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Canes moments missed...

Couldn't make it to last night's open practice for fans at the OB because I was tied down to helping put together our high school football preview.

(The reason? I was editing The Herald's first high school football podcast and editing video interviews with local 2007 recruits. For those interested in recruiting, I've spent the past month interviewing the top recruits in both Dade and Broward and on Thursday those videos will debut on our high school webpages. I'll get back to this subject -- local recruits and their interest in UM -- soon in a future post.)

But the fact I missed Tuesday's practice (Susan was there for us) made me think back to other Canes moments I've dreadfully missed as it happened live. The most painful for me personally, Wide Right I. I've seen video replays of the game thousands of times since, but at the time, I was 13-years old and in the middle of pitching in a baseball game at Tamiami Park.

Between innings I remember rushing back to the dugout to watch the game -- albeit for a few moments -- on a tiny black and white TV my Dad brought with him to the park.  I remember being on the mound and trying to play the game and seeing a crowd of people huddled around the TV. The ump even stopped the game a few times to find out the score. Anyway, we won the baseball game and just as my team was coming off the field, Gerry Thomas misses the last minute field goal. I was so ticked off I missed ithe ending and had to see the replay on SportsCenter that night.

Which brings me to this... was there a time when you missed a famous Canes moment or game for a stupid reason and we're kicking yourself over it for a while? Fire back at me. I want to hear some good stories.