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New meaning to a comfortable victory

Still here at the OB post UM's 51-10 belting of FAMU and couldn't leave without getting this bit of news up on our site immediately.

In the postgame lockerroom I was in the middle of interviewing center Anthony Wollschlager when guard Derrick Morse, who was just getting back from the shower, realized Wollschlager was getting dressed in his locker.

"Dude, this is my locker," Morse told Wollschlager.

"Oh man," Wollschlager said. "Oh man, this is your underwear."

Yes, Wollschlager, apparently distracted by my intense questions accidentally put on Morse's boxers. After some lobbying to give it back, Wollschlager decided to keep them.

To hear the whole funny exhange, click here Download wollschlager_cut.mp3