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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Views from Sao Paulo freeway

World Cup Countdown: 2 Days to Go!

I spent a lot of time jammed up on freeways today, my first day in Sao Paulo. The only saving grace was that I got to take a good look at the hundreds of elaborate grafitti murals on the side of the road. Bus was going a little too fast for my camera, but this will give you an idea...







Sao Paulo salad bars

World Cup Countdown: 2 Days to Go!

OK, so traffic is at a standstill in most of the city, and the stadium at which they are playing Thursday's World Cup opener isn't QUITE ready yet (it has yet to be tested at full capacity).

But...on the bright side...they sure do know who to do salad bars here. Made a quick stop at a beautiful shopping mall near my hotel and had this for lunch...


Hi from Sao Paulo!

World Cup Countdown: 2 Days to Go!

Hello from Sao Paulo! Just arrived a few hours ago. One way I knew I was on the right flight: A guy on my plane was carrying a 3-foot-high replica of the World Cup trophy.

Lots of World Cup fans on the flight, wearing jerseys from all over the world. Saw lots of Croatians in the immigration line. Lots of Germans, too.

Early impression of Sao Paulo: Gridlock. Worst traffic I have ever seen anywhere in the world. I will never again complain about US-1 in rush hour. The airport is 30 miles from my hotel, and it took almost TWO HOURS to get there. Highway was like a parking lot the entire way.

I am writing from the US training camp, which is taking place at the Sao Paulo FC training grounds. Lovely place. Lots of trees and pretty shrubs, three perfectly-manicured fields and modern buildings, press facilities, etc... Heavily guarded. Helicopters flew overhead at the start of practice.

We had a press conference with Michael Bradley, who said he isn't taking much from the Ghana 4-0 win over South Korea in Miami...said "it's easy to say 4-0, what a performance, but it's still a warmup game.''

Here are photos of the US training site...


and another...