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MORE photos from Manaus!

MORE photos from Manaus on USA v POR Game Day!!

They really went all out here in Manaus with World Cup fever!!


Another street...




There are no roads to Manaus, so everything arrives by plane or boat. People carry freight off boats at the port..one guy carried a WASHING MACHINE on his head! Sadly, didn't get my camera out in time to get a snappie of him...



They have the most delicious bananas in Brazil. One local explained it: "In the USA, you guys like the bananas to look perfect, so you grow them big and sell them yellow. But the best bananas are small with some brown and bruises.''


My breakfast: Fresh squeezed orange juice and a Pao con Banana y Queiso (bread with sweet plantains and cheese)



People take hammocks onto ferry boats here and rest in hammocks while they ride...


The historic old market, built in 1881, patterned after Les Halles in Paris.


They have all your viagra needs at the market...


Here is your "Regional Viagra'', not to be confused with the Amazon viagra.


Finally, look who I ran into at the port!





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My wife and daughters are from Belem, Brasil in the north and she has always told me how all of the streets and neighborhoods all across Brasil are decorated like this for every world cup even when it is played in other countries. Have fun and I hope you are enjoying the food especially in the north.

Let's Go USA!!!

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