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Should Ryan Moore return?

Just got out of practice and had an exclusive with coach Larry Coker (to listen to the interview click here) on the Ryan Moore situation.

RyanmooreAnyway, as Susan reported in her story, Moore is likely to face criminal charges in the next two weeks but since he has no criminal history is likely to get off with only some counseling. Coker heard about it from Moore's lawyers last night and said if that's the case, he'll feel better about Moore returning to the team this season.

It is obvious UM's depleted receiving corps would receive a huge boost with Moore back. Last week, Lance Leggett, Ryan Hill, Sam Shields and company combined for only five catches, 73 yards. And with Darnell Jenkins now likely out for the season, Moore's return would add some much needed depth and leadership.

But how do you feel about it? Should Moore be allowed back on the team even though the police report released by the Coral Gables Police Department after the incident said Moore kicked in a car door, grabbed a woman by the neck and pushed her onto the ground at about 2 a.m. near the campus Rathskeller? Let's hear your thoughts.