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Time to go to the tapes...

I was all set to return to this blog and talk about UM's offensive ineptness against FIU when it all became moot with 9 minutes to play in the third quarter.

Fiumbrawl While I still plan on evaluating UM's performance later this week, I've got no choice but to stick TO what clearly has become The Story in UM's 35-0 victory against the Golden Panthers: the big brawl. Anyway, in order to do that, everyone should get a chance to review the tapes (like the ACC and UM will soon). So, to see the best video highlights I've found on the net so far, follow this link to YouTube (Beware, though, some of the commentary on the message board is a little colorful). Once you check it out, come back and fire off your thoughts. NOTE: *Credit should be given to Rusty98UM who obviously had a connection to CSS.

Anyway, before you do that or after, I wanted to give you a sampling of some of the opinions already formed on some of premier UM fan message boards at Canesport and CanesTime.

Here are some examples of what the chorus was singing late Saturday night and the varied tones of it all:
-- "I'm embarrased. The U should be ashamed of itself. Larry Coker lost control and should be fired."
-- "I loved it. This was the most heart I've seen out of the team in years."
-- "FIU started it. UM shouldn't be penalized."
-- "I think Anthony Reddick and Brandon Meriweather should both be kicked off the team. Reddick swung his helmet and Meriweather pounded on a guy's helmet. Its inexcusable."
-- "The suplex by Derrick Morse is one of the best moves I've ever seen him make."

While I'd love to hear some commentary on this blog about the fight, all UM fans should know the suspensions are far from over. The ACC figures to hand down its own out on Monday, which should make the Duke matchup a lot more interesting next week. I expect Anthony Reddick, Brandon Meriweather and possibly Lance Leggett to be on the list for further suspension.

Personally, all I want to point out is that anybody who thinks the coaches could have stopped the brawl know little about these players nowadays. Respect is the name of the game where the majority of FIU and UM players come from. And there was plenty of disrespect to go around all game. All it took for a fight to start was a lighter. When FIU's linebacker took down UM's Matt Perrelli, that was the sparkplug needed. There was nothing UM or FIU coaches in my opinion could have honestly done to stop it. Now, the cops, the riot police, that's a different story. But the coaches really shouldn't be given the blame. Vince Lombardi wouldn't have been able to tame these kids. Why? Because he would have quit the job before putting up with their actions on a day-to-day basis. It is the players that need to take responsibility for it. And they will.

Now, with that, check out the video and fire back your own thoughts on some of these topics: 1. What action do you think UM should take internally? 2. What was the highlight or lowlight of the brawl? 3. Should the FIU-UM series be stopped?


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UM should be embarassed. Having the game competitive enough in the 3rd quarter that FIU has enough fight left to start this brawl. 1. This should be the death nail for Paul Dee and Larry Coker. If you are going to be thugs you better at least win all your games. Lange Leggett not being around for the Georgia Tech game takes away any chance they have of winning. Anthony Reddick should have his scholarship revoked, or at least suspended for the rest of the season. Brandon Merriwether should also be gone for the season, ending his collegiate career. If your Miami, you cancil this series with FIU after next year. If they ever become a legitimate program, reconsider down the road.

Proof-positive that the school and fan-base are nothing short of urban trash. As I've always said, UM's program is a disgrace and embarrassment to college football--even mediocrity hasn't humbled them. Let's hope FIU doesn't follow their classless example.

The talking heads at ESPN keep focusing on players swinging their helmets. That's bad enough, but if you hit another helmet with a helmet, damage will be minimal. Still, swinging a helmet at another player is worth a suspension of several games at last.

I hope the ACC focuses more on thugs like Merriweather trying to maim players on the ground by stomping on the backs of their legs and knees. That's a clear attempt to end the football careers of players not in any position to defend themselves. Anyone from either UM or FIU caught attempting to maim players on the ground should be thrown off the teams and have their scholarships revoked.

Revoke scholarships? Please. Mistakes were made, sure, but those were very heated moments. I think some severe suspensions are necessary (Redick, for example), but kicking guys off the team? I think it's ridiculous to tell these guys to play with reckless abandon all the time, but then expect them to switch it on and off, especially when their teammates are out there getting pummeled. It would be a bad precedent to kick guys off the team for defending teammates. No one will come to the U then.

The author of this blog should be ashamed to condone the ineptitude of the head coaches. This blog is an irresponsible post that seems to justify the fact that neither coach has any control, nor made an attempt to get out on the field and at least stop someone. Where are they on any of the tapes?!?! They're not in view - it's disgusting! Coker's comments after the game belie his real feelings. Read them - he seems to think this will all have a positive effect on the program. Boy, he can be a big idiot sometimes. Oh, and the color analyst should be fired for his false posturing and ranting on air about how he's going to go down fight. Please dude, take it easy.

What a disgrace, after putting together three wins and trying to climb back into the polls.
The only guy who needs to be kicked off the team is Coker. No, he couldn't have stopped the fight, but he's allowed the crap too long and he is responsible.
All the rest need suspensions. Kills us for the GT and VT games, but at least maybe Dee will make the right call and get rid of him.
7 points after two and 1/2 quarters? FIU?
Can Coker!

The color commentator on the CSS TV feed should be suspended or fired as well. He was egging on the fight: "you come in to the OB and talk trash..." and things like that. Completely unprofessional.

If Dee knew what was good for him he would punish FIU by not renewing any future contracts with The U. This incident should set FIU football back by 5 years from developing any further. FIU played dirty and everyone knows it. Sideline reporter, The Beast, reported after the game that on several occasions before the brawl UM Coaches were telling their players that we can not stoop to their level and not to let the dirty play get to them. The referees knew what was going on as well and they are the ones that lost control of the game, you can hear it in the first half during the accidental announcement of cuss words over the loud speaker from the head referee trying to break up some players. According to a live TV announcer covering the game, there were a few plays where FIU players should have been ejected or flagged for dirty playing and late sideline hits. The referees were trying to just let the game play on. Ejections or warnings to the FIU coaches could have avoided the brawl that will surely hurt Miami more than FIU. Of course the national media is calling for Coker's head along with Meriweather and Reddick, who apparantly should be suspended for the season if not the rest of their college careers, according to ESPN announcers. Why not Strock's head on a platter? Miami was condemned as soon as it threw the first retaliatory punch, helmet or body slam.
GO Canes! FIU, you don't deserve the honor of playing in the Orange Bowl.

The comments of the sport broadcasters during the game were equally upsetting. To suggest that he wanted to go down on the field and join the riot is stupid, and he shouldn't be allowed to get behind the microphone of a Pop Warner game. And were was the apology from the Miami AD, oh I forgot their the U the don't have to apologiize for creating a riotious enviornment that put innocent fans in harms way when the mob mentality moved to the stands. For Coach Coker to think that any parent of a seriously talented player would want their kid at the U shows why the program has fallen on hard times recruitment wise. Now I see why they have to take marginally talented thugs and put them in Miami uniforms. If this had been an isolated situation, ok. But has everyone forgotten the shooting incident, the choking of a female by a player, the near fight in Louisville and now this. A pattern seems to be developing and as the Louisville player suggested all the U has is swagger which now is pathetic.

I was at the game last night and I must admit that my emotions got carried away along with the action down on the field. With that said, I'm kinda embarrassed at EVERYBODY'S behavior who participated in the brawl including the cheering on of the brawl. There are a lot of fans who are old enough to understand the "thug" nature of UM's past (myself being one of them). I only know from what I watched on TV ie. the Cotton Bowl against Texas back in 1990 or 91. But still, this incident that occured WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!!! The referees did not do their job in maintaining order on that field prior to the fight. The FIU team (and a few of the UM players) were baiting the other players on ALL NIGHT!!! The coaches should have had better control of their players and prepared them better before the game to PLAY and not yap their mouths off. Of course FIU will be spared the national embarrassment of the UM "thug" hating media, and Miami will be crucified as they have been since 6 minutes into the 3rd quarter. But that is the standard by which Miami has had to overcome since the Jimmy and Dennis regime. Now internally..

1. Reddick should most likely be suspended for at least the remainder of the season, unless Coker gives a general suspension for all who "participated" in the fight as aggressors or retaliators. Merriweather should be gone for at least two games. Legget should miss a game. and those ejected players will by ACC rules miss at least the first half of the next game. THEY WILL BE SUSPENDED FOR ATLEAST ONE GAME DEFINITELY!! Morse will probably get a two or three game suspension (even though that power slam he drop on that guy was nasty!) He may be gone for a lot longer just by looking at the replay on TV.

2. The high-light(s) had to be the Power slam by Morse. that was hilarious albeit scary for such a big guy. Others may have been the helmit swinging by Reddick. It looked like he was just looking for people to crack in the head. Then we can't forget about Merriweather's WWE foot stomp of that poor guy laying on the ground. Of course these high-lights are also "low-lights"

3. Will these two team play again. Most likey not as long as any one or both of the school presidents are still there. shame though. But knowing how cheap Shalala is, she probably won't buy out FIU in order to avoid playing them. And yes folks FIU gets a nice payoff for taking a beat down against Miami at the O.B.

What a night!!! Hold it down guys!

The thuggery must stop. For UM, there is not a Warren Sapp, Michael Irvin, Jerome Brown, Jim Kelly, Ed Reed, etc. among you. If you ever got that good, maybe you could justify the swagger. None of you are that good and none of you are upholding the Cane winning tradition. FIU has no tradition, so they should just shut up. Oh, I'm an FIU alumni, if that matters. Now for all of you, shut the hell up about this overuse of "respect." None of you know squat about the word and you all overuse it. Shut up. Do something worth respecting. In the old days, a PE coach would paddle athletes for misconduct. These idiots should be tasered. Screw them all.

To everyone who keeps saying the brawl was such a disgrace, I’d like to ask. What you would do if someone jumped on you and punched you in the face? Or did the same to your brother in front of you? Unless you’re Amish I’d be willing to bet you’d punch them in return and that’s what happened Saturday night. So stop acting so “holier than thou”
The real blame for things getting out of control on the field goes to the “zebras” they’re the ones who can hear what’s being said on the filed and have the yellow hankies to let the players know who’s in control. Good refs can see something like that coming and keep it down.
Mr. FIU alumni (ccc229), you and yours are the ones who should shut up about respect. It was the FIU players and the chip they had on there shoulders coming into this game about not having been recruited by UM that was the impetus of all this.
As far as The UM offense looking “inept” in this game, I guess no one saying that knew that FIU’s defense was ranked 32nd in the country and they had lost there previous six games by a combined total of fourteen points. But we hung 35 on them, and shut them out.
Should players be suspended? Yes. Should there college careers by over? NO. Should Coker be fired? Yes, but not because of the fight. I lost confidence in him after he fired Art Kehoe and Don Soldinger.

Yes it was sick......but to blame or say Coker should be fired is silly. I do think the players should be suspended for the remainder of the year, but not lose their scholarships. While it was obvious that FIU started the brawl, Miami should have picked up the holder, and walked away.....easier said than done, who knows how any of us would protect our team mates.

Actually Coca Coker does deserve some blame for this. He is the head coach and should have had his players prepared for the taunts and baiting that went on from FIU. the zebras blew it completely, but lets not write Coca coker off for no fault.

I am not condoning the actions of the players in any way. But there are few options for one when the opponent constantly hits you after the play, putting your health and college career in jeopardy? Also what would happen if this fight would have happened at Texas, Ohio St., USC or any other prestigious program? The press would give all of those schools a pass just like they have done in the RECENT past. TU and their players getting caught with drugs and firearms and SUPRISE SUPRISE the charges were dropped b/c of insufficient evidence(that’s a load of BS), Ohio St. what did they do, only played ineligible players, whom never went to class nor did they take their exams. How can you be eligible (got me), what type of sanctions were placed on the football program. And finally I get to USC the home of the NCAA Violators. Not only did players and their families get free housing, money given to them but to top it off you have players getting arrested left and right. It wasn't the first time those players were arrested. But guess what the charges were dropped and everyone says lets knowingly ignore that these incidents occurred. But for Miami everyone calls for them to be investigated, and reprimanded by the NCAA. All I ask is that if you want to put MIAMI under the microscope then put all the other prestigious programs under the microscope and then compare the two and I can guarantee you that most of the other universities would have a lot more violations than MIAMI.

"I want to point out is that anybody who thinks the coaches could have stopped the brawl know little about these players nowadays. Respect is the name of the game where the majority of FIU and UM players come from."
Bullfeed. What about respect for the game ... respect for your teammates by not hampering their chances to win ... respect for the fans who came to see them, not a brawl?
If these are the kind of people you want representing your university, why not just hand down degrees in gangsta? Unfortunately, Donna Shalala is too much of a jock-sniffer (she's the one who hired Barry Alvarez in Wisconsin and pushed for a new arena there) to hand out the discipline that is needed. Both schools should have the rest of their seasons canceled.

Finally, some discussion regarding the officiating (never heard it mentioned by the talking heads). IF things were so out of hand in first half as suggested, then why didn't the officials take control? As a point of inquiry, from whose conference were they from, the Sun Belt, given the typical stance of the visiting conference providing the crew? I AM NOT implying favoritism in raising the question, but rather competency and the ability to handle the job in the spotlight of an Orange Bowl type environment and a BCS conference participant.

For the record, I have been a loyal Canes fan for 30 years.

Wow, more than 3 posts, shocker.

First, no blame on the ref's? or Don Strock?

second, no video of the FIU player leaving the bench swinging a crutches?

third, I could've swore #28 from FIU taking a cheap shot at the holder from UM.

fourth, if FIU had any bit of class the wouldn't have attacked the smallest player on the field.

fifth, all James Bryant did was blow to the opposing tunnel, which was filled w/FIU aka fair-weather Canes fans.

Lamar Thomas was the commentator, he holds the record for career receptions at UM. He's right you can't come into the OB and act like that and not take a beating.

finally, did anyone see Vick punch the Giants LB Pierce after a cheapshot?

It doesn't matter who started it, and nobody clearly knows who did. But the "U" has a reputation for being dirty, classless, disrespectful, and thuggish. With this said, even without any concrete evidence, national media is spinning it as just another example of what UM is all about. Clearly, UM is being portrayed as the guilty party, and doesn't do you guys any favors in terms of respectability. FIU, being the small program that nobody cares about (yet), has slipped through the cracks as the innocent party because of UM's history. Give FIU a few years, before you know it, this will be a USC-UCLA rivalry, with FIU being the mightier USC and UM being the downward spiraling UCLA. FIU has the money, the academic credentials, the leadership in Maidique and Garcia, the upcoming on campus 50,000 capacity stadium, we have all the momentum. FIU stock is a strong buy right now, UM is a strong sell.

Even NBC nightly news showed the fight and discussed how UM once again was involved in another violent incident. Still in disbelief? Consider the following, pulled straight out of CNN.com's front page (its an AP article, so its on the front of most news media outlets).

It's the latest in a disturbing series of incidents for Miami in recent months.

• Several Miami players fought with LSU players following the Tigers' 40-3 Peach Bowl win.

• Shortly before the Miami-Louisville game Sept. 16, virtually the entire Hurricanes' roster jumped on the Cardinals logo at midfield, an act widely viewed as a taunting gesture. Afterward, some Miami players chided teammates for that incident.

• A Miami player, Willie Cooper, was shot outside his home shortly before training camp began in what players contend was a robbery attempt. Meriweather returned fire; police said he acted legally.

• Wide receiver Ryan Moore, who was suspended for the Peach Bowl for violating team rules, then suspended again for other infractions, is expected to be charged this week with misdemeanors stemming from an August fight with a woman. He hasn't played this season.

- This was FIU's first incident in the history of the program.

"which should make the Duke matchup a lot more interesting next week" That quote alone should tell the U what they need to know. A matchup involving Duke and the U in football should never be interesting, regardless of the number of players who have been suspended. Miami's second string should be able to handle Duke, no problem. However, under Larry Coker, we have come to accept mediocrity. For a more in depth analysis, visit www.cokermustgo.com FIRE LARRY COKER!

Death penalty to both football programs. Much less your radio announcer encouraging this behavior.

Look on the positive side. This could give a boost to hockey programs at both schools.

FIU on the upswing. Sure. Tell me another one.

The refs are the most responsible party in that affair. They exerted no effort to try and control the game, while Miami's coaches continued to tell their players not to get involved. Cheap-shotting the holder and kicker is ridiculous. I've played on a lot of teams and been in a few of these kids of scuffles and when it's been my teammate I did the same thing. Back'em up. I'm not happy about what happened the other night, but that's just how it goes and it shouldn't be blown up like it is. All the ESPN idiots are just getting up on the soapbox. Greg Cote's piece on it is exactly right.

Once again blame everyone but who should be blamed. The football program. Miami should dump the program and go back to what college is there for. To educate.
How the hell do you hire a known women beater do do your radio announcing?

The university of Miami has nothing to do with hiring Lamar Thomas to do broadcast. That's the cable company's issue.

And speaking of wife/woman beaters...Congressman Tom Osborne, that elder statesman of College Football never thought twice about cutting or suspending on any serious level) Lawrence "I drag'em by the hair" Phillips.

All of you who are disgusted go ahead and do an YouTube search for football brawls and see what comes up: Notre Dame, USC, Florida, FSU, Clemson and South Carolina (which was the worst of them all), Ole Miss and MSU, Illinois and Michigan State, Hawaii and Houston...then do a search for baseball brawls and you'll come across a clip of ESPN's Top 10 Baseball Brawls narrated by Kenny Mayne...oh the horror, how disgusting, how awful...seems all of you who are upset have either short memories or don't see the behavior the same across the board.

After reading the comments posted by many of us on the "Forget FSU...yeah right" thread earlier this month, comments posted on the site & watching Saturday's debacle, is there any need for further debate on Larry's UM coaching tenure??????

The university has nothing to do with the announcers? Yea right. You the guy who bought all the swamp land. So let me get this right. Everyone else do it so its all right for us to do it too.

FIU stands up and take responsiblity for their action. Way to go at least one college in Miami takes responsibility for their actions.

Kudos to Jason Lopez

The U always gets the worse pub when every college program does the same things we do. yes, we had a player get shot. HELLO this is Miami not South Bend, or columbus, or gainesville. I am not the biggest larry coker fan but anybody knows that once a fight is out the last thing on any players mind is "what will coach think." I don't care if your coach is Vince Lambardi, Bill Parcells, or even the great Butch Davis, haha. No coach could've done anything. Lets take care of Duke and win the ACC.

What a big to do about nothing. No one got injured, the police and coaches calmed it down quickly and anyone who has watched football for more the a few years has seen much worse at all levels (recently a Pee Wee parent assaulted a player) take a deep breath folks, it was no wheres near the big deal the media is making it..Lamar Thomas was funny, not sad and any meida person that criticizes him is a hypocrite. Jim Rome got famous taunting Jim Everett into attacking him but paints the U as some massive thuggery factory, hypocrit!...must be a slow media week. FIU is getting more media coverage out of this and is loving every minute, maybe it wasn't an accident they started it, how else could a zero win team get so much press. The media be damned, it was no big deal and if Coker had any, hmmmm, lets say guts he wouldn't suspend anyone, but eunuch's usually don't back their players. Everyone at the U is acting out as expected and with phony indignation hoping it will just go away, whereas they should cancel any future FIU events and move on and screw the press.

I don't see why everyone is making a big deal about the fight. Sure, it was bad, but do bench clearing brawls in baseball get this much publicity??? It's the same damn thing. Except for two things, football players have 20 pounds of protection on, and baseball players have a jock strap..... and they are getting 100 mph balls thrown at them. I know it's college football, but these are 18-21 year old guys. Testostrone is running high and the mouths are talking, of course stuff like this is going to happen. The only reason it's being plasterd all over TV and the internet is because it's the U! All of the media have been wanting to see this stuff for years. Talking about the "Old Canes", and the swagger well, you got it Saturday night and I hope this makes their year. I may be the only one but I am proud of these guys because they stood up for their team and their family.

To be honest, you see a team-mate go down, like Saban said about Culpepper: I'd be worried about the guy that *doesn't* want to defend his team-mate. If it were me, as a professional of age 40, I'd have a hard time not clearing from the bench. I'd be killed by all the younger stud athletes, but I'd be there for my team-mates. I say you need to treat each individual based on the circumstances. What did Reddick see that caused him to use his helmet that way? Some of the kids have already been quoted as sayng they went in with the purpose of breaking up the fight, so hear them out. Also, when I was in school fights, it was fists. But anything went. Now it's guns and knives. It's a different time. How many of these kids have been in a fight using Queensbury rules? College is an opportunity to teach. It's about mistakes and learning from them. On the field and off. College sports, too. For some of these kids, the street, it's all they've ever known. Once the switch goes off, they'll revert. Keep teaching. Keep trying. Don't give up on the kids.

What conference were the officials from?

Is their any video taken from the FIU bench?

I appreciate the link to my video and giving me credit for it. :)

I watched the game in Salt Lake City at a public venue, which would make it nationally televised. As a Canes fan for more than half a century, I am bemused that people are complaining that the media is trashing UM for the brawl. It is perfectly understandable as the team cultivated the thug image in the 80s/90s and it is very difficult to undo that. If a criminal has a prior record and offends, he is at a disadvantage in defending himself. So it is with the U. One "o'shucks" wipes out a hundred "attaboys." I would like to provide my view on some of the carping excuses.

1. "FIU started it." Probably, but it is usually the player who retaliates who gets the penalty. There is a premium for restraint and self-discipline.

2. "The players were defending their teammates...we're a family." What nonsense! It is the job of the officials to control player behavior. The players who rushed in from the sidelines just joined in a brawl, they were not protecting anyone. While it should have been possible for the officials to penalize/eject the offending FIU player or players, it is beyond their control when more than 100 players are fighting on half the field.

3. "This happens in baseball, hockey, etc...." Yes, it does, and it is deplorable. Would you like to be a crime victim because it happens to other people all the time? Look at the U.S. hockey teams in recent Olympics. They got destroyed by weak teams in the first rounds. These are highly paid professionals who replaced the college kids who made the country proud in 1972. After their humiliating losses in Nagano, the players trashed their luxury hotel rooms, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. Real sportsmen! As they lack the skill and finesse of European amateur hockey players, they substitute fighting and . The most laughable whine was that the media was not hyping the altercation between Dartmouth and Holy Cross. Why would they? Have those teams ever been on TV? Does anyone know where they are located? I don't know much about the two schools, but I would guess that this incident is out of character for them. With several incidents in the past few months, that can't be said for the University of Miami. Having deliberately created its bad-boy image, negative incidents will just reinforce it. It's easier to create the Miami-vice image than the Miami-nice image.

4. "It was the officials fault." Once you engage in taunting as Bryant did, you lose your right to complain about the officials. If the officials see both teams behaving badly, they are not going to be favorably disposed to either. UM has a history of being heavily penalized. Indeed, the famous (or infamous) Cotton Bowl has made Canes/infractions almost synonyms. Since the officals can influence the game, it pays to be courteous and avoid egregious behavior.

5. "The announcer wasn't working for the University..." Perhaps, but I doubt that the U protested his employment by the broadcaster. Lamar Thomas contributed to the thug stereotype by behaving like a thug, by condoning the fight and even encouraging its continuation. Thomas is a famous, if not distinguished, UM alumnus and it could not be said that any trace of a liberal education rubbed off on him. Do football players have to take English? Wouldn't guess it from listening to Lamar.

6. "It's Thug U." I don't think all the players are thugs or even that many are. The problem is that the University has a disturbing record of not taking action when player behavior is detrimental to the reputation of the U, so it is difficult for the casual observer not to tar all the players with the "thug" brush when they see a mob of players on TV who are validating the stereotype of them. Not too long ago, several UM players, including a central figure singled out for the worst conduct in the melee, made a raunchy video glorifying gang , orgiastic behavior, and portraying women and s and bitches. What is the University's response to its football players portraying themselves on the internet as misogynistic goons, raping s in the dormitory? Coach Coker, when asked, responded, "It's old news..." He could have at least expressed his disgust and emphasized that this was not typical behavior for ALL of the players. He chose not to address it. Paul Dee indicated that the matter would be investigated and appropriate disciplinary measures taken, if warranted. I never heard of any disciplinary measures. Those players could have been suspended for a meaningless game, such as the annual Duke slaughter, so that the U would make a distinction between "thugs" who disgrace the school and the majority of players who are good citizens. Paul Dee, missed another golden opportunity to do the right thing, as he is wont to do. Recently, the Herald (SMD) did an article on how players portrayed themselves on their personal web pages. Surprise! Most of the players described themselves in terms that would allow the term SCUM to describe them very nicely. One black player said on his website that the black players at the U are not there for an education but to get to the NFL. Yea, like Lamar Thomas. Is there any black player, or parent of a black player, who would dispute that statement. I would hope so, but do not know of any. Did the University or the coaching staff counsel the players that this rubbish reflects adversely on the school, the team, the coaching staff, and the players themselves? Not that I am aware of.

6. "The punishment is appropriate or too severe." Coach Coker was quoted as saying the incident would affect the University and team in a positive way. What an absolutely clueless, idiotic statement, which, hard to believe, is dumber than the claim that the wind at the end of the FSU game was a psychological blow for the mighty Hurricanes. Rather than the Miami coach, AD, or president taking stern measures, as the new FIU athletic director did, on his first day on the job, the Miami administration seemed to only do what the ACC would force them to do. If you take weak action, or no action, you can't complain if outsiders perceive you as weak, indecisive, and ineffectual.

In summary, the media treatment is the result of the Canes past and present behavior. UM benefits by being in the media limelight. As a fan, I benefit, as I can see most Miami games on TV. If I were a fan of FIU, that would not be the case. The tradeoff is that there will be more negative publicity when the players engage in collective stupidity, encouraged by an administration and coaching staff that has failed to establish and enforce standards that sanction negative behavior. As a parent, you would be embarrassed if your kid threw a tantrum at a restaurant or supermarket. If you fail to take corrective action, you will continue to get the same behavior. The Miami players, most of whom are certainly not thugs, have replaced nt play on the field with pathetic incidents like at Louisville which make themselves subject to scorn and ridicule. The brawl has detracted attention from the absolutely wretched level of play and play calling. UM can't make a yard on third or fourth down; can't make a field goal; 90 yards rushing against FIU! Once the brawl recedes in memory, the putrid performance of the team will come back into focus. It looks like these Canes are determined to play their bowl game in beautiful Boise. That will make the Peach Bowl look like Heaven. Since they might not even qualify for a bowl, President Shalala could adopt the dignified stance of the South Carolina/Clemson presidents and forswear a bowl game this year. Not likely, as that would require some leadership and backbone. More likely to hear her, Dee, and Coker saying how happy they are to be in Boise in December.

I too was at the game. I too have been watching sports for over a half century. What I saw was typical of the brawls we all have seen at one time or another in all sports. Reaction- TOO BAD, I also listened to that jerk, Joe Theisman on CSS blast the UM program and players. If I could talk to him, I would like to remind him of the USC-Notre Dame brawl in 1971. Ring a bell Joe? Where was # 7 that day, you worthless thug. I don't recall any sportscaster calling for Ara Parsegian to be fired.

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