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A Satisfied U, but are you?

Couldn't help but notice the difference in UM's post-victory lockerroom last night. Different because in year's past, a 14-13 victory against a 16-point underdog at the Orange Bowl wouldn't have satisfied anyone in a Hurricanes jersey or polo shirt.

Yet, the Canes were beaming. There was joy, relief and satisfaction. Most Canes fans probably see it as a negative. And needing a gutsy fourth-down conversion to beat a team like Houston does show how far the program has fallen since it won the national title in 2001. But instead of focusing on the negatives (Greg Olson's loss of confidence, Jon Peattie's continued struggles and Kyle Wright's inconsistent passing), Canes fans should start to become a little more realistic as far as the 2006 season and the future is concerned and begin focusing on some of the positives.

UM finally found a playmaker -- RB Javarris James, finally showed some heart (rallying in the second half and from 10 penalties) and finally created big plays on defense (four sacks and a key turnover in the third quarter to swing the momentum). And oh by the way, the o-line didn't give up any sacks. Canes fans of course demand perfection and only would have been satisfied with a perfect game. But this team is taking baby steps and by current standards, last night's win should be considered a leap forward.

Miami had zero confidence coming into Saturday's game. Now, they have a little. With North Carolina, FIU and Duke still remaining on the schedule before the real tests (Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech) that's still plenty of time for the other problem areas to improve. We all knew before the start of this season, UM wasn't going to contend for much more than the ACC title. We knew it was going to take time for the new coaching staff to begin seeing results. We knew there was some young playmakers (Sam Shields, James) and it was going to take them some time to begin contributing. So far, that's what is happening.


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was watching the game at work with fellow miami fan..who one of the bartenders at work at fat tuedays in myrtle beach,sc..believe it or notthere alot of miami fans in the state of sc...i feel like theres alot wrong with the offense...3 and out unacceptable...the defense can only hold a team so many times...they need to go shotgun more and throw more deep passes...and more no huddle...especially in the red zone...plus have to hear crap from these osu fans about giving them respect..and i tell them the u will never give osu respect...because we are the u and well be back in the championship game in 08..representing the u strong in myrtle beach,sc

I here U Randall I'm representing the U in Greenville SC. Moved here from MIA for a job about 5 yrs ago love it up here, but I will never stop being a Canes Fan.I catch alot of crap from Clemson fans!!!!
We go to Myrtle a lot, U work at Broadway; if so cool place.
Nice post Manny, everyone just needs to realize the pieces to a really good team are their; they just need sometime to develop. We will be back on top real soon with or without Coker. Personally I hope it's with him so he can tell all the nay sayers where to go.


I am very dissapointed to see that the Canes Scouts are looking at players that, some are ranked 9th,14th and even 87th in the nations, while all the top kids are going to USC and other big name schools.The Canes program doesn't look attractive any more. Get the bums out. Bring Jimmy Jhonson out of retirement.Damn we are not even ranked.


good post, I don't buy the crap you're saying about us competing for an ACC title.

Remember without the high expectations UM has nothing to strive for.

You should know that this team was #3 in the country 10 mos. ago, talk was starting about UM playing SC or TX in the NC, quit selling us short...

but, nothing would make me happier than for this team to run the table and win the OBC. If they fall short of the Orange Bowl, prepare to be Peached.

Can they do it?

The mark of a good team is the team's ability to improve. The biggest question as the year progresses is whether this team is realistically improving and becoming more competitive. An important step in that direction is the progression of Javaris James as the leading running back for the team. The next vital step in the puzzle is who should be the second string running back. This should be based on performance. Other vital steps I believe is getting the wide receivers more involved in 10 to 20 yards completions. Going for the very deep ball too often appears unrealistic for this offense at this time. It is also important not to rely on the quarterback to scramble 10 yards for the first down too often. Continue developing a balanced attack on offense

Jimmy Johnson never went for the #1 kids in the country. Jimmy's greatness came from the fact that he took those #87 & non-ranked players and molded them into great players. Jimmy Johnson was the best at seeing the "x-factor" in players and bringing that out during game time. He did it at UM, and he did it at the Cowboys (remember Super Bowl MVP Larry Brown..12th rd draft pick).

I could only wish we had Jimmy Johnson back but in all reality, won't happen. He's too happy analyzing NFL games and being retired. My conclusion is that Coker will be gone at the end of the season, and I think it is the right thing: Coker needs to go back to being an OC (somewhere else) and the kids do not need the turmoil of going through a massive change during the season. Yes, people do need to realize the negative mental impact that a mid season coaching change will have on young players... especially the ones we have who are just struggling to get a win.

Hey Pk,

You are right on the money about Jummy's greatness to turn non-ranked kids into winners,there isn't that many coaches with that kind of talent. It just frustrate me to see Cane football going in the wrong direction.
That QB name Kyle is he on scholarship or what?...The program should demand a full refund from that kid and make him pay his way through.

Omar's blog is the ish

anyways's JJ looked good in the win but i worry about our secondary. I mean we got talent but guys seems like mentally they are just not right and not playing up to potential. we need guys that are passionate like vilma reed dorsey I do not see alot of that on this team difference makers is what we need

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