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Willie finally finds a home (Otherwise known as Free Willie!)

I know you're sick of it by now. And contrary to what you probably believe, so am I. But Willie has finally found a football home.

Pretty unbelievable how Willie, who I personally liked because he was always very pleasant and friendly and respectful and upbeat, has ended up at this place.

I have already stated my opinion to my peers that I believe Willie will enter the NFL draft after this season. Some of them disagree and think he'll transfer to a major Division I football program.

But based on what I've seen from him, as far as a lack of commitment and unwillingness to accept the responsibilities and pure grind that it takes to play at a major program -- the lack of team concept -- Willie won't have the mental strength to endure another two years, or even one year, of college.

Your thoughts?

Also, on another subject: The more I think about this FSU game coming up, the more I think UM's offensive line will be the biggest factor in determining the outcome. That right-tackle spot could be a weak link, and the Seminoles would take advantage for sure. The line is such a crucial part of the game, and we really don't get a chance to see those guys in practice.

I just think if the line can protect Kyle a heck of a lot better than last season, he'll be so much better as a result. I also think if the line works, the other guys will work, though any more injuries to the receivers and running backs would be very bad.

Coach Coker moving Ryan Hill to wide receiver was smart, indeed, and the kid is talented.

"You'd like to have more time [for him to adjust to the offense],'' Coker said after Tuesday's open practice in the Orange Bowl. "We'll have a package for him and we'll find out next week what he can handle. And he'll have an opportunity to get zeroed in on the package we have for him.

  "For a young player, that position is a position that a young player can fit in pretty well. Santana Moss started as a true freshman, so did Reggie Wayne. It can be done.''

Talk about guys with good hands! Watch out for big, bad tight end Richard Gordon. Whoa! Coker made a funny comment recently that Gordon looked like he's about 34 years old, as opposed to being a freshman with one year of prep school. The guy seems like a major talent, and be assured UM will take advantage of all those talented tight ends/H-backs...



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I think Willie personified everything that has gone wrong for the U. I'm not saying he is the cause, the guy has a god given talent. I don't care what your told for how long when you come to the U, you have to work! Just because your an all-star prep, and every school wants you, doesn't mean you a starter. Look at all the star power UM has at the next level. Every one of those guys put in the work. In the weight room, studing film, on the practice field. There is no room for ego at the U, its a family. Those same NFL stars come back home to Miami to train, saying their NFL teams don't work as hard as the U. He is a spoiled quitter, who was told he would be the big man on campus. Guess what Willie, everybody is the big man at UM, but they put in the work. I think its a guy who had a bright future, believing his own hype. He was going to be something special, now he is at a little college, playing for nothing. Good news is, your the big man now.


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