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Chile in the House

World Cup Countdown: 6 Days to Go

The Chilean team has arrived in Brazil. Here's the news from FIFA..

The first South American neighbour arrives in Brazil

The red team, or "La Roja" as they are known by their devoted fans, have arrived on Brazilian land. After two victories in friendly matches against Egypt and Northern Ireland, Chile arrived today in Belo Horizonte where they will make their final preparations for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, confident and excited to surprise fans during the tournament .

The house of the Chilean national team during the World Cup – Tocada Raposa II – wasready to receive La Roja with welcome messages to the team led by Jorge Sampaoli. The whole training centre of Cruzeiro is adorned in colours of the flag of the South American country.
Chile has a difficult task of going through the first phase in Group B of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, grouped with Spain, Netherlands and Australia. The team’s opening match will be on June 13 against the Australians in Cuiabá.