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Ticket update

FYI: Those extra 2,000 tickets given back to UM by FSU are with the UM ticket holders, not the FSU section...(must  be bought in a two-game package for $80 along with the FAMU game).

  We were told there are still some other tickets left as well, but UM is trying to get rid of them in season-ticket packages...

Does anybody think this game won't be sold out? What kind of message would that send? Everyone knows the Canes don't sell out for the majority of games, but this one?

And how much does it help UM to open in the OB, as opposed to Tallahassee? Obviously, the Canes have proven vulnerable in their home the past couple of years, but personally, I can't help thinking that starting out in the OB will be a great help -- especially to the Oline and Kyle Wright.