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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

World Cup trophy in town

Among the many tourists visiting Miami this week: The World Cup trophy. Yes, THE World Cup trophy, in all its golden glory.

Here's the press release...

On April 14, Washington D.C. will be the first stop in the United States, during which the tour will visit the U.S. State Department and the residence of the Brazilian Ambassador for special events. After stops in Miami on April 15-16 and Atlanta on April 17, the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy will visit Los Angeles for a two-day fan experience on April 19 and 20 at L.A. LIVE. Coca-Cola will bring the FIFA World Cup™ to life in Los Angeles with Brazilian-themed entertainment, and fans will be transported to Brazil through a hologram experience.

For the latest from the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour including exclusive interviews, photos and videos, visit the official website www.fifa.com/trophytour, the official Facebook page www.facebook.com/trophytour, and Twitter at www.twitter.com/trophytour  / @trophytour where an official photo blogger will live tweet directly from the events.

Risk Everything! Nike US World Cup slogan

World Cup Countdown: 58 Days to Go!

Nike just launched its ad campaign for the US World Cup team.

"Risk Everything!'' #riskeverything

Get used to it. You're going to be seeing and hearing a lot of it.

I recently received a promotion from them, and this was the full text:

"We will take risks.

We have athleticism.

We have engines that never run out of gas. And we have heart. And these strengths will strike fear in exactly no other country. But we will take on the world. Face teams that have the oddsmakers sneering at us. Where the last thin we should do is attack. So we will attack.

We will take risks.

And we will not play it safe. Or park the bus. Or defend like a tiny island nation. Safe doesn't inspire your countrymen to wear your shirt or wave your flag.

Safe doesn't make history.

But sending everyone forward will. Reminding Portugal of the alst time we met will. Being predictably unpredictable will. So we will try things. Things they can't scout us for. Things that will remind them not to tread on us.

We will gladly go into the humid, hostile, middle-of-no-where junge. And we will make it the home of the brave.''

What do you think? You like it?


Beckham's latest hurdle

David Beckham has played for several of the world's greatest clubs, captained the English national team, and faced world-class competition his entire career. Here is his latest opponent...can he score on these guys?