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A night for artsy insomniacs

Sleepless Night Fishes

For those of us (an estimated 130,000 people) who wandered South Beach for hours during a windy November night in 2009, this year's version of Sleepless Night will be a welcome repeat. For one, the weather shouldn't force the cancellation of any performances like it did last time.

Another plus: Miami Beach has several new amenities to enjoy this time around, including the New World Center and SoundScape Park, both of which will host events, and the bike rental system DecoBikes. Way easier to get from Lincoln Road to 8th and Ocean on a bike.

My own plans call for a couple shows at the Colony Theatre (to see Pablo Cano and Jim Hammond's shadow puppets and Seraphic Fire's concert), then a jaunt to Ocean Drive for Sarruga's "Fishes" (see photo above), a stop at the Raleigh for some water ballet, Project Bandaloop at SoundScape and back to Ocean for Heliosphere at 11:45. There will be some coffee stops along the way.

With the end of daylight savings time conveniently falling this weekend, I might even stay out past midnight.

Got your own plans? Fill me in on your can't-miss events. And follow me on Twitter (@hannahbsampson) for live Tweets from the night.  


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South Beach has a vast variety of entertainment. The clubs are not the only main source of diversion; there are music shows, artistic events and dining.
All the events listed above are interesting. I will try and take a closer look at the New World Center and SoundScape Park.
Thank you for the information.


Thanks Hannah! Would you kindly give dates & times if possible.

R. Moore

The writer needs to get her EST/DST calendar correct. We started EST a couple of weeks ago - not this weekend!

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