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5 Most Important Things vs. Virginia Tech & more

First off, I want to apologize for not posting in a few days. Been busy preparing our UM basketball previews for next week along with maintaining our online coverage. I worked 18+ hours between covering UM's press conference Tuesday and the Heat opener Tuesday night. But it's all worth it. You feel like your stealing money when you cover sports for a living.

Colvrt8030400 Anyway, considering the Canes don't have much more to play for than not going to Boise, Idaho for the MPC Computers Bowl anymore, I figured interest has wained a bit. Before I get to the 5 Most Important Things for Virginia Tech, just want to share a few notes from b-ball and rumblings of what is going to happen as far as coaching changes on the football field at The U.

Asbury_1 As for the b-ball, when I went out for our photo shoot on Thursday, I saw Brian Asbury working overtime -- something he has done with roommate and now starting shooting guard Jack McClinton for weeks. Asbury and McClinton take anywhere between 250 to 500 shots on their own every day aside from practice. In the one and a half hours I was at the BankUnited Center, Asbury took 250. He missed 43. I know. I counted the clanks. That's pretty impressive for a guy who couldn't hit the wide side of a barn last year. I know a lot of the so-called experts have the Canes picked near last in hoops. But I think they are going to be a lot better than people think. McClinton and Asbury may only be sophomores, but they could end up making UM better than it was last year if what they do in practice translates to the court when as Frank Haith puts it "the lights come on."

Coker_1 As for the coaching rumors... I have to point out how chipper Larry Coker has been of late. For a guy who is 5-3, he doesn't look like someone worried at all about his future. Maybe there is good reason. A little birdie told me Larry's agent is close with the AD at North Carolina. Considering the Tar Heels will have a new coach next season, maybe Larry isn't too worried about getting his contract bought out at The U and having a new place to live next year. Who knows. That's what the birdie said. As it stands, Coker says he plans on staying until the end of his contract, which has three years left or whenever it gets bought out.

My source also says not to expect Butch Davis to end up coaching at UM. They said Davis likely wouldn't be first on the list of wants. When UM lets go of Larry, they are going to want a big name, a guy like Steve Spurrier. As the birdie put it, "Spurrier would bring instant attention to recruits and fans." I tend to agree although I'm not sure how Canes fans would react to a former Gator running the show at the OB.

Now, onto the five most important things and my prediction for Saturday:

1. SHUT DOWN BRANDEN ORE, SHUT DOWN THE HOKIES: Randy Shannon wasn't kidding when he said earlier this week Tech likes to run and not throw. The reason? Have you seen the Hokies quarterback? We all know UM's defense is the heart and soul of this team. They kept Miami in last week's loss against Georgia Tech until UM's offense started passing out freebies. This week, the Hurricanes D will play with heart again and force Virginia Tech's weak offense to punt plenty. But if Ore gets away for one big play or sets up a TD with a big run, that could be all the Hokies need to beat UM, which figures to have its own troubles with Tech's defense.

2. DON'T HAND OUT FREEBIES: Kyle Wright is going to start and if we see Kirby Freeman for more than 2 series I'd be shocked. With that said, Kyle can't do what he did last week against Georgia Tech (hold the ball too long and take sacks on 2nd-and-2) or turn the ball over late. This game is going to be low-scoring and if UM is going to win Wright and the offense has to play mistake free.

3. WIN ON SPECIAL TEAMS: It was only a month ago when Jon Peattie looked like he couldn't make a 35-yard field goal. Now, he's making everything again and former ACC-leading punter Brian Monroe is having woes. Both need to be on their A-game to beat the Hokies, who are Jedi Masters on special teams. Aside from last week's late fumble on the punt return by Rashaun Jones, UM's special teams has played well of late. Taking a step back on Saturday will doom UM.

Jamestd_1 4. BABY J MUST RUN THE BALL WELL AGAIN: Last week UM stayed close with Georgia Tech and actually produced points for one reason -- Javarris James kept the Yellow Jackets honest. James made runs out of nothing against Tech and had a few chances to provide something UM's offense has needed all season: the big play. In order for UM's offense to score a TD this week against the Hokies stingy D (12.0 ppg), James is going to have to break a big run. I think he will.

5. NO HEARTBREAKING PLAYS: This team's soul has been tested all season. The players already know what they really were playing for -- The National Title, The ACC title -- are no longer attainable. UM will show up with a lot of heart on Saturday at home because they don't want to lose anymore. But if something terrible happens, an INT return for a TD, a fumble return for a TD, a kick return for a TD, I'm not sure they'll be able to survive the disappointment. The "It's happening to us again syndrome" will set in and the team will fall apart. Avoid that and UM can win this game.

My prediction: UM 13, Virginia Tech 10. Hokies are favored and playing better than UM. But the fact Virginia Tech is so one-sided on offense and the fact their strength, running the ball, is what Miami does best tells me UM has more than a shot of winning this game. They should really be favored. This will be a defensive struggle all night. UM's defense, led by a healthy Jon Beason, will once again lead the way and force turnovers and limit Tech to one offensive score, a field goal. The other score will likely come via a UM offensive or special teams lapse. James will ultimately be the player of the game when he breaks free for a big run on this Tech defense in the second half as Miami salvages a little pride.


Don't like my prediction? Think it will go another way? Tell me how Saturday's game will play out and feel free to chirp-in on UM hoops and the Larry Coker rumors.


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i hope your birdie is wrong. i definitely don't like the idea of a gator in the OB...

Spurrier would wake this Dead Offense Up!

Considering I dislike those Gaytors more than any team in any sport, I'd vomit if Spurrier came to UM...talk about my worlds colliding. I can't stand that pouting, visor-wearing cry-baby.

I hate the gators my self, but the thought of having an offense of mind like Spurrier is very appealing. Just think about it Spurrier on offense, and Shannon on defense. It would be crazy to pass on a guy like Spurrier, with everything he has done. You guys need to put your feelings aside, and just look at the big picture.

I'd like that Steve come to the U..but i do hope your birdie is wrong..does it seem like were missing out at chances to get a really good coach?

Now that Butch is heading to N-C (ESPN) The path is a bit more opened.
Spurrier would give this offense a good boot in the ass which it desperatly needs and the recruits he would attract especially the wide receivors would be amazing and they would be linning up. The thought of an ex-Gator does not make any of us Cane Fans happy but he is an EX-Gator and I think he would love to come here and kick some well deserved ass.

Are you suggesting that Coker is getting a look by the AD at UNC? I wonder how they would feel about that in Chapel Hill? As for Spurrier, although I think it would be a good hire, what is the world coming to? A gator coaching the Canes. I wonder if he would do it? Anyway, it sure would make things easier and more fun for you beat writers. Coker not only says nothing, but sometimes says things that make no sense. Remember last week when someone asked about why there was a lack of third down efficiency and Larry's answer was that the efficiency wasn't there because we didn't make some third downs. Huh?

i say the biggest keys are give javarris 30 carries and lets get 75,000 at the obowl making noise and providing a hostile environment

its miami vt----our 2nd biggest rival----and its at the orange bowl once every 2 years-----SELL IT OUT

im there and im gonna where orange cause i havent forgotten what UMs done over the last 25 yrs

I personally think Coker deserves another year. KW is a good, not great, QB, and is in a new offense for the third year in a row. The offense is new, we have little if no senior leadership, and will have a bunch of seniors next year. 1 senior starter on offense, 4 (at times this year 2) on defense, and the anemic punter and kicker. Thats it. Senior team next year with a new coach and a new offense with road trips to va tech, fla. state, and boston college? NOT THE RIGHT TIME SCHEDULE WISE OR PLAYER POSITION WISE FOR A CHANGE. As for todays game, Miami has to be able to run and stop the run, i agree. The key today will be the ability of Miamis offense to be inventive and to score in the red zone. Our special teams and defense will be fine. Point: Watch out for Va techs receivers, they are very seasoned, very good, very physical,and very fast. Bad matchup for us vs. va techs receivers. My prediction: Va Tech trails the entire game and scores on a 4th quarter turnover (big surprise, huh?) As for Spurrier, as a person born in Gainesville who when to UM for school, I love the idea, dont think it will happen logistically, but would love it and think that SPURRIER WOULD BRING SOME MUCH NEEDED DISCIPLINE AND IMAGINATION IN THE GAME PLANNNING AND ADJUSTING PHASE OF UMS FOOTBALL TEAM. GO CANES, WIN THE HOMECOMING GAME PLEASE.

by the way, to the comment from canedo up above, i just say that watch out: i have been up to blacksburg the last couple times we have played va tech, and their fans travel well, and i would not be surprised to see a whole quarter of the stadium, even during homecoming, filled with va tech fans who will MAKE A LOT OF NOISE FOR THEIR TEAM, WIN OR LOSE.

I could swallow the pill easier if Spurrier (gag!) stayed with our pro offense. His fun-n-gun goes against what Miami has established over the years. Who wants to be like Fla and FSU, unable to run the ball, always in shotgun, switching QBs every other play? Not me...that's not Hurricane football. We need to attract aggressive Olinemen and workhorse RBs. The other positions will fall into place. Part of the reason we're an NFL training camp is our pro-style offense. To switch would be a cop-out, IMHO.

We must win tonight, for I cannot bear further frustration: UM 20 - VT 16

"I personally think Coker deserves another year." Another year? You must not be a hurricane fan. In fact, you're probably a gator or seminole fan, wanting the U to stay in ruins. I call Bullshit. As to the good ole ball coach coming to head the U, frankly, I don't care is he is an EX-Gator; if he can bring in recruits, particularly, at the wide receiver and quarterback position, who cares! This whole I can't bear an ex-gator heading the canes, is nonesense. If he can help the U, that's all that should matter. Anyway, although the "5 most important things against V. Tech" writer makes some great points, I still think the U on offense is going to stink it up again. As crazy as it sounds, I'm rooting for V.tech on this one to stick another nail in Coker's coffin, and maybe wipe that stupid grin on his face. It pisses me off, how the man, seems emotionally oblivious to what's going around him. Then, again, If I was being paid as much as he was, and was guaranteed several million as a severance package, in the event of my firing, I'd be oblivious to everything too.

Good idea. Call somebody out for not being a fan and then say that ur rooting for VT. Interesting logic used there. I agree w/all 5 keys. I agree that it would be odd seeing Spurrier at the U. His offense is really different than the way we've ran ours for years. It will attract better QB's and WRs to come here. But we won't land the big RB's we're use to getting. Thats a major attraction for a RB. They know they'll get a lot of carries if they play. As for tonights game UM-21 VT-24. I hope I'm wrong. GO CANES

Oh boy,pleeeeeeeeeeeeease pinch me I must be dreaming,what the F---k was that against VT at the OB.That guy Kyle, is he on a scholarship or what? show some gratitude man. I truly think The program should demand a full refund from that kid and then kick this bum out of miami, and as for this Larry guy,he should just resign now.Larry has disgraced this prestigiuos program he should be arrested for impersonating a head coach.The Terps and BC will kick our butts may be we might get a win against VA and there goes our 6-6 season compliments of Larry and Kyle.

Hello, we are Incompetency Watch Detective Agency:

Today we are looking at a classic case as to why our Agency needs to exist.

Larry Coker gave South Florida tonight a brief moment of pleasure and hope when he allowed us to have a look at another Quarterback. But easy come, easy and faster goes. It only lasted for a brief 3 plays or so and then it was back to the All World (in Coker's shrinking mind) Kyle Wright. We will never know if this other QB can play or not.

Coker realized that he had broken the promise that he made to Kyle Wright and the Wright family that Kyle would play uninterrupted for his whole time after his Freshman Year.

And so it was back to the status quo! Such embarrassment that the UM Defense played another decent game and finally Wright and Coker broke the spirit of the team again.

So Mr. Wright, after 21 or 22 starts gave us much of the same we have come to know. So much to look forward to next year.

Great that you did not break your promise to the Wrights and STAYED THE COURSE IN SPITE OF THE DISASTER IN FRONT OF OUR EYES!

Viejo Burro!
Viejo Maricon!
Viejo Pendejo!
Viejo Cabeza de Pinga!

No one can blame Wright he just did not develop at all, he is getting worse, locks onto receivers and is a slow thinker and slow mover. Let us not blame Coker only but also whoever the QB coach is in this UM team has to get a couple of suppositories because the lack of development of QB's is notable.

It might seem all fun and games but this Father-Son relationship between Coker and Wright cost this team all those loses, embarrassment and also cost a bunch of coaches last year their prestigious UM jobs.

Incompetency Watch Detective Agency

"Asbury took 250. He missed 43. I know. I counted the clanks. That's pretty impressive for a guy who couldn't hit the wide side of a barn last year."

HAHAHA YEA RIGHT ... so you mean to tell me you didn't look at the shoot away they most likey used .... and it tells you right on the thing how many they made and took??

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