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Time to go to the tapes...

I was all set to return to this blog and talk about UM's offensive ineptness against FIU when it all became moot with 9 minutes to play in the third quarter.

Fiumbrawl While I still plan on evaluating UM's performance later this week, I've got no choice but to stick TO what clearly has become The Story in UM's 35-0 victory against the Golden Panthers: the big brawl. Anyway, in order to do that, everyone should get a chance to review the tapes (like the ACC and UM will soon). So, to see the best video highlights I've found on the net so far, follow this link to YouTube (Beware, though, some of the commentary on the message board is a little colorful). Once you check it out, come back and fire off your thoughts. NOTE: *Credit should be given to Rusty98UM who obviously had a connection to CSS.

Anyway, before you do that or after, I wanted to give you a sampling of some of the opinions already formed on some of premier UM fan message boards at Canesport and CanesTime.

Here are some examples of what the chorus was singing late Saturday night and the varied tones of it all:
-- "I'm embarrased. The U should be ashamed of itself. Larry Coker lost control and should be fired."
-- "I loved it. This was the most heart I've seen out of the team in years."
-- "FIU started it. UM shouldn't be penalized."
-- "I think Anthony Reddick and Brandon Meriweather should both be kicked off the team. Reddick swung his helmet and Meriweather pounded on a guy's helmet. Its inexcusable."
-- "The suplex by Derrick Morse is one of the best moves I've ever seen him make."

While I'd love to hear some commentary on this blog about the fight, all UM fans should know the suspensions are far from over. The ACC figures to hand down its own out on Monday, which should make the Duke matchup a lot more interesting next week. I expect Anthony Reddick, Brandon Meriweather and possibly Lance Leggett to be on the list for further suspension.

Personally, all I want to point out is that anybody who thinks the coaches could have stopped the brawl know little about these players nowadays. Respect is the name of the game where the majority of FIU and UM players come from. And there was plenty of disrespect to go around all game. All it took for a fight to start was a lighter. When FIU's linebacker took down UM's Matt Perrelli, that was the sparkplug needed. There was nothing UM or FIU coaches in my opinion could have honestly done to stop it. Now, the cops, the riot police, that's a different story. But the coaches really shouldn't be given the blame. Vince Lombardi wouldn't have been able to tame these kids. Why? Because he would have quit the job before putting up with their actions on a day-to-day basis. It is the players that need to take responsibility for it. And they will.

Now, with that, check out the video and fire back your own thoughts on some of these topics: 1. What action do you think UM should take internally? 2. What was the highlight or lowlight of the brawl? 3. Should the FIU-UM series be stopped?