buckle your seat belts!