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Venturing into the eye of the storm

After  covering high schools in Miami-Dade County for the past five years, I'm excited about moving up to the collegiate level and covering a program like the University of Miami.

Before I begin reporting on the Canes, we just want to lay some groundwork as to what this blog's aim is. Basically, we want this to be a forum for discussion about the news that breaks out of The U, whether its football, basketball, baseball or anything else related -- that includes recruiting.  At times, I will provide some analysis on what we're hearing and thinking over there and hope you'll throw us back your opinions and thoughts.

First off, though, I want to get one thing straight -- Susan Miller Degnan, who has covered UM since I was in high school, is our lead UM football and baseball beat writer. She and I plan to attack this blog together. Additionally, she'll answer the questions in the Q&A Forum. There will be many times I turn to her for news. As far as basketball is concerned, I'm the lead man on the job and hope to provide UM basketball coverage, news and analysis like it's nobody's business.

OK, now that we've gotten that out of the way... let's have some fun.