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New hotel rescues wedding for bride and groom

A bride and groom in distress, seeking a place to wed after being scammed out of their money and a venue. A new South Beach hotel revving up for its grand opening.

Sound like a match made in heaven?

For Esti Montañez and Ryan Brooks -- and Hotel Breakwater -- it was.Breakwater

The San Francisco couple found a vacation rental home in Miami Beach online to host their wedding and family members. They sent caterers and friends over to check it out, and the bride even went by on a trip to Miami.

But when they showed up this week, the broker who arranged the rental was gone. And so was their $6,300. The home's owner claimed he didn't know anything about a wedding.

Montañez and Brooks spent the next few days trying to find another site before deciding to accept a family friend's offer to host the event at home.

A TV news station ran a story on their plight Thursday night, which just happened to catch the attention of someone who works at Hotel Breakwater, a hotel at 940 Ocean Dr. that is pitching itself as a prime beachfront wedding option.

When employees at the hotel heard about the story from their co-worker, they decided to make an offer to the bride and groom on Friday.

A spokeswoman tells us the hotel will host the ceremony on a rooftop lounge, offer up the bridal suite for free and give out-of-town guests a special rate. The reception will be held at the nearby Art Deco Welcome Center.

Late Friday afternoon, Montañez said she was still overwhelmed.

"We just planned a whole wedding in half an hour," she said.


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boca spin doctor

There are still nice people out there.

Berit Naatz

Congratulations to Mrs. and Mr. Brooks from the entire Hotel Breakwater Team!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to show that a destination wedding in Miami Beach can be a wonderful and memorable event!

We have the pleasure of sharing their wedding images on our Facebook Fan Page of Hotel Breakwater South Beach.

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