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What now?

Georgia Tech basically ended UM's season Saturday with its 30-23 victory.

The same things I told you would happen did. Miami played tough. But ultimately a late turnover by this offense doomed them yet again. And the defense, which played great and evened the TD output of the offense with a score of its own, went home a loser yet again because UM's offense cannot run when it needs to and cannot punch it in the red zone.

But instead of lamenting on the loss, why don't we speculate on what the Hurricanes should strive for the rest of this season.

So, what now Canes fans? Should Kirby Freeman be given a shot at quarterback? Should some of the freshman and sophomores who haven't played yet get their shot too? Or should UM try and salvage a 9-3 season and a trip to the Gator Bowl?

Let's get your thoughts.