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For UM: Time to Stand and Deliver

If you're a Canes fan, what makes you feel UM can beat Louisville today?

Is it the Canes' 5-0 record when the underdog under Larry Coker's tenure?

Is it their defense?

Or is it because this is the U we're talking about?

One look at this roster, from my perspective, and there are so many question marks, so many reasons to worry.

I'm not saying Miami can't win. I'm saying, what makes you believe they can?

Is it their quarterback, Kyle Wright, who has yet to cement his name among UM's great quarterbacks with a signature drive or a huge game in which he led the team to victory?

Is it the running game, which ran for 2 yards against Florida State and 339 against a Division I-AA opponent?

Is it the receivers, who have yet to catch a ball longer than 27 yards down the field?

Is it the tight end Greg Olsen, who hasn't caught more than 3 passes in a game in his career, other than last year's 8-catch, 137-yard phenomenon against FSU?

Is it the defense, which has produced one sack, one forced fumble and one interception the past two games?

Or is it just faith that somebody is going to stand up today and deliver for a team that needs to be saved?


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They win today cause they want to shut up dumb beat writers.

What I hope is that they will lose, because only by having a horrific season can we guarantee ourselves that next year we will have a new head coach.

Miami is getting whipped, period, 17-10. Looiville is way better. What has happened to the U??? Tell you what, the coaching and recruiting has become horribly terrible!!! The U is now a mediocre NCAA team, period!! Not even worthy of top 25, we will drop out of the top 25 this week, guaranteed, unless the U beats Looiville!!

What happened to the Cane's forum?? Every time I log in I get the Dolphins forum. Could you please fix it????

Well it looks like we have become the southern equivalent of Michigan, good program stuck with a head coach thats in over his head but won a title early on so somehow that warrants him some reprieve. Oh im sorry at least Lloyd Carr is gonna win today. Coker is a disgrace and someone who can re-energize the program should be hired not retreads like Butch.

Fire Larry Coker Now


Fire Larry Coker Now!!!


What a discraceful showing today. Miami plays with so little emotion it makes me sick. It's not that we lost. It's the way we lost. We were outplayed and outcoached. I can't just beat up on rich olson because UL's backup quarterback torched us. I can't remember the U being at this much of a low. The sad thing is if you look at both rosters this game shouldn't be close. Miami loses from a lack of heart. Like it or not, it does start with the head coach. Something needs to be changed

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