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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Beckham launches swimwear line

Once David Beckham brings that MLS team to Miami, he'll have plenty of bathing suit options for those times he wants to frolick in the South Beach surf....

Poll: Was Eddie Johnson off sides?

70 days to the World Cup!

So, the US and Mexico tied 2-2. First half US team looked very, very good. Tight, crisp passing, Michael Bradley and Kyle Beckerman midfield duo stood out, goals by Wondo (whose stock went up) and Bradley. Second half, Mexico dominated. Landon Donovan and Julian Green came in off bench for the US. Jurgen Klinsmann said Donovan had a knee issue and didn't have "tempo'' at practice, which is why he didn't start.

What were your views on the game? Did you think Eddie Johnson was off sides when he scored the apparent game-winner? Vote here.


Poll: Did Julian Green live up to hype?