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Pata will be missed

As many of you are aware by now, UM defensive tackle Bryan Pata was shot and killed tonight outside his apartment in Kendall.

Pata Having covered Pata as a senior at Miami Central, I got to know him pretty well over the past few years and was saddened to hear of his loss. A few months ago, we hung out for more than two hours for a video project I had come up with: Chillin with the Canes.

It never got off the ground and we decided to scrap it because after filming more than an hour's worth of video, it somehow never showed up in the camera. No picture. No sound. Nothing. Instead, I kept the audio interviews because I also recorded what we shot on a separate audio recorder for sound quality. To listen to me and Bryan chatting in his car and the tour he gave me of his apartment visit our interviews link on our UM homepage or click here.

Aside from what you will hear, I wanted to share what interviewing big Bryan was like. First off, he always greeted me with high-fives. That's the type of kid he was. Friendly, talkative and always in a good mood.

The day I conducted the interview, I met him for lunch on campus then we took off for his apartment where he showed me pictures of his family and introduced me to his dog, a tiny Yorkshire Terrier named Cheerio. Pata shared the apartment with teammate Dwayne Hendricks. There were pictures of Bryan and his girlfriend all over the place along with photos of him and his mom. Bryan told me how happy he was to be a player at the University of Miami. He called it a dream come true. He loved being a Cane.

On the tour of his apartment, he showed me several things including his old jerseys, his clothes and his gun collection. Bryan was a big fan of guns and going to shooting ranges. He told me that if football never worked out and he didn't make it in the pros, he wanted to become an FBI agent or work in law enforcement.

Tonight's news was certainly shocking and sad. I liked Bryan a lot and thought he was a good person. If you guys have your own memories or thoughts on Bryan please share them in this forum.

Aside from the tragic news, I'd also like to get your thoughts on whether or not the team should play this weekend. UM sports information director Rick Korch said the team wouldn't make a decision about on either anytime tonight. Considering most sports tragedies do not happen in the middle of the season and there really is no precedence for it, what do you think the ACC or Miami should do with a game only four days away?


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I am deeply saddened, as I know all Cane fans are. We should be given the option of playing this weekend.

God Bless Bryan.

It makes my blood boil to hear about these guys down here getting taken out over nothing. NOTHING!!! This young man was living his life, trying to make things better for both himself and his family, going to college, playing football. I'm just tired of these young guys from the inner city that are doing the right thing and trying to make life better for themselves and the people around them getting gunned down over foolishness. It just hurts my heart. My prayers are with the Pata family as well the Hurricanes family. As a 'Canes fan 'till the bitter end, you will be eternally missed, Bryan. We love u!!

OMG! I just found out and I am deeply saddened by this senseless act. Bryan from a true Canes Fan "We Love You and We Will Miss You". Add another Green and Orange star to the Heavens!


As a Seminole im never too upset when Miami loses a football game, but this tragic loss is truly heartbreaking. The players are rivals on the football field but many are brothers off it. This is a saddening loss for the Pata family, the Hurricanes, the city of Miami and all of college football. Our prayers and condolences are with the family and the grieving friends and teammates tonight. May Bryan rest in peace and his killer be brought to swift justice.

R.I.P. Bryan Pata,God bless him and his family.I think we should ALL step back and take a look at this and put our lives into perspective as opposed to sports.We are all guilty(including myself)of acting like sports are the most important thing in the world but it's not.So we need to pray for his family and stop the Coker and Kyle Wright bashing.Miami Hurricanes never die and neither will the U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What happened to Pata sucks? it also makes me wonder how the public will react, I mean, we are already considered "Thug U" so what kind of conclusions will be jump to?
i hope we still play Maryland this saturday, seeing how i've already made plans to go to the game (one away game a year)
RIP Bryan Pata, lots of prayers will be going out to him andhis family

It really breaks my heart to have heard this news and am still in shock. You see I got the news Tues. nite which was also my birthday from my cousin whose son was Bryan's good friend and teammate for the canes. Bryan Pata is a spirit that once you meet him you'll never forget him and that thousand watt smile! I don't think Bryan would want this weekends game cancelled, but instead played by his teammates in his honor and to know that he's looking down from heaven with much love and approval. Mom should certainly be proud and others of us with sons in sports can only hope to mold and achieve what she has given to this world. God bless the Pata and Hurricane families. With much love the Moncur/Matthews family.

I remember Bryan when he played at Central. He was a beast. Its unfortunate that the Hurricane family has to deal with another tragic loss. Rest In Peace Bryan Pata. See you in heaven one day.........

Although I didn't know Pata personally everything I've read about him was extremely positive. As a fan of the program and its players today is a difficult day. May Bryan rest in peace. My thoughts and prayers got out to his family. On a side note and insignificant one at that, The current players should rededicate their season to the memory of Bryan and the game should go on this weekend. Forever a Cane....Go Canes

I'd would like to echo ColoradoCane comments, the game should go and the rest of the season should be dedicated the fine young Cane warrior.Rest in peace my beautiful brother......Go Ganes.

As far as I have heard, game will go on, and UM will dedicate this game to his life and his memory. I travel to all UM games, win or lose, and I hppe that amidst the tragedy, the team funnels its frustrations to an on the field beating of the University of Maryland on Saturday afternoon. May God Bless and be with Bryan and his family and friends.

aside from some of the usual jack asses the media hasnt turned in the circus i was unfortunately expecting when i heard the news...as a cane fan i only knew of pata the player...from what ive read it seems there was much more to him than just football though...you will be missed #95...and i think its a testament to his true character that the media hasnt jumped all over this...that goes to to show that as good as pata the football player was...pata the person was that much better...RIP Bryan Pata.

My prayers, blessings, and best wishes go out to the Pata FAMILY, UM FOOTBALL TEAM, and all the friends of Bryan Pata. I never had a chance to meet him only a chance to see him play but I can tell he was a good person. Sorry about your lose. May God bless you through the way.

I think it is an absolute MONSTER that destroyed this young man's life. Even if Bryan was not a football star, a good student, wonderful and caring friend as well as a very popular well-liked gentleman , he is still some mother & father's child. For all that Bryan Pata was he was first a beautiful male human being with a name and hearbeat who lived on this earth for over 22 years. (All of which he tried to make proper use of) My heart went out to the family and the mother just seeing her running and collapsing brought back a lot of memories. I am crying as I type these words and I know that the NFL dreams were wonderful, but Mother Pata would give anything just to have her child say "hey momma" or wrap him in her embrace. People let us pray as never before that God will change the murderous hearts and minds of these violent individuals that are going around taking the lives of thriving, vital well-loved people. Kids are not growing old anymore, because some fool is snuffing out there lives without cause.(It is not the will of God for these children to be dying like this) It is my pray that the "individual or individuals" responsible for this heinous crime is brought to swift Justice. God Bless the Pata family.

This murder was done closeup ambush style. Jealousy? robbery?
This was a good kid. I hope national attention focuses on that instead of the typical anti-U bias one sees out there.
Sad-very sad.

I know I am speaking for alot of people that we are sick and tired of senseless killing of our black men!

Although I did not know Bryan. As a fellow "Rocket" graduate. It hit me hard, that yet another black man has gone to early, when he was trying to getter his life and family life.

Whoever the killer or killers were, you will be judged when you stand before God The Almighty.

My heart goes out to his family and the UM football team. You all are in my prayers!
R.I.P. Bryan Pata

Being the father of 3 former student-athletes my prayers go out to Bryan Pata's family. i pray that you will in time be able to cope with this tragedy. It is indeed a tradgedy when a youngman is striving and doing the right things in life and for what is very likely some idiotic reason loses his life. God be with you Pata Family in this sad time.

Cane Family, I live in Pensacola, and can only go see the Canes, (which I did) when they play at Ga Tech, or FSU, but I want you to know, if there was ANY way for me to be at the last home game, I'd give my right arm. PLEASE MIAMI, SELL OUT the last game for these guys, they NEED you now, MORE than ever. Let them know you grieve with them, let them know that you STAND WITH them, in victory, or defeat. This is more than a final home game, it's the chance to show these guys some LOVE. God knows they need it. God Bless the Pata's, and guide them through it Lord.

Ill never forget the way he made me laugh....we will miss u and my prayers are with your family.....

In my life I have only bled green and orange (canes) and OD Green (US Army). I have lost many of my brothers tragically seeing their names placed of some sort of memorial only to be forgotten several days later. When I heard about Brian's death I could only help but feel the same way. Like I lost a brother, but I hope his name lives forever. Yes he was not lost in battle and somehow it is foolish to compare the too but I grew in those streets in S. FLA. and at times I feel safer here in Iraq than back in Miami. Thank You Brian for everything you were and will continue to be for the U. Thank you and the team for giving my brothers and I something to hold on to, something to look foward to. You will be missed not only by those in South FLA. but by many afar. And once you're in heaven Say hello to MSGT Ponder (he's a TN fan but maybe you can change that) and tell him he is missed also.

So many wonderful comments honoring Bryan,the person,not just the player, it warms my heart but saddens my soul. It's not fair that some stupid act of cowardly violence took this young man's life.We all get off on wins and losses but forget sometimes what's really important in life. RIP Bryan and God bless your family.

So many things are going through my mind right now...words can not express the hurt that I feel for Bryan and his family! I did not know Bryan, but when I hear such tragedy as this, it really saddens me because to see or hear of someone striving to be all they can be in life and then have their life taken away from them so tragically. I have a brother at FSU and another at Fresno City College and it would truly devastate me to lose either of them to someone's selfish, violent acts. My heart and prayers goes out to Bryan and his family. RIP, my brother!

I remember Bryan Pata when he was in Central. Me personally, i was trying for Running back, but things didn't work out the way i expected to.Bryan used to always tell me try as hard as you can then you'll see the hard work pays off. to be honest, i was more than shocked when i heard the news. it makesme also remember the day he found out that he was going to attend the university of miami, it was like the same as he won the lottery that's how happy he was.as we're all know life goes on, and i wish the best for he's family, especially the mom. May God bless you're all.

I love the Canes, win or lose, and I was at the FIU game. I hope the Miami PD are looking very closely at the name: PATA and the timing of the riot on the field after the PAT. I hope I am wrong, but I also hope this connection is checked out. RIP Bryan.

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