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What now?

Georgia Tech basically ended UM's season Saturday with its 30-23 victory.

The same things I told you would happen did. Miami played tough. But ultimately a late turnover by this offense doomed them yet again. And the defense, which played great and evened the TD output of the offense with a score of its own, went home a loser yet again because UM's offense cannot run when it needs to and cannot punch it in the red zone.

But instead of lamenting on the loss, why don't we speculate on what the Hurricanes should strive for the rest of this season.

So, what now Canes fans? Should Kirby Freeman be given a shot at quarterback? Should some of the freshman and sophomores who haven't played yet get their shot too? Or should UM try and salvage a 9-3 season and a trip to the Gator Bowl?

Let's get your thoughts.


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I have been a Coker supporter but it's obvious that he's not a great head coach, I knew the game was over at the half when it was 13-13. Why Tyrone Moss sees the field is mind boggling...stick w/ James and I thing Derron Thomas should spell him instead. James Bryant is underutilized and Kyle Wright has all the talent but doesn't seem to have the head. This is a talented team that is not mentally tough, thats the coaches fault. Bring back Butch, if he didnt leave they would have won probably 3 titles since 2001.

1. Dee should thank Coker for his efforts but let him and the public know he won't be back next year while letting him finish out this year. This is only fair to Coker since he is now just being left to twist in the wind. The boards and blogs are filled with personal attacks on the man, and the media continue to say he's gone.

2. Let Coker see how his team comes out against VT now that they know he won't be back. Maybe the players (and coaches) will get over their fear of losing and play with some energy and confidence.

3. If we defeat VT, continue playing KW but if not, play Kirby the next several games no matter what he does. Let the new coaching staff get some tape of Kirby against some competition.

4. Play Adkins and Sharpton - our lb play has not been good so let those two play and make their mistakes (like against GT). They'll get better.

I agree that we should play KW against VT. If he does bad then Kirby should start the next game. The lack of focus has hurt this team the whole season. We either don't show up in the 3rd or 4th quarter of every game. With the athletes we have the U should come on strong at the end, not fall off. By the way, why does anyone think that Greg Schiano would be stupid to leave Rutgers? Are you effing kidding me? RUTGERS? Yes, they are having a good season. Oh, and they built him a house. BIG DEAL! This is the U. So what they are having a down year. I would hope UM would built him a house if thats what it takes too. I'm not against us hiring Butch, but lets be honest folks, just because rutgers got out of the basement doesn't mean that Greg wouldn't love to come to the U. Either coach would be great. by the way, I wish larry coker the best. He is a great man and good coach. Just not the right fit for the U.

TLuv I agree with you, that yes what guy wouldnt love to coach at a high profile school as the "U". That is our pride talking and i whole heartedly support that feeling you have. I have it too BUT "effing Rutgers" as you say is in the midst of a special thing going on there. All under the leadership of a Jersey native. I would love for him to come back to Miami but I just dont think its the situation he wants to come to. He's got the ultimate job security and hes built a steady pipeline of recruits from South Florida and he is getting the key guys from Jersey to stay home. He can do no wrong and he's getting paid very well. The best parallel i can give is Frank Beamer at VTech, a hometown guy who built up a program in his mold and would never leave under any condition. Thats Schiano I feel. Again its just my opinion but here's some reading : http://www.nj.com/search/index.ssf?/base/news-9/1161928257141470.xml?starledger?ntop&coll=1&thispage=2

I agree with you njcane. While the odds are not likely that he'll come here, there's always a chance. There is no need for me to talk about the things the U has done since 1982 in college football. I think almost any coach in college football would be drooling for a chance to coach at the U. They get to live in miami, they have leverage over local recruits, every year their players train w/former hurricanes, etc. It saddens me that in the midst of all the negativity around the U that people are forgetting how special of a place UM is too. There is no other place like it in college football. I hope we get it back soon.

Larry is a great offensive coordinator but a lousy evaluator of talent. just because kw came from the same high school as ken dorsey that does not make him kd. What we need at the U is a great evaluator of talent i.e. Coach Schnelinberger, Jimmy Johnson and Butch Davis. It is obvious after two mistakes that coaching alone is not the solution. The mistakes I'm referring to are Dennis Erickson (won w Jimmy's kids) and Larry Coker. Both are bad recruiters. So let Mr. Coker go and go after a proven evaluator, I"m not sure Schiano has shown me enough. 1 decent season does not make a great coach.

I think the U must now forget this season. We are unlikely to win another game. What is important now is to find out who among these young men can play football. Give everybody a shot. We know Kyle Wright is not a college level QB, so try everybody else, not just Kirby Freeman. Try a lineman for God's sake.

Also announce the entire coaching staff is gone at 00:00 on the clock after the loss to BC. And a long time before then, like end of November, tell us all who the new coach is going to be. My choice is NOT Butch Davis, but Greg Schiano. He recruits more talent here for Rutgers than Mr. Coker does for the U. I can't think of a single reason he'd come but he's my choice.

I don't think the negatives outway the positives of firing Larry Coker at this point in the season. Using the Florida Gators as an example, we could free him for a job like UNC just like Ron Zook and Illinois. For the Miami Hurricanes, we could immediately be on the scene searching for the next great college coach.

For the rest of the season, I'd give more opportunities to the younger players because the of Leggett/Wright/Moss hasn't produced meaningful statistical or victorial success. 7 TD's after 8 games in college or professional football is definitely underachieving.

The University of Miami should have a chance at any potential coach in the country if they execute their hiring plan properly.

Why didn't they call for a review of the interception in the endzone when the score was Miami 16 GT 13? They would have had the ball on the 20 and GT would have been denied the three points. Trying to save one timeout and giving them the points was a bad call and it changed the game.

In response to the ? being posed kirby freeman should be brought into the starting lineup now. He should've been the starter from the beginning. I too have been a big larry coker supporter for the past five years, any guy who wins his first two years worth of games deserves some credit. But if he wants to help the program for next year he needs to get some of these young guys some experience so they're ready for next season. Just one mans opinion

Hey I would love to have Butch back but I do have some questions. 1) If he does come back a do well again does he take off to the NFL once again or will he stay for good,

Being a loyal Hurricane fan for many years makes this season tough to watch. It is so frustrating. But, if you couldn't see this coming before the season started then you were probably full of false hope as I was. We had no experienced receivers, there was the coaching changes and our offensive line was terrible last year and even a year or two before that. They are showing signs of improvement with the younger players and could be very good in the near future. It is also very clear that the best players on this team are freshmen which makes winning close games virtually impossible. I agree Kyle Wright hasn't quite lived up to the hype but I was never sold on him after watching him play in the Army High School All-American game when he played against that kind of team. He looked lost there too. He can still be a quality QB but he needs more talent around him than what he has had the last two years. He has shown signs of improvement and probably just needs one quality win or a comeback win over a good team to get him over the hump.

What it all boils down to is recruiting. We had two bad classes and that is killing us now. This years freshman class looks really good right now. Next years class was starting to look really good until the frenzy of fire Larry Coker started and now some of those recruits are looking elsewhere. Maybe since Coker decided to go against his loyalties to play veteran players and start playing the younger guys, we could have gotten some more high profile recruits. This team is not loaded with talent like some people might think. If thant means Coker must go then it needs to be done sooner than later. Larry Coker is a good man and a good coach. Maybe the U is not the place for him or his coaching style. He had two recruiting classes that didn't turn out. Does he deserve one more year to have a chance at a second straight solid recruiting class? Who knows but if you don't think a coaching change will result in similar results next year then you are blind. All our tough games will be on the road. As much as I hate to say it, it will be two years before this team is a possible contender again. Maybe they should have done something more to keep Pete Garcia since he is the one that helped Butch Davis land all those quality recruits. By the way, Butch Davis is not the answer. He would leave again just like before. There is troubled times ahead and lets all hope the administration does what's right to get this program back to where it used to be and that's dominating college football. GO CANES!!!!!

Whoever the new coach at the "U" is, it needs to be someone with greatname recognition, i.e. Jimmy Johnson/Butch Davis.
The head coaching role at the "U" is mostly as the face of the football team during recruiting season and we haven't had that leverage in living rooms the past few years. The talent level has suffered, not to mention the firing of the majority of the CANES coaching staff as a scapegoat measure early this year. There was nothing wrong with the staff they had, but when your expectations can't be fulfilled because of who you've recruited, it isn't the coaching staff's fault, but Larry Coker's.

I keep hearing that Butch Davis is in the running at several Univ, and he is expressing very little interest in a potential position at the U, because he doesn't feel like he was treated fairly while at the U. I am surprised that there hasn't been more buzz about Tommy Tuberville. He was an assistant under JJ, and he has done wonders at Auburn. Imagine how much better he could do with a program that can recruit the best in the Nation like we can here at the U. Plus, which would you choose? Miami, with its beaches and weather or Auburn, with its rednecks and livestock?

GO CANES, I AM A LOYAL FAN AND ALWAYS WILL BE WIN, LOSE, OR DRAW. I agree that Coker deserves another year. The schedule next year is hell, but with the amount of seniors that this team should have next year, perhaps they will have more leadership and even more of a chip on their shoulders. This team has NO KILLER INSTINCT AND had opportunites to beat Louisville, FSU, and Ga Tech and blew them all on penalties. Lack of discipline in the red zone needs to be addressed. I like Tyrone Moss, but do not put him in the game anymore. There is no way he is our second best running back. People need to remember that a man named Devin Hester was most of our offense last year, and he is in the NFL. Darnell Jenkins and Ryan Moore were also a good part,ane neither have contributed this year. Kyle Wright will be ok. Stop the Kirby Freeman talk, Kyle is the best qb we have, and he will take us over the top or bury us. If there are any UM coaches out there listening, go out today to all High Schools in Dade county and do what you have to do to KEEP THE TALENT IN SOUTH FLORIDA IN SOUTH FLORIDA.

My chief concern now is: Can we get a decent coach to come to UM? (Also, can we please get rid of Paul Dee? He has cost us a fortune with his extended contracts to hacks like Coker and Clark, and this will hurt us in pursuing a new hire.) I just don't think this job is that attractive to most. We have poor practice facilities, a run-down stadium, and limited money to spend.

I BLEED GREEN AND ORANGE and i was at the game up in Georgia. Look I respect Coker and I love him and I wish the best for him, I have always been by his side, but after I left Bobby Dodd I lost the respect for coker as a head coach. We need him to step down ASAP because we cant afford to lose again and drop lower in the AP and start off down low in the the glass and another reason is because, we need are prospect get brought here by are new coach and we cant afford to take the risk to lose are prospects. Thank You so much for the all the good time and the wins coker and We all wish you the best and I want to say Im sorry for the way some fans have reacted this season in protest against you in the stands. Belive it We do Love You coker and it hurts alot for fans to see you go out this way and we understand the you Love The U, but you got your ring and the wins. Well miss You and Best of luck.

I agree with Gabriel, why no review of the Meriweather interception in the end zone??I'm surprised this hasn't been talked about more.
No field goal and Miami has it on the 20 - different ballgame. The thing that really bothered me about it was in heat of the game it was a potential huge momentum swing. Brandon intercepts on the best reciever in college ball, and Coach Coker sees that, even signals it to the refs, and then seems resigned to the call - a big missed opportunity, but more importantly it seemed to reveal a lack of intensity and agressiveness on the coaches part, and that was deflating. you want the cach to fight hard for his players. at that moment i felt sorry for Coker, and it just seemed like the last strw.

Being that Im a CANES fan in OHIO!!! It sucks very badly to see my team that I love to be do so terrible while I hear the BUCKNUTS going crazy looking for another title. I do think that Coker is a good O.C. but not a good coach. We need somebody that is going to build this program and vow to keep it at the top. We deserve better and South Florida knows that. Our recruits keep coming back to haunt us (C.J. Spiller, Tom Tebow, Sam Young) those players are doing well and we need to keep Florida players in Florida. Keep in mind whoever we pick to take the reigns we need to be ready for The BUCKNUTS in 09' cuse MIAMI is not coming to OHIO to lose again. So MIAMI do what we gotta do and get ready to get back on the top of the hill. Give randy shannon the Head coach position he deserves it...







Last year I left the Peach Bowl knowing that Coker needed to go. The guy is an excellent person but that does not translate to an excellent football coach. Two times on Saturday, Coker proved to any doubters that he is not suited to coach the Hurricanes. Not reviewing the Meriweather interception and not trying an onside kick wit 2:30 minutes left in the game were huge mistakes that in my opinion could have changed the games outcome. As I left the stadium this past Saturday, every Cane I spoke with felt a sense of relief knowing that Coker would not be back next year.

Not challenging that interception against GT was the last straw for me. If I was a former player from The U, it would be hard for me to stand on the sidelines and watch the lack of intensity in the quarter that ALWAYS belongs to the Canes...the 4th. When the players put the '4s' up in the 4th quarter, they don't even appear to believe that they own the 4th quarter. I would love for Butch Davis to come back. UNC is definitely not the place for a Cane coach.

We also need to get Don Soldinger back so that he can turn Baby James into the stud that he has the potential to be.

First let me start off by saying Larry Coker won with Butch Davis players. This shouldn't be a surprize to any die hard Cane fan.
Second lets start in the Fiesta bowl when Ken Dorsey went down with an injury and the back up Derrick came in he shouldh"ve stayed in b/c he gave the canes a run pass option which Dorsey couldn't do. That's where it all started for me with Larry Coker. And every since that happen I knew he had no creativity.
Third I really don't think the players are challenged by the coaching staff the way they use to. This is what I mean, If you have freshmen that are equal to a jr. or sr. in makeing plays in a game then the freshman plays no matter what and that automatically brings out best in everybody. Don't be fooled thier is talent at Miami.
Fourth the hunger to win is not there. Example Lagget not diving for a ball that he surely shouldh've caught in my opinion. What made the U so great over the years is the effort that the players gave and that never say die attitude. Leave it all on the field even if they lose the game.
Fifth if you look at Miami's great hx they have taken all the respect they have at the U now they have coaches that don't insteal that in the players today. The players think just b/c they are at the U other teams are to fold up shop and let them win. Coaching, coaching, coaching, is the problem. Not the players.

The coaching change should be made immediately so that UM can consider the broadest possible pool of applicants. Waiting until season's end just makes the coach/player recruiting uncertainty much worse. If Miami qualifies for a bowl game, which I think unlikely, the new coach should coach that game so he has an opportunity to evaluate the talent (and lack of) to get ready for next year. It seems difficult to believe that a coach can make dumber and dumber decisions each week but Coach Coker has shown that he is up to the task!

First..The guy named "We Need A Name" hit the nail on the head perfectly. We need a big time name at the U for recruiting, we have to have that flamboyant style coach to sell excitement and cockiness to the miami area players a.k.a "The greatest, best-est( i know bestest isnt a real word, but my point is) hotbed of football talent in the history of the whole wide world!!!"

Second, how in the hell did he make those 2 DUMB-ASS comments about CHOKER deserving another season..where in the hell did u come up with that stupid conclusion...what is it that you saw that the rest of the fooftball fans in the world didnt see that shows the potential for him getting better, what the hell did you see that made you think even though the juniors of this year arent doing anything or showing any fight or pride, that next year they gonna come in as veteran leaders with chips on their shoulders...NEWSFLASH they are veteran leaders and upperclassmen right now as Juniors that should have chips on their shoulders after getting beat 40- 3 by LSU to end the season...they had all offseason to try to put together a CHIP to bring with them to the games.

Third...what in the hell did you see that made you say the Kyle Wright is our best quarterback, for some strange unforsaken reason, I dont remember ever seeing anything good from KYle more than that, I dont remember ever even getting a chance to really see what Kirby can do (maybe the fact that he hasnt played has something to do with that) so what exactly is it that Kyle's status as our best QB is being compared to to make you say he is better than Kirby.
I know this blog is for calling out people...but I just couldnt resist the burning desire to find out what the F--- made this guy say all that stupid S---!!!!!!!!!!!

Everybody needs to calm down. The Canes have been in tough spots before - '93 blowout by Arizona, '95-'99. The program will be back. Don't give up on the team. If (that's a big 'if') the 'Canes can run the table, go to the Gator bowl and win it, they'll be back in the top 15. Sure it's not what we want at all, but some season can be salvaged. By the way, you so-called fans who live in S.Fl. who don't go to home games, well, you really suck! Attendance at the OB is a disgrace!

Can someone please give the U back it's mojo? This team needs some real leadership at the head coaching position, someone with real stamina, finess and lots of swagger! The only bright spot on the coaching staff is Coach Shannon, his defense is tight and always improving. Now can we get an offensive coodinator who can produce as well? Who ever comes to the U or stays at the U as Head Coach better bring their A game or go home. The U Family is known for their positive mental attitudes, their swagger and opening up a can of whoop a** in the second half and for some reason it seems like we're just playing in a fog and nobody is telling them the truth. It's ok to be polite and professional and of course have good sportsman like conduct, but Coach Coker please let these guys play ball the in the old UM tradition. Stop recruiting from the west coast and start looking in your own backyard this is the Blue Chip state. I'm like chuckie when it comes the U, I'm a friend and fan the end!

To RichmondVaCane, I have to agree with you on the attendance situation. My family and I come all the way from Orlando with season tickets in hand to support the canes and especially #94. I'm looking forward to Homecoming this Saturday. Go Canes!!!!!!

I don't care if KW is the "BEST" or the WORST or what ever. IT DOESN"T MATTER we can't score with him. SOME of you don't you watch the games. WHAT big mistake could it be if we tryed for a quarter or two or even on mixed plays KIRBY. He seems to be a better scrambler, has a cannon of an arm and maybe he could energize the O. What if we don't score, BIG DEAL, same as with KW...

WHAT NOW stop holding back and go all out..
what was all that bullcrap "we will have a special pack of plays for Kirby" " he will definitely see some playing time" BULL

I hear that James Bryant has been named the new water boy... Go job LC.

Have you seen Kyle when he gets pressured he buckles and goes down on his oun. Good Boy Kyle...
The new QB super coach doesn't know that it is OK to throw the ball away. At least he has't taught that to KW.

Let them Blitz, go ahead suc000kers come on and then throw the screen, or roll out the pocket, run a misdirection, bootleg the QB.......


We see other teams at least run a few plays with their backup QB but not under Coker. The man can't manage a game so I'm afraid if he started Freeman and Freeman didn't perform Coker would forget that Wright was available. If the man can't recognize when to on-side kick or decide to throw his challenge flag after a certain interception is missed by the officials...then how can he manage an entire team. His teams have never played 2 solid halves of football (even when he was the OC), so why expect him to handle substitutions...duh! he can't even manage how many players are in the game. The only slower witted person is his QB, I wonder if they are related? Neither one can make a quick decision and now Dee is cokerized and can't make the most obvious decision that Coker is another Gerry Faust and needs to go ASAP. Nice man, horrible coach! The biggest waste of 2 mil a year in college history and it seems Dee is to proud to admit he screwed up extending Coker's contract. Naturally, few executives can admit mistakes, so maybe Dee needs to go first!

Understand when I say that Im a diehard fan, the only thing me and my dad agreed on or was any kind of emotional bond regarding was the hurricanes winning and losing when I was growing up.... I say that to say this..it hurts me to see Miami losing like this...but it destroys me inside to hear some of the dumb-ass stuff that Coker says during his interviews i.e. ''What do [we] have left to play for?,'' Coker said before pausing. ``[We] have pride to play for. [We] have a lot of games left to play for. Again, we talk about character. And I think this will test [our] character. I believe we have that on this team.''
and Coker said that while he thought Wright could have played better Saturday, he is not considering replacing him with Kirby Freeman, who gets 25 to 30 percent of the snaps with the first-team offense. Coker said Wright needed to have a quicker release and might be staring down his receivers too much.

One thing Coker said he won't do is go ''berserk,'' like the way he said he did earlier this season the day after a loss at Louisville.

''It doesn't have a place here to go berserk because the effort was there, the preparation was there,'' Coker said. ``We did a lot of really good things except some things you've got to do to finish, win football games.

``We've won five football games. Whether [our opponents were] good, not good, whatever, it's hard to win football games. We've won five. Winning breeds success, again that's what we've got to do.''...why would you not be even CONSIREDING playing Kirby Freeman....whats the worth thing that could happen: he gets sacked, fumbles, throws interceptions, we dont score any points and then we lose....Hell hasn't that been the same recipe for success we have already been having under Kyle Wright. Not even CONSIDERING making a change and trying to shake things up or show some type of adjustment??????!!!!!!!!!!!
We need to fire Coker right now (like call him on the phone as soon as you finish reading this blog and tell him his services will no longer be needed and let him sleep with the fishes (the Miami Dolphins) because if we dont show any signs of wanting or trying to improve we run the risk of scaring off recruits who may have wanted to go to Miami but decide against it because they dont know what to exoect or know if miami even knows what direction it wants to go in (if the students dont think that deep into it, trust me that their parents are). Miami doin so bad is actually affecting some of these players draft status in a way that if they were at any other school it wouldnt be hurting them i.e Brndon Merriwether.. as good as he is..i can bet this season has dropped his draft status from where it was before the season started and there has to be some parents of possible recruits that prob have noticed that and wish their kids had gone somewhere else...like Sam Shields..I think he is every bit as good and versatile as Percy Harvin at Florida but he's been made to look good is his limited time...Sam Shields is gettin no such opportunity because of Qb probs and bad play-calling.

Look, Nobody loves Miami football more than me, all though it appears many love it as much. Coker...good guy, no doubt, but can't lead, or manage, and that is the mark of a great head coach. He needs to be gone three weeks ago, much less the end of the season. The Louisville game was a disgrace, and the FIU/Duke games were an F'in laughingstock. S***T can his fanny and get a real coach. I don't remember who said it above, but I like the idea of Tommy Tuberville. Why not, he is a hell of a coach, and can recruit great talent. Hell most of his team comes from Florida anyway. I say we go after him. Who wouldn't leave Auburn and their wife beating white trash for the beautiful U?

I can't wait to play the SPEW next year. The fightin Texas A&M Aggies are gonna murder miami!!! i been living here and putting up with all you cocky arrogant coCane fans, but now what?!?! We are in the top25, and you guys arent!! WHOOP! Good luck next year, Ur gonna need it. Y'all are just like UT, thinking Y'all are so good, but just like this year, we gonna show y'all what Farmer Fight is all about! WHOOP! Go ahead and keep sipping on that tea and overlook us. The Wrecking Crew is gonna come into the orange bowl and blow y'all away(why dont U have your own stadium anyways??) The only thing that resembles a wrecking crew at the SPEW is when the players use their helmets to batter other players!!! I'm sure FIU players reminded the miami players that they, not the SPEW, is in miami!!! The REAL U of Miami is FIU, The Spew is in CORAL GABLES, using the Orange Bowl as 'home.' haha, y'all are like SMU, stupid private school that USED to be good at football!!! We're gonna saw off the U!!! WHOOP!

Its gonna be great to see A&M rise to the top next year by beating the coCanes! We are not just going to win halftime(we ALWAYS win halftime), but the football game too!! WHOOP! Y'all are done!!! It's great being an Aggie in Miami!!!

Fightin Texas Aggie Class of '03 (WHOOP)

How can y'all have a headline which reads, with the Canes "most likely" out of the ACC race? That's a joke. Georgia Tech would have to lose games to the likes of North Carolina and Duke while Miami would have to beat Virginia Tech, Maryland, Virginia and Boston College to get to Jacksonville.

I will shave every piece of hair of my body with a cold razor and will proceed to eat it if this team wins out and GT loses, putting us in JAX against Clemson.

Please, quit placating Coker and call it like it is. Stick a fork in this team. They're done until he's gone.

- Canes305

still after all that the team has given us over the last 25 yrs.. we should sell out the orange bowl. no reason why there shoudnt be 75,000 showing that theyre true hurricane supporters

The U has been and will again be the cream of the college football world, but it is time for a change and the change is now. Let KW play against VT, but if he is not moving the team and we are down but to many points, then it would be time to start playing the freshmen and give the backups some playing time on offense. Let the reloading begin and let Larry go on to a team that he is better suited to coach. I believe that he is a good head coach, but not a great head coach. Miami is spoiled because we have had some great coachs and only great will do now.....

miami getter get Norn Chow as head football coach he and randy shannon would win the national championship for the next 20 years

Hey, I live in Jersey, I graduated from Rutgers. But there is no doubt in my mind that, if Miami comes a calling for Schiano, Schiano is gone. Rutgers is nice and all, but Schiano would be a state employee, and there is no way in heck that the people of New Jersey are going to allow a "College Football Coach" make the kind of money that he could get at Miami

Hello: Coaching update Butch Davis apparently isn't interested in the UM job, his friend slash agent stated that he feels like "Been there done that" about UM. His agent said Butch is totally intrigued in the UNC job. Radio host said he felt the reason Butch is interested in the UNC job is, it's a program that already has great facilities & Booster with deep pockets all who want the football program on par with the Basketball program. This host feels Butch will use UNC as a stepping stone toward his dream job in College where he can be successful & retire after 50yrs.

Hello: Coaching update Butch Davis apparently isn't interested in the UM job, his friend slash agent stated that he feels like "Been there done that" about UM. His agent said Butch is totally intrigued in the UNC job. Radio host said he felt the reason Butch is interested in the UNC job is, it's a program that already has great facilities & Booster with deep pockets all who want the football program on par with the Basketball program. This host feels Butch will use UNC as a stepping stone toward his dream job in College where he can be successful & retire after 50yrs.

Other rumors making the circut are that UM president is former Wisconsin president & he hired Barry Switzer there as coach, where Switzer now is AD, word is this maybe a possibility to bring Switzer to coach at UM. I must say OH NO TO THAT, bring him in as AD fine no problem but he's not a UM guy

The most popular talk about Cokers successor is current head coach at Rutgers Greg Schiano, he was formerly UM defensive coach, actually I think defensive cordinator back when Larry Shannon was with Dolphins. Either way he's done an great job at Rutgers, but as we know Rutgers isn't Miami. I must say I'm totally lost at who may come in, all I know whom ever it is he either needs to be a yound coach that is tough & proven, no newbee's, and no former coaches at other colleges cause if they couldn't make it there then bringing them into UM is just cruel & unusual punishment.

I personally feel Kirby should get the knod from here on out. No matter how you view the QB play, the best way to win at that position is to have mobility to buy time which Wright is a statue, Kirby can roll out if nothing's there then gain some positive yars. I agree that if you go with Kyle Wright at VT then if they get embarrassed again, then the rest of season belongs to Freeman.

I truly feel for this guy Kirby Freeman, just 2 yrs ago he was competing for the starting job & was barely beat out. I lived there at that time & it was close some felt he beat out Wright, either way he stuck it out. After not getting any playing time as promised by Coker this off season he was going to transfer, which would have killed Coker cause it would have focused all the available light in Miami on the poor recruiting job Coker has done there, it would've shown that UM didn't have any QB's other than a last minute walk on. So if Freeman leaves UM has no QB's outside of Wright. Coker talks Freeman into stayin, that was the huge question mark in Miami for awhile was why is this kid staying what did Coker have to promise him? Again either way he stayed & no playing time behind this awful team performance, that has to be a slap in the face to Freeman. So if Wright plays at VT then rest of season should be Freemans, heck just for him staying put & not killing Coker before season started.

please don't tell me that miami fans are this dumb?

Manny, you're slipping on these blogs. Need to keep up on them especially in times of controversy.

Is Coker still here?
Just to change the subject, the word out of East Lansing is that Saban has already signed with Michigan State. Hard to believe.

To Kyle Wright and father,

I understand why you mr wright(father) said what you said to those fans that are flat out harrasing your son. Any father would have done and said the same as you have said if thier child is being abused like kyle was after that game. I know that you have a great expectation for your son coming to the "U" and believe every orange and green bleedin mofo's are too. but after 4 years of bing in the program and still and this cant be denied that your son has no grasp of how to be a college quarterback, then I guess the best solution for you and your family is to leave south florida alone, if you promise to leave and take your son with you and never again talked about once being a hurricane , I can assure you no one here in miami would ever speak your son's name and miami hurricane football in the same breath ever again.

If you guys ever need an assistance in packing kyles belongings in campus or needed any money for bus ticket or gas money please dont hesitate to contact me. I'll be willing to pay for you and your family's one way ticket of here. If you have some room you can take larry cooker with you he'l need some houlder to cry on as well.

email me ???

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