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Spirit rewards you for throwing luggage

Probably not a great idea to start throwing bags at the airport, but Spirit Airlines is giving frequent flier miles to anyone who participates in a luggage-tossing promotional event Wednesday night at a Davie country western club.

The Spirit Airlines Luggage Chuck starts at 5 p.m. at Round Up Country Western Nightclub & Restaurant, 9020 W. State Road 84.

Contestants will be asked to throw a piece of luggage (specifically, a duffle bag) at a designated target. The winner gets a million miles, which the Miramar-based low-cost carrier says is enough for up to 200 round-trip tickets.

All participants, even those with lousy aim, get 5,000 Spirit frequent flier bonus miles.



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1,000,000 miles flying on Spirit should be the penalty if you LOSE this contest.

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