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Sunshine tour wraps up Wednesday

Florida tourism boosters, including Gov. Rick Scott, are in the middle of a quick our-state-is-better-than-yours-especially-in-the-winter mission.

Officially called the "Share a Little Sunshine Tour," the two-day trip started Tuesday in Orlando with stops planned in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New York and Chicago. (Notice a theme? They all got a lot of nasty weather this winter.)

Scott and his entourage are extending personal invitations to visit Florida and handing out prizes -- and oranges, according to Broward tourism director Nicki Grossman, who said she tossed a few to potential visitors in D.C. Tuesday.

Grossman said late Tuesday that her next stop was Chicago, where the high on Wednesday is expected to reach 32.

"The colder it gets, the more I like it," she said. Good for business, you know.

The trip, which wraps up in Chicago, is guaranteed to bring at least 120 people to the state. That's the number of winners who will board a plane Wednesday night and fly with Scott to Orlando, where they'll receive a four-day vacation courtesy of Southwest Airlines, Walt Disney World and other partners of state tourism marketing agency Visit Florida.


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So this is the big plan to get jobs for Florida? Ridiculous.

He turns down money already appropriated for, for a rail link that would provide jobs, and also help tourism, and instead goes on a two day jaunt to bring in 120 people in his own plane for a free trip.

Is Florida going to be reduced to service industry jobs in Tourism and Hospitality, whilst large employers leave the State due to cruddy education standards and failing infrastructure?

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