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Line Juggling

We couldn't get these notes in the paper because their wasn't enough space. So, I figured I'd throw it in my blog so at the very least they are available to you guys somewhere. It says a lot about Cristobal and his value to this team.


Cristobal With the offensive line decimated by injuries, assistant coach Mario Cristobal summed up the situation Tuesday by asking the media for help: "We're down to the bare minimum. If you see anybody big on your way out, grab them. We'll give them a playbook." UM is hurting most at tackle. With freshman Jason Fox (dislocated left elbow) out this week, Cristobal said he could have to do some creative work should sophomore Christopher Barney or Chris Rutledge, Thursday's expected starters, get hurt.

Cristobal said his first choice will be going to injured starter Reggie Youngblood, who has been out since the Virginia Tech game with a hyperxtended knee, but has practiced some this week. Cristoabl said Youngblood could be available for about a half's worth of work. If he can't go, senior guard Alex Pou, who is also coming back from injury, would be fourth on Cristobal's list, followed by scout teammer Cyrim Wimbs.

"There's [magician] David Copperfield and there's Mario Cristobal," Coker said Monday. "He's done a marvelous job with these young men. Theyr'e still motivated, they're still watching tape, they're hungry, they want to play well. And I contribute that a lot to them, but also to him. He's had to reshuffle and move and try to help them move and he's done a great job with those guys."