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Monday, June 30, 2014

Salvador, day before The Game

Here are some scenes from Salvador, day before USA v. Belgium. Even the favelas are decorated for the World Cup in this lively town.





Rio at night...

Copacabana at night...


Sunday, June 29, 2014

When in Rio...

...you MUST make a visit to see this...stunning statue, stunning views of the city...






Saturday, June 28, 2014

Scene in Rio: COL v URU

Here's what it looks and sounds like around historic Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro a few hours before Colombia vs. Uruguay Round of 16 Match!! LOTS of Colombian and Uruguayan fans here, should be a really great atmosphere for their game.


Carlos "El Pibe'' Valderrama lookalikes!!




Every bar and restaurant around stadium OVERFLOWING with fans watching Brazil v Chile thriller from Belo Horizonte!! 1-1 after regulation!


More fans watching Brazil-Chile on TV...


Friday, June 27, 2014

This is why Brazilians are so good at soccer...

Because they even play volleyball with their feet and heads!!! Ran across lots of Foot Volley matches on the Rio beach today.


Tchau, Recife...

Some final scenes from Recife before we head to the knockout round...




 This was the scene at Recife Airport at 2 a.m. after the match....






Thursday, June 26, 2014

Round of 16 Matchups

Round of 16...Thoughts? Who has an easy road? Hard road? Share your thoughts.

June 28: BRA v CHI and COL v URU

June 29: NED v MEX and CRC v GRE

June 30: FRA v NIG and GER v ALG

July 1: ARG v SUI and BEL v USA

Ale Bedoya Post-Game

Here's what Weston's Alejandro Bedoya had to say after US 1-0 loss to Germany...

On his second-half collision with Jermaine Jones:

 AB: “It was just a weird collision. I had the ball and knew what I wanted to do next, but I didn’t really see him actually and we just collided. I guess it looks pretty bad on TV. I’m doing alright. I guess my head hit his nose so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s broke.”

 On having the crowd salute the players after the game:

 AB: “The fans were great support down here in Brazil. Some of these games we feel like we played back in the States. The American Outlaws and then seeing the red, white and blue in the stands was awesome. You got to applaud them for coming all the way to Brazil, supporting us. [The game against Germany was] a loss, but I think last game felt like more of a loss than this one but obviously we accomplished the goal that we wanted to do – that was get out of the group and now we’re looking forward.

 On the USA becoming the second favorite team of other country’s fans:

 AB: “That’s awesome, the more support, the better it helps us get motivated for the games. That’s great to hear. We’re here, we all helped each other and we all know we have 23 players that can get the job done.”

 On the weather conditions for the match in Recife:

 AB: “I don’t think the conditions had that great of an impact. Both teams had to deal with it. If anything the rain helps you move the ball a little bit quicker and that what we want to do well in terms of moving the ball at a high tempo. Those are things we have to work on. Germany is a great team with great players, but we advanced; that’s the most important thing.”

 On Belgium likely being the USA’s next opponent:

 AB: “I can’t really give you anything on that because we haven’t had the chance to sit down and take a look at them. I’m sure we’ll sit down in the next couple days, look at their video and attack them. We need to be better moving the ball and possessing it, playing at a higher tempo. Belgium is a great team as well with great young players so, we have to be careful there as well.”


Game Time! USA v Germany

USA v Germany...soggy Recife...pregame photos...


Recife is Flooded!

Here is the scene in Recife, where we are just over 2 hours from USA vs. Germany kickoff. Let's hope the field has better drainage than their streets.