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Four more years for Art Basel Miami Beach









Art Basel Miami Beach plans to stick around in its current location through 2015, though organizers aren't wild about the idea of casino resorts in the neighborhood.

My colleague Douglas Hanks reports that the fair's rental agreement with the Miami Beach Convention Center was recently renewed, but organizers have said they are watching developments around casino proposals "with some concern."

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Andrei M

Wow! Great! Art Basel Miami Beach is the most prestigious art show in the Americas. This is a blast of art, explosion of creativity and cup overflowing talents. This is nothing but fun. Hoorray!


Notice to writer, casinos are HUGE in Florida(especially South Florida). If that scares them away they would have never landed here in the first place. I am a regular attendee of Art Basel and love the event however Casino gaming is a complete different industry which also has a following. To each his own, if you enjoy gaming so be it.


Art show with Casino in Art Basel Miami Beach is really be great! That would be very great and would be very fun!!

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