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Duke, Butch and much Moore

Considering I didn't make the trip up to Duke (Herald budget constraints) and we're sort of in the in between stage between Duke and Georgia Tech and since there's been so much news around UM in the last few days, I've decided to go with a hodge podge of topics.

Dsc00025First off, though, got to share with you where I was during the Duke game: in Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights (cool time and I recommend folks young enough to appreciate it to check it out, the chainsaw guys are awesome). Anyway, the only reason I bring up my weekend getaway is because my wife and I happened to see a ton of folks wearing UM gear all over the park Saturday night. Not sure if that was because UM fans wondered if wearing Canes gear would add to the fear factor (maybe the guys carrying chainsaws wanted a piece of the Canes) or if they thought Saturday might be the first time in a long time to flex UM pride because UM was supposed to crush Duke.

Either way, we all know now UM inflicted plenty of fear into its fans Saturday by blowing a 20-2 lead before salvaging a 20-15 squeaker against a team that hasn't beaten a Division I-A opponent in nearly 20 games. Coach Larry Coker said he was happy to pull out the victory and proud of the way his team played considering they were short 13 players.

23 But since UM's last horror flick (THE LOUISVILLE MASSACRE) I know I'm not the only one that feels like this team really hasn't improved. While the Hurricanes have taken steps forward in some areas (Kyle Wright and the passing game has improved), they've taken steps back in others (the running game has gotten worse week-by-week). There's nothing that convinces me that UM can win this week at Georgia Tech except for one little thing: this team has yet to really play at its best.

With 13 returning players including three big ones -- safety Brandon Meriweather, tight end Greg Olsen and guard Derrick Morse, there's a chance this week a near fully-loaded UM team could pull off the upset. After all, this is a road game at Georgia Tech we're talking about, not USC, Notre Dame or Ohio State. The Yellow Jackets are good, but are they really all that better than last year's version which "upset" Miami in the OB 14-10? I'm not convinced, especially not after seeing the way Clemson mauled them. So, while I plan on coming back and providing keys to the game this week on Friday, I will go back to reviewing what happened against Duke hitting on the latest news, Ryan Moore, etc.

But first, a look back at Duke and the goals I set for the Hurricanes before the game.

07_21. KEEP CHASING DOWN THE QUARTERBACK AND CREATING TURNOVERS: Passed. UM only had two sacks, but forced five turnovers including three picks by the guy I'm calling team MVP thus far, sophomore safety Kenny Phillips. The Hurricanes defense ended up surrendering plenty of yardage in the fourth quarter including 13 points, but the secondary at least had an excuse. They were gassed. There were only six guys playing Saturday and when the offense can't move the football and your out there for 10 of the 15 minutes in the final quarter fatigue becomes a factor. The bottom line as I said a few weeks back, this UM defense is going to continue to have to produce turnovers for this team to have success. Without it, UM has no chance against any of the ACC's best teams.

2. RE-ESTABLISH THE RUN AND DRIVE THE FOOTBALL (Eclipse 120 yards on the ground and get Javarris James back on track with at least 75 of them): FAILED. Let's see, 26 rushes for 30 yards. That's not going to cut it against Southwest High. I said this earlier, but I'm going to repeat it. If UM can't run the football and control the football, they aren't going to beat teams like G-Tech.

053. HAVE A BREAKOUT PASSING GAME (Throw for 275 yards and at least two TDs): PASSED. Kyle Wright looked great -- in the first half. He showed he could throw down the field to his receivers, connecting with Sam Shields twice for touchdowns and with Lance Leggett six times for 131 yards. Heck, Rashaun Jones even played well and looked like he could be a solid third option. But what Wright and the UM offense did in the second half was ugly. 3 points and the fact they couldn't move the ball in the fourth quarter against Duke proved yet again this offense has no identity.

4. PLAY SOUND ON SPECIAL TEAMS: PASSED. Only reason I gave this a passing grade was because Jon Peattie did what he was supposed to do. He made his two field goal attempts. Yes, Daren Daly did have a ball go over his head for a safety. But if Brian Monroe is back there, and he will be this week, that doesn't happen.

OVERALL GRADE: C. Individually, the defense gets a B+; the passing game gets at C+; the running game gets an F and special teams gets a B. Considering 5 key starters were out and the secondary was short-handed, you have to grade this game a bit on a sliding scale. I liked what I saw from the passing game and defense yet again and the play from Peattie was encouraging, but needing a Willie Cooper goal line interception to beat a team Duke simply isn't good enough to warrant serious praise.


Now, onto Ryan Moore. First off, while the decision hasn't been made as of now, I'd be surprised if he didn't play this week. Coker said in Tuesday's press conference he thought a 7-week suspension was more than enough punishment for Moore, UM's top returning receiver this season.

A few weeks ago I asked you if you thought Moore should be allowed to return. You gave me mixed reviews. At this point, with all this team has been through already, I think it doesn't really matter anymore if Moore returns or not. I say let him back on the squad and see what he can do, maybe he can be one of the positive turnarounds for this team.

Now, as for Butch Davis wanting to return to coaching. I know in Susan's article (READ HERE) he tried as hard as possible to stay away from commenting on UM or even the UNC job, but let's get real here. If Butch didn't want to say "Hey Guys I'm Here if You Need Me," he wouldn't have given an interview to a Miami reporter much less said how he's itching to get back into coaching.

With that said, I'd like to get your thoughts on Davis, Moore and the rest of what's happened at The U since the brawl. Fire away.


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All this Butch talk is so premature and will only cost the "U". The money people are not sold on a repeat performance by Butch---walking on the"U" a few days before signing day, showed little class and a "its all about me" attitude. That stuck with the decsion makers. Let Coker finish it out ,then decide. But more importantly, support the team--those players deserve the support. Too much negativism in the paers from the fans.

Last time I checked, Coker still had the job, and the chance to keep it if the Canes win out (however small that chance may be.)

I would be amazed if Butch is given the opportunity to come back. He burned a lot of bridges at the U, and is certainly not a favorite of the Board of Trustees. I know that if he comes back, I will be very disappointed.

I agree with the previous comments. Yes, Butch did a lot for the program, but what if he does the same thing again, and he leaves because he gets another shot in the NFL. About Moore coming back, I hope the guy is in shape, and he can contribute to this team because we don't have a proven wide receiver. Coker, you better win this one. GO CANES!!!

If the U doesnt brink back Butch (which he obviously is interested in the job) it would be the second biggest mistake Paul Dee has made (the first was hiring and keeping Coker this long).

Yes, let Coker finish the season, and then let him go at midnight after our last game, in the "We used to dominate but look at us now" Bowl.

Here's the thing about UM coaches: They shouldn't stay at Miami longer than 6 years. Our best years have been when coaches have had the same drive and hunger as the players. To get to the NFL. It puts them all in the same boat.

Bringing Butch Davis back would be the GREATEST decision made in this thus-far miserable season. Recruiting is the biggest factor when rebuilding a Program and Butch is the man. Coker should respectfully finish out, but if we have a shot at Butch, this administration better not screw it up. They've done enough harm to the Program this year already. BRING BUTCH BACK.

Everyone in Miami would be SO EXCITED for Butch to come back!!!!!!!

Bring Butch back

I say bring him back look the guy cleaned up our image last time and we kinda need it cleaned up again and i need someone that will build a fence around sfla talent and he does that as good as anyone since schnell.. can't spell the rest.

Hiring Coker was not a mistake. He very easily could have won btb national championships. With that said, the extension was a huge mistake. Although his record was still good, it was after the Tennessee and UNC games. THe program was obviously in decline.

We don't want Butch. UNC is a good fit for him. They can pay him enough money to keep him from jumping ship to a crappy NFL job. We can't. We need to get back to the way we were. A hard nose guy looking to make a name for himself!

My gosh, this is a no brainer...Greg Schiano, and only Greg Schiano...folks...he has RUTGERS in contention for a major bowl...RUTGERS!!!!!!
And he's been here, knows the minus regarding facilities, etc.....and will recruit...the only question being will the administration offer him a salary comensurate with his ability...at today's prices?
Most importantly, he's a dern fine coach.
Davis is old news...he did great by us, up till the infortunate end...let it stay that way.

Why all the concern about Butch Davis running to the NFL? If I make $100,000 per year and you offer me $110,000, I say no. You come back and offer me $500,000 I have no choice. His loyalty was to his family number one and UM second. Can't fault him for that. He has the NFl out of his system and I think he would be a great coach.
If not him then I agree that Schiano would be a nice pick.

I think that Schiano and Davis will battle it out if Coker gets fired. The thing is I can't bring myself to give up on a UM team. right now I'm not worried bout Butch or Greg. I'm worried bout GT and VT. But I will say that if they do fire Coker they will need to hire a new coach quickly for recruiting purposes. We need Jay Smith, Major Wright, Doug Wiggins, etc..... The longer a coach's job is in question or there is no coach the more those players orget bout the U. now lets beat GT!

Moore comes back against VT at home. Miami will win with it's back against the wall and all the haters hatin' and finally find their hearts. I have already bought my tickets for Jax. I hope Coker gets one more year. You simply cannot expect alot with so many new players and coaches in the very first year. This team is soooo young!

All you "Bring Butch Back" people have such a short memory or you are the most firgiving folks ive ever heard. Did you forget how he left? Did you also forget that until he beat VT and FSU in 2000, all of you were calling for this guys head because he couldnt win the big one? How soon everyone forgets. We need a young fresh face with some energy to lead this program for the next decade at least. And while Schiano is a great idea it wont happen. I live up here in NJ and he is a god at Rutgers, got the school to shell out millions for upgraded facilities and they even built him a brand new house! He has the job of a lifetime right now. I get the feeling he is not going anywhere for a while. Plus from what is reported up here, his wife does not want to move back to South Florida.

Agreed FightinIbis!

I was at HHN in Orlando last Saturday: just stopped by on my way back from the chain saw repair shop . . ..
The vampire chick lurking by the front gate was the scariest. She looked like so many young women nowadays, but she looked like a vampire, too.
Hmm . . ..

You can't go home again, and the Butch Davis of today/tomorrow is not the Butch Davis of 1995, so hiring him is a gamble. There's no telling.
In his favor, he seems to have lost control at Cleveland (anxiety attacks, et cetera, et cetera). He'll be out to disprove that episode of his life, and when he wants to do it right, he certainly can.
But I think Butch should move on. That Rutgers fella: now there's a guy with fire in his eyes who can put the U's horsepower to constructive work.
It'd be cool to see Coker and Davis play each other, though.

The 'Canes are easily the most talented team in their ACC division. If--and this is a very prodigious "if"--the 'Canes PLAY like the most talented team in their division, they'll win the rest of their games, right through the BCS bowl game.
But these guys: I don't know. They're in the grip of some evil spirit that's sapping their will to win.
This year's GT game circumstances are very similar to last year's VT game circumstances. The 'Canes came in tight, rock-solid and leak-proof, and VT came apart, starting with the much vaunted Marcus Vick. (That was too beautiful.)
GT's Reggie Ball is a lot like Vick in that he loses his composure and starts doing all kinds of dramatic, desperate things: kind of like Chris Rix. (Where will the pass land?)
Plus, like last year's VT game, this year's GT game has probably had Coker's focus for a long time.

'Canes rule, 31 - 10.

Davis is going to UNC!! Ever wonder why spurrier didnt go back to florida? because its much harder to live up to expectations set by yourself. Sometimes you just have to admit luck with skill. He has no expectations at UNC, just like Mack Brown didnt when he was winning 10 games a year over there.

That said, do any of you morons on here talking about bringing back Butch realize he has not said he wants to come back!!! Why would he want to come back?? The SPEW doesnt even have its own stadium!!! He will never get the upgraded facilities to attract recruits, and who wants to play for him especially knowing that he might just get up and leave on them. The new coach should be someone willing to come. I hear Terry Bowden is out there. If (the)U can't beat a Bowden, hire one!!!!

Ha,ha, that was funny. Just for your information Spurrier did go back to Florida because of what you said. He didn't go back because thing were not good between Foley and him.

All is forgiven if Butch comes back and commits to Miami.
It is costing the board a ton of money right now with the football program on hard times and the media coverage suffering.
A BCS game would bring in plenty of $$$ and make the board happy. Butch Davis has the best chance of bringing the program back and has incredible crediblity with recruits and has a relationship with local high school coaches.
Re-hiring Butch Davis is a no-brainer.

What all this bs about the great return of Butch.We are about to get humiliated on national tv by GT, after the Duke game I have no more faith in this team, even the bench should have crush the blue devils if we were the U olf old. I don't know if I should watch this game or wait for the score, anyway I am heading to the grocery store to get myslef a brown shoping bag, pair of scissors anyone?.

Butch did a great job with coaching and recruting, however his method of leaving left a sour taste in everyone's mouth.
With all that said, if we could lock him up in a "no leave" contract, I would love to see hin back.
You just have to make it clear to him that "The U" is in control.

getting shiano or davis is a win-win situation for THE U! we do have to make a move soon for recruiting purposes. can of like what florida did when it announced mid-season zook was out at the end of the season. we are not as talented as in some years, but guys, we do have a ton of top high school recruits. more so than louisville for sure and everyone else on our schedule except for florida st. coaches are not getting the players to play up to their potential. i can believe some guys just simply don't work out, but too many guys not living up to expectations for us. gotta look at the coaches on that one.

"I hope Coker gets one more year. You simply cannot expect alot with so many new players and coaches in the very first year. This team is soooo young!"

are you kidding me?? new coaches?? the only reason they are there is because larry cHoker tried to save his butt last year and fired great assistants. Now look where that got him?? I dont mind, keep coker . . he is running THUG U into the ground!!!!

Young players?? Kyle wright is a junior, and qb is the hardest position to fill. Remember Vince Young's leap from his sophomore year to his junior year?? that was an AMAZING leap, if kylie could do half of that miami wouldnt be struggling to score against FIU!!! Look at the young qbs out there, Colt McCoy looks pretty solid, have you seen Mustain at arkansas, Tebow at FLORIDA!!! Face it the SPEW is done!!!

someone yell for JIMMIE JOHNSON . . bring back jimmie!!! HAHA, miami is DONE!!!!

miami is done?? all it takes is for coker to be replaced and in a year or 2 the canes will own college football again. this guy is a hater because his school is obviously inferior!! we are down, but we were on top soo long that we can rest on that for quite some time. our records, championships, and the fact that half of nfl players came from miami should silence any outside critics and or haters!! unless you are a usc trojan fan, you have no track record to even be in a conversation with a canes fan! even usc dominance has only been for the last 4 years, miami can go back to 1983!! get educated!

What a hater he is alright, he must a Seminoles fan.I think they got thier butt whip by the Turtles(Terps) last night.

To all you anti-Butch Davis fans. This man revived Miami's championship quality AND Image. Call it what you want, but doing formidable task is huge accomplishement. As a reward, I give him the freedom to do whatever he wanted even leaving for the NFL, for we benefitted from his efforts the next year with a National Championship title, which left Coker little work to earn this distinction.

Stop being selfish to a man who has restored and repaired our bonfide CANES. Remember his spirit, toughness and hardwork and track record and let forgiveness be your ultimate reward, or your grudges, emotionalism and negativism will be our curse!

1983? thats it?? all U coCanes seem to have hazy memories before 1983. THE Ohio State University is 5th all time in victories. We would have more championships too if we were in a crap big Least conference for so many years. But we have been in a REAL conference for years. Now that the SPEW is in a real conference, they have started losing, ALOT. No more temple, uconn, syracuse, rutgers(of old) anymore!!! "get educated!" haha

by the way, THE ohio state kicked your ass!! make up excuses, its all because they were too cocky . . the reason for Ur downfall!!!

The Ohio State, 2007 National Champs!

It is sad so sad to see our UM being made fun of by all the cowardly cock-a-roaches who have crawled out from under the thier insignificant rocks to squeeze in a cheap shot before we get rid of "CHOKER" and rise up from the muck he buried us under. I feel sad for our players to have to keep going on the field under this Joker. I think the entire team should call an emmergency meetng with the University President and refuse to go back on another field under Larry Croacker, coker, Chocker or whatever his name is. The players are crying out for help through their fustration and actions. ALL UM players keep your heads up high, be proud of you who are; we know it is not your talents it is your old senile coach. To you Larry Coker you are selfish, you lack coacking skills, you are inhumane, you are destroying these fine atheles future, you a greedy, you are outdated, you are dishonest... LEAVE and take your blind skill-less quarterback with you. If you do not have bus fare post a secret code on this page, e.g., send money for bus fare... myself and several Miamians will gladly toss you a few coins... but just go, go way NOW...don't wait for end of season we are better off without you...Please GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

So what if Butch's motivation is to get back to the NFL via success at the "U"? Bring him back anyway. We're not talking about having a coach that stays forever like Bowden, we're talking about maintaining our edge and WINNING! Look at FSU and their problems. Some of them are because of the stagnation at the coaching position etc.. Let's remember that the "U" has and always wille different than any other school because of it's legacy. The players don't come here to stay, so why should we expect the same from the coaches?

We'll give you Mark Richt. What an underachiever. The guy has put more talent in the NFL in the last 5 years but always loses the big game. Should have had national championships in 02 and last year. He has utterly mismanaged the offense, forgot to develop a quarterback after Shockley and ignored the defense. We get taken to the wire by the absolute worst teams in 1-A, the pumpkins hang a number on us, and we lose to Vandy at home. He might do ok for you since you don't play the Gators any more. PLEASE consider taking him off our hands. Thanks.

Why not Spurrier? The guy can recruit, keep kids in so.fla., and is a genius on Offense, which is our weakness at this point. He will never win a title at So.Carolina, but can have a great opportunity here at Miami. Don't you think he would at least listen if we contact him? I for one sure think so.

Davis timed his departure to the benefit of UM. By staying just past signing day he insured a pipeline of top athletes for the program. Paul Dee and Donna S. need to open their eyes. All Butch did was take a program that was in the toilet and bring it back to Gold Standard. He left enough quality players that even a stiff like Coker was able to win one, play for another and position UM for a third opportunity at a National Title. The football program was the marquee product of the U. Shalayla and Dee have allowed it to fall into disrepair and disrepute. The trustees need to remove both of them and install competent agressive personalities who will make the right decisions. So long as Dee and Shalayla are allowed to make the decisions the U will suffer. Time to hold them accountable.

The Miami job should be Butch's if he wants it. He is the right guy to compete with Florida and Florida State in the recruting war. Paul and Donna owe it to the fans and the alumni to bring this program back to greatness. Now that Butch has gotten the NFL out of his system Miami can obtain a great coach for the long term.

i agree bring back schiano hes a fiery leader.. turning low star athletes (vilma, dan morgan, buchanon, reed) into all americans

Steve Spurrier is probably one of the few coaches that can return to a college he once coached at without controversy.Butch Davis will not come back the "U" to face the drama and pass skeletons.Remember, a new coach at UM could possibly mean replacing one of the best Defensive coordinators(Randy Shannon)in the college world! And the Defense is what the "U" is all about and has been,check the NFL rosters! Canes 4ever

i think miami should go after Norm Chow he's really good on offense an with r.shannon on defense this team would win the national championship for the next 20 years

After going to the GT game and seeing yet again a complete lack of not only fire but discipline as well, That rests with Coker and he should be gone

And lets look at Paul Dee too. The U Is strapped to Coker through the season at least because of the buyout right??

Look at Perry Clark a few years ago too. The U fired him and paid him a nice chunk of change. That is Paul Dee's negotiating incompetence

Perhaps the Board should look at that as well

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