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Is Dallas really a new player in the Super Bowl big leagues?

The media reviews of the first Super Bowl in the new $1.3 billion stadium have not been kind. CNBC.com has a link to an AP critique titled "Super Bust."

The NFL and team owner Jerry Jones point to the unlikely pounding by winter storms as causing most of the problems. What are the chances of that happening again? But Atlanta must have had the argument in 2000, when an ice storm disrupted NFL merriment during Super Bowl week. The league hasn't been back since.

And we heard similar talk out of Miami when hurricanes disrupted MTV's annual video awards twice in a row (2004 and 2005). The show also hasn't been back since.

In a push for a tax-funded renovation of its stadium, the Miami Dolphins have cited Dallas as an example of why South Florida can't rest on its laurels as the NFL's favorite Super Bowl location. Without an improved stadium, can Miami Gardens hope to compete with Dallas in the future?

We'll have to see how long the bad reviews linger.


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