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Vote: World Cup Group of Death?


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Funny how when an American sport is broadcast it attracts BILLIONS of viewers. A la the Superbowl. But when it is a World championship in true global football only 200 million viewers. Total BS on both numbers. This false bravado perpetuates the myth that Americans are arrogant.

Just thought about the group. I would think that Klinsmann knowS Germany better than anyone. The players and coaches all use his tactics. Who better to know their weaknesses?
Portugal can be beat. A one man "team".
Ghana. Motivation to take it out on them.
I don't think it is as bad as they would have us believe.

If USA doesn't beat Ghana, I don't see them advancing... It will be an interesting World Cup... Can't wait...

If USA wins this group ,they can go far in this world cup! You have to beat the best to make it to the finals and it is are time. Go USA Go! "Not this time Ghana"

Ghana can be distracted by a bowl of rice.

USA's group is difficult but not impossible. USMNT can win the other teams, Germany has a good team but not as good as last World Cup I guess.

Go USA!!!

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