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Sunday Shout Outs: The day after V-Tech

OK, so for about 3 hours Saturday night it looked like my UM-Virginia Tech prediction (UM winning a defensive standoff 13-10) was about to come true. Then, like most UM losses this season, the Hurricanes offense went into malfunction mode.

Two Kyle Wright interceptions in the fourth quarter sent UM home 17-10 losers, ruining yet another outstanding defensive effort and putting UM on a path to its worst season since 1997. Yes, that's right. 1997. When the Hurricanes went 5-6 (while on probation and scholarship reductions). With three games left, it is hard to fathom UM winning out and avoiding what has been the worst mark (9-4 in 1999) since the bad old days.

Copy_of_coker_is_a_joker At Maryland next week seems so much tougher now that the Terps beat Clemson Saturday. At Virginia, with this offense, is no cupcake either. And Boston College on Thanksgiving night? If UM loses both road games, what honestly makes anybody believe they'll have any heart left to eek out a 6th victory and become bowl eligible? It really does look that bleak, especially when your defense holds the other team to 139 yards and you still lose.

OK, I'm done venting. Now, I share the scenes from the postgame lockerroom. Rather, let's start with the final moments and the tunnel where after Larry Coker was booed off the field with "Fire Coker chants," Kyle Wright's father, Ken, got involved in some intense foul-mouthed conversation with a few UM fans in the stands, who had a lot of NOT nice things to say about his boy.

Mr. Wright exchanged a few f-bombs with the fans who were telling his boy to "Go back to California, you (expletive)." There was a lot more colorful language between the group before Mr. Wright called out stadium security guards by saying "why don't you people in yellow shirts get up there and shut that f---er up." Athletic director Paul Dee, always in and around the UM lockerroom after games, saw what was happening and along with some UM staff tried to quell the situation by yelling at Mr. Wright to hush up and not bother with the fans. Mr. Wright didn't like that and responded, "When the hell is somebody [f---ing] going to stick up for my son?"

Wright_2 Nobody on UM's staff did at that moment. They were too busy trying to stop Mr. Wright from possibly getting arrested in front of a pack of reporters, who didn't know the "guy who was yelling" was Kyle's dad. Mr. Wright's told one UM assistant "that's my son. Do you have one?" The UM assistant told Mr. Wright, "that's part of being here."

To hear what it sounded like, click on this link: Download nov4_kylefatheredited.mp3 . I will warn you, I tried editing out as many f-bombs as I could and I'm sure I couldn't get all of the foul language out in the distance for fear it would become one giant bleepfest. As for who is saying what, it is easy to figure out who Wright's father is when you hear him say "Hey, Hey! followed by the "you guys in yellow shirts" comment.

Inside the UM lockerroom it was a different story. There was silence. A lot of banging of shoulder pads and disappointment. Several players including guard Derrick Morse said "they still believe in Wright." Kirby Freeman, who looked spectacular and awful in matter of the four plays he got Saturday's game, was holding Wright's hand in the lockerroom (it was in a consoling manner). Assistant Andrew Swasey came over and tried consoling Wright too. Kyle, who didn't even shower after the game and sat at his locker in full pads for nearly half an hour, was red-faced and on the verge of tears all night.

In my eyes the bottomline is this: While Wright may have played the worst game of his career Saturday, this loss wasn't entirely his fault. At this point in the season after all UM has been through, somebody on this coaching staff has to realize UM can't win with Wright or Freeman having to do more than what they are capable of. What does that mean? That means Kyle can't be asked to drop back and lead UM to victory with his arm. He needs a running game to take the brunt of the work. UM had that Saturday night against Virginia Tech even without Javarris James. Tyrone Moss and even Charlie Jones were eating the Hokies up between the tackles.

Yet, every time Miami started moving the football on the ground, offensive coordinator Rich Olson called for a pass. On UM's second drive, the Hurricanes had a 3rd and 1 at the Hokies 49. Wright got into the shotgun, faked a handoff to James and fell down back at the line of scrimmage. I know UM struggled last week against Georgia Tech on 3rd and 1, but that was last week. It is the first quarter, you have the ball in Virginia Tech territory on a windy night -- RUN THE FOOTBALL.

Another example... on UM's third possession which begins at the V-Tech 45. Wright fakes a handoff and gets sacked on first down for a 10-yard loss. Why isn't UM just mowing the Hokies down on the ground? Then, on second down, Wright nearly gets picked off before firing a 30-yard pass up field to Lance Leggett who runs a 20-yard post. There are just so many times this offense could have just stuck to the run Saturday night and won the game. But instead Olson and Coker put the ball and the pressure in the hands of a quarterback who has cracked under pressure.

Anyway, the guys in the lockerroom were great. If you want to hear some of the interviews, click on the microphone on our UM page. It links to the audio interviews. Derrick Morse, Kirby Freeman, Tyrone Moss were all good. I would post the audio I got of Mr. Wright going bananas, but there is so much foul language it would probably be an FCC violation.

CampbellMy last thoughts and then the forum is yours to vent. Here are some good things. As bleak as this season has been for the Canes, there have been bright spots. Calais Campbell is one of them. He is a straight up All-Star. The kid had three sacks last night and now has had a sack in his last six games. Jon Peattie's 55-yard field goal was also impressive. I'll say this and I think you'll agree: this defense is really, really good and if there was any semblance of an offense this UM team would probably be 8-1 today and not 5-4. And while UM may not have a first round pick this year, breaking a long string, Campbell is sure to get big NFL dollars in his future.

Now, it's all yours. Vent. Vent. Vent.


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As much as I hate to say it, the Hurricanes need a change at the helm. That includes the head coach and the quarterback. First off, I really like Coker, he's a class act, great guy, and the players love him. But when it comes down to it, your team needs to perform on Saturdays. Your legacy as a coach is not measured by how many people like you, it is measured by wins. And in Miami, it is measured by Championships. This is game offensively was one of the worst called games I have ever seen. We had the running game going, they should've just kept running it. Kyle Wright can not be depended upon to win a game as he proved tonight. Let's hope we get it together for next year. We need to get some playmakers on offense.

Not much to argue with. The SID can't figure out that the OL has problems handling a blitz package everyone has run at us, that is their ignorant problem. They don't coach either and their apologist stance ends when Coker walks and the next guy takes over. That's their job and they know it. Hypocrisy has its own business card these days. Kyle's lack of development is due to Coker. No other. That is all.

Change is needed from top to bottom - C_ker must go, Wright must be benched, and let's clean house.

Ken Wright wants to know when someone will stick up for his son? Hey, how about when he wins us a significant game!!

When Coker leaves, he ought to take Kyle Wright with him. Kirby Freeman isn't the answer either. We ought to be telling our QB recruits, "Dude, you can come in here and play next year." I'm at the point where I'd rather see a freshman playing next year than either Wright or Freeman.

In June I predicted a 5 and 7 season. How foul and prophetic I feel now. I don't knock the players. Mr. Coker's job is to win with the players you recruit. I can think of at leat two game Mr,. Coker could have won - one last night - by sticking with what works. But our half time adjustments usually involve abandoning what has worked in the first half.

I think Mr. Coker is two things: a very fine man; and perhaps the worst Division I coach in the country since Lou Holtz retired.

I also believe and his crew of stumblebums will be back next year. I also believe that if Mr. Coker has a winning season next year he will be back yet again. This type of team - just barely a winner - is what was at Wisconsin for years and Wisconsin is now our model.

So Canes fans, do what I did during the 60's and 70's and will continue now. Buy your season's tickets and enjoy the cameraderie of friends and be consoled that while your team is becoming a bottom dweller in a mediocre conference, you will be able to get better seats every year. I remember a Penn State game in the rain with about 9,000 people. We had great seats!

We need an "O" coordinator

Miami in the Boise Bowl? Turn it down and use the jet fuel to look for a new coach and some new recruits!! Donna ShallIlayya should stick to what she does best...whatever that is. Burn down the barn and kill the rats, get a new sheriff in town. Randy Shannnon has done everything possible. I love the D.

The solution to our offensive problems is not to run the ball all night and abandon the passing game completely. That would make our offensse predictable and would not solve anything in the long run. I'm not sure we would have been able to run the ball all night against Virgina Tech. They would have picked up on this and blitz us all night. In addition we lost our best running back early in the game. Although we had a single nice long run, there is doubt we could have run the ball all night. The biggest concern for the offense is that we have to improve the passing game- specifically the ability to pass the ball for more then 3 to 5 yards. There is very little fear in opposing teams in our ability to pass the deep ball or for that matter the medium lenght ball. Until that is rectified, the opposing team will bring up their safeties and linebackers successfully stuffing the running game and short passing game. This was obvious to the TV announcers during the game. The offense was too predictable.

Not sure what sickens me more, our sheer ineptitude and inability to adjust to what's happening on the field, or the fact that this incredible defense is being wasted, wasted, wasted!!!
This is two teams to me...the D terrorizing the opponent, the offense trying not to move backwards. As demoralized as the offense might be, imagine the defense! Such great play and it never pays off.
I have to agree with SDCane, I wouldn't be bothered to see a freshman start in place of KW and KF....if you can't replace that entire atrocious Oline, then replace the QB.
KW has talent, but is now paranoid and ruined. We need a change. PLEASE let Coker go, PLEASE! This is nigh-unbearable.
At least in 97 we had an excuse.....

I think Paul Dee knows what he has to do and he needs to do it very soon. The thought of Butch at UNC makes me sick at my stomach. UNC is a basketball school and to lose Butch to UNC would be another defeat in this already disappointing season. I like Coker as a person, but football coach Coker is not very likeable. Kyle is probably a wonderful great kid, but I feel like Kenny Kelly and Clinton Portis have return back as QB and RB. We can't throw the ball but man we have a talented running back in James. Speaking of running backs, Tyrone Moss did a great job last night and may have played his way back into his starting job. Back to my topic: Let's pay Butch his 2 million a year and we can justify the cost when we return back to the BCS bowls and start pulling in those $10 million payoffs along with the revenue from playing in the ACC championship games.

The fans bout with Kyles dad and the U doing noting... The U's media people mixing it up with the sportswriters...

This to me is worse than the loss. This is
down right shameful.

Lets lay off the players. As poorly as any may play they don't deserve the constant beating. These are college kids not pros.

Paul Dee should be ashamed of himself and should resign or be fired. And obviously Coker needs to go too.

It's an embarasement shame what is happening at the U.

Oh boy,pleeeeeeeeeeeeease pinch me I must be dreaming,what the F---k was that against VT at the OB.That guy Kyle, is he on a scholarship or what? show some gratitude man. I truly think The program should demand a full refund from that kid and then kick this bum out of miami, and as for this Larry guy,he should just resign now.Larry has disgraced this prestigiuos program he should be arrested for impersonating a head coach.The Terps and BC will kick our butts may be we might get a win against VA and there goes our 6-6 season compliments of Larry and Kyle.


Football is a game of emotions and intensity. You wanted the players to be well behaved choire boys.....you wanted to take the edge out of the U.....you wanted to curtail the celebrating. You got it. Coker did his job.

Oh, yeah, the fight. What did you expect would happen once you handcuffed a bunch of teenagers?

Coker needs to go, even if you once believed he had earned the right to "right the ship". This team is so far gone out of his hands, it is no longer his to "right". The fight against FIU should have made that clear.

Bring back the days of unapolegetic UM brashness. Hire Steve Spurier if you cant get Jimmy Johnson back.

Do you want wins? Or do you want to apease all those in the administration that want this to be the "Stanford of the East"?

Do you want to be the University of Miami? or some lame immitation of school that is more palatable to the cultural elite?

Do you want YOUR "U", or someone else's identity?

Sorry to say this, but Miami's days as a football power are done. Dee and Shalala will continue to hold on to Coker. Davis will be at UNC picking off prized recruits (along with Urban Meyer) and we'll be stuck with jokers like Kyle and these offensive (in more ways than one) misfits. It's long past time for Koker's Klowns to go! (And yet, nothing will be done, now or ever.)

if you really love the Canes you'll back away from these insane and personal attacks on Wright and Coker.
You think other schools aren't printing these responses and showning them to recruites? This overaction to our current problems will only serve to exasperate the issue.
The quickest way to "Renew the U" is to be calm and let the coaches and administration do their job without the psychotic ramblings of all you pseudo coaches.
The U is one really good year of recruiting class, and another year of continuity with the players and staff away from being the football team we have selfishly grown to love and admire.

We have one good reciver Sam Shields and he is a freshman. Cokers tenous status hurt his recruiting last year. Thats on Dee's head for letting Coker fire his staff and stay.
Fire him now .Cut out the cancer . At least say he will be gone and openly recruit a new coach. Time is waisting.

Bottom line. Coker the Joker needs to go. Let's face it, he won a championship with Butch's recruits. It's time for a major overhaul. The move after last year was that only ONE coach, Dan Werner, should have been fired. The other coaches should have kept their jobs. I'm disgusted with this team. How in the world can a University of Miami Football team have NO offense! Oh how I miss the days of the Warrior, Kenny Dorsey. And yes, our defense is great, (most of the time) but for the last two years, when they really needed ONE big stop, they melt.

It's not as bad as it could be ...yet. The Canes have tremendous talent ( except for Wright). Whatever started at the Peach Bowl last year has spread into this season like a deadly virus. Coker has had his chance to win and hasn't come through. He has no control over his team or assitants. The players need to grow up and make the most of the opportunity they have been given to play at the "U". Coker has to bench Wright and start Freeman. Paul Dee has to terminate Coker. It's that simple. Work harder in the off season and be next year's National Champs!

Dear South Florida: How can I say this? Well, you suck. Not all of you, but most of you. I know it, you know it, and the entire country knows it. 41,000 in attendance for VT at UM? That's a freakin' disgrace. You are the worst sports fans in the country and everyone knows it, especially you. Come on, you know you suck, don't deny it. You wrote the book on being a fair-weather fan and I'm sick of it. Did it ever occur to you losers that maybe, just maybe, going to a 'Canes game, despite the tough season, is just fun? Did it ever occur to you to buck up and support the team? You people in S.FL (about 80%) are just really awful, wretched people. The commentators are right when they call Miami the worst sports town in America. No matter what kind of season VT or UVA is having, they will consistently get well over 50,000 fans per game. They enjoy a fun game and are faithful to their team, even in the down years. I'm a 'Canes fan and support them 100%, even when they're down! So this is what I propose. Since 80% of S.Floridians are truly wretched "fans" probably because they're wretched people, these people should simply be required to leave, preferably relocate to Antarctica. We'll replace S.FL. with Virginians and then you'll see the area truly bloom. This is so because, unlike you losers, most Virginians are genuine and have fidelity. Then again, here's proposal #2 - support your team and show up to the freakin' games! We're all disappointed, but don't give up! GO 'CANES!!

I will never support Kyle, Ken until he does something other than lose games for us. HE SUCKS!

When I went to the U from '71 to '75, we had three stinkers and 1 6-5 season. Two coaches came and went.

This was followed by a revolving door almost every year until Howard Schnellenberger showed up in 1979.

THOSE were the bad days!

I hope this season is not going to usher in another Rocky Horror Picture Show.

By the way, does that little theatre in the Grove still show that movie every weekend?

Take that audio of Kyle's father down. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for posting that.

Spurrier is looking better and better. Open up that offense with someone that can execute.

Larry Coker need to be fired. Pat Dees needs to be fired. Wright's father is right nobody is sticking up for his son. That's because everyone at the U is more worried about their own selfish needs than the program itself.

Larry Coker has no idea of what he or his coaching staff is doing. The reason why he keeps losing more games every year is because every year more and more of Butch Davis recruits have graduated. Miami has become the doormat of the ACC due to the head coach and Pat Dees. Replace Coker and Pat Dees with people who actually know what they are doing.

First of all it's Paul not Pat but I do agree with you. The worst thing is that the biggest Miami supporters are outside of the state. Miami fans are the worst when it comes to supporting the team. They have short term memory and usually own a season pass only when the band wagon is heading towards a national championship year. I am a UM fan and I understand the problems they are facing with a lackluster offense that has talent but not the coaching staff to utilize their skills. The problem doesn't lie with Kyle Wright who is a pretty decent QB the problem lies with questionable coaching and game planning. How do you not challenge the interception call a couple of weeks ago? You don't challenge it because your Larry Coker and have no idea of what is going on.

Great job recruiting Coker.
Now a father has to defend his son in the OB and noone sticks up for him. Beautiful recruiting story and again total STUPIDITY by MIAMI.
How many stupid things can you do in one year?????????
Shalala, stop listening to Barry Alvarez. Are you really this clueless about what is happening here? This is NOT Wisconsin.

I love the Canes and have been a fan all of my life. It used to be everything for me, to look forward to a football Staurday nite in the OB.

How times have changed. I didn't feel bitter, or sad or even hurt last nite when we lost. I knew it was coming. I am numb, and have been "Cokerized"

Is the U of M admin ever going to wake up ? Don't they see what is happening ? There is a full-out fan reveloution going on and the "empty" OB is an example of it.

The one "fan" who castigated the fans for not showing up, doesn't understand that many fans I know of have just stopped going to the games until Coker is gone. They also will not be paying their Hurricane Club donations or renewing season-tickets either.

I have a friend who comes all the way from Orlando for every game, and he and I were at the game last nite. He told me he wouldn't be coming to the BC game. He's had it. He drives 4 hours to see that kind of crap ? He is not happy and he's a "Golden Cane" (he donates about than $ 50,000 a year to the Hurricane Club). He also said he will not be donating money to the UM next year unless some changes are made.

Paul Dee & Donna Shalala need to make changes and NOW. Start the housecleaning. Its getting ugly.

And on a personal note to Mr Wright, I apologise for our fans. That is not representative of most Miami fans. I have met Kyle, and I know he is an outstanding young man. His problem has been coaching. Larry Coker needs to be gone ASAP, as he has done this young man, and many others on the team such a terrible disservice.

We are paying for our unprecidented 25 years of excellence with what the "Football Gods" call justice. It may be a long time until we make a name for ourselves again.

Still GO CANES !

I agree, you need to take down the audio of Ken Wright. It is a bushleague move to post that. As badly as Kyle Wright has played everyone must remember that he is a college "kid". Yeah he may be in the public eye, but he is not a professional and should not be treated as such. He is a kid, playing intercollegiate athletics. And, his father should've shown a little more class than those unruly fans and walked away, but can you really blame him for sticking up for his son?

And, lets be honest, Kyle Wright has no help at all on Offense. The receivers are awful, the line is pathetic and the overall system is a joke. Its very apparent that this Offense is horribly coached. A passing game requires alot of coordination to form some timing and cohestion. It is absolutely ridiculous how bad the passing game is. The QB and the receivers are not on the same page and even if they were, the line and RBs are incapable of picking up a blitz.

In conclusion, while Wright certainly has regressed, I blame the horrible coaching more than him. Coker has ruined Wright!

And, what parent is going to want to send their kid to play at Miami after this debacle? Especially after the way Ken Wright was treated.

This team has the basis of all it takes to be a national contender Next Year but we need a coach who has the moxie to change things and adjust to what is going on with college football. We need recruits and a reson for coming to the U because things in college football are changing rapidly and we are not keeping up with the changes.As much as I hate to admit it, if Butch is going to N-C than make an appeal and a deal for Spurrier. He would opoen this dead ass offense up and bring back the fear and respect that we used to have. Do something smart for a change and save our recruting base. As real Cane Fans , we can all get use to having an EX- GATOR as our coach and with our D--Look Out!

Is it just me, or does it seem like about 98% of the crowd at the OB certainly never attended "The U"? That is, unless there is a curriculum for wispy-mustached, wife-beater-wearing, kevin-federline-wannabe students.

See you in Blacksburg!

UM deserves all that is happening to them!! They are too arrogant from the top to even the players.

I used to support UM, but after that fight against FIU, I lost all the respect in the world for them. I've said this a million times and will repeat it. "How do the players show emotion against a Sunbelt team and not against Louisville, GT, VT,FSU and more to come?? " These guys think just because they go to UM they are stars. They need to work their ways to get to the status of the E. James,Moss, Dorsey,Vilma,Lewis, etc. For example, who is this guy Bryant to be taking a bow after a touchdown? If there is anyone in this team that is that good it is only Shields and j. James; that should take bow(they wouldn't though because they have class). Also, Jon Beason talks as if he is one of best LB in nation, also bashing W.Williams when he left. Beason is a joke. I must admit, Willie Williams saw this season coming and is looking like a genius.

As for Kyle's dad, he did right thing standing up for this stinky son. Any dad would have done same thing, even if his son sucks. But like assistant said, part of coming to the University of Miami. As for you UM fans...41,000??? Give me a break. I hope this program goes down the drain for all the arrogance.

Coker must go and shouldn't even be considered for another coaching job anywhere.

Yeah, it's real frustrating. A great D. Outstanding talent and enthusiasm from most players. I see the problem as a coaching staff that doesn't seem capable of improving player skills or developing a winning game plan, developing a winning team ethic, and some players who don't put out 100% - WR effort. Solution? Change coaches; move the team to a city where fans know how to be fans; and continue getting great recruits. Oh yeah, one more thing, some fans need to lighten up - they're not good enough to have ever played any sport competitively, so stop living through the team.

you know what? F Ken Wright! We don't want weak-minded players, this kid since day 1 hasn't done shiite. He and Coker are the cancer. I can't stand watching these watered-down Canes, none of them except James Bryant has heart...

There is a neew rule that lets you transfer after you have gotten your Bachelor's Degree and enroll into a graduate program.

Please Kyle leave UM after this season, we don't want you, and take your pussy ass dad with you...

I do agree with most of the fire Coker posts. I do not completely agree with the lambasting that Kyle Wright is getting. The two main problems I see with the offense is:
1- The O line is inept at blocking "anybody".
They seem to miss assignments about every second, or third play. Our inablility to make third and 1 plays seems to be almost a regular thing now. When is the last time the Canes made a third and short by just sticking it down your throat? How many times did Ken Dorsey get sacked in his carreer in Miami? I will bet not 20 times in 3 three years. Wright gets 5-8 per game. Do the math.
2- The "U"'s receivers are horrible. This may be the worst group I have ever watched dropping passes, and fumbling. This has killed many drives after we finally get a big pass play (can you say Lance Legget?).
3- When is Greg Olsen going to live up to his press clippings? I truly have not seen him do anything with the exception of the pass play vs GT. I am tired of hearing about how he is the next great TE at the U.
I believe that all this has to do with Kyle's lack of confidence. They have a lot of work to do at the "U". Paul Dee must take responsibility for all this. He gave Coker the extension after the VT victory last year, but was not smart enough to see the flaws in this staff. Firing Solindger, and Kehoe was just the worst thing they could have done. Both are very well respected in the S. Fla coaching community, and this hurt us in local recruiting. They would have been better off giving the job to Kehoe. He has fire and gets in peoples face. That is exactly what this program needs. Do you all remember in the Peach bowl when LSU faked the field goal and ran for a first down. They sent a message to the U that they knew Miami had given up. I was at the game and all I can remember is our team coming off the field and Coker clapping his hands encouraging his team that had already quit on him. Coach Davis, Erickson, Johnson would have been grabbing guys by the facemask and ripping them a new one. I have been following the Canes since 82. I am a former S.Florida resident now living in Charlotee. I am very disheartened to know that the "Tar Heels" may have hired Butch Davis. Like him, or not he is probably the best choice to replace our lame duck coach. Who do we get now? I don't believe that Schiano is the answer, but who knows if he will even leave Rutgers where he is now at folk hero status. Nice job again Paul Dee! Well, great job Randy Shannon. Maybe the Donna will do the right thing and give him a chance to right the ship. Hire a new o-coordinater, O-line coach and lets get going!

You guys are a joke....Berating your players publicly is a disgrace. Yea, you have offense problems. But to personally attack your own players? Do you really think a recruit likes how you treat one of your own? Oh, by the way, you got one lucky run against Tech. Their d is as good, if not better than yours...

So it has come to this!! A wanna be UM Quarterback's Father from another state attacking Genuine concerned UM FANS after Coker again embarassed us on the field in OUR town and OUR ORANGE BOWL. Please, please UM FAns remember the UM Players read this too and they are already feeling abandoned by UM administrative staff and coach. Let us keep their spirits up high/lets voice their FIGHT & Detrmination to go on that field hopeless, stripped of their pride and shamed every week yet they hold their heads up high and Fight to win. They are Alone out there (no Offensive coaches or head coach only a Lone Defensive coach and his staff) Randy please comfort them continiously please keep them pumped, please nurture the fire and passion in them and keep them proud please UM FANS do not let them down lets go to the games and support them but BRING your Banners, Messages, voices and blow horns and LOUDLY tell Larry Coker to GO, tell UM sport director to GO, but always tell the players we love and support them... Kyle Wright be a MAN do the right thing GO... Coker don't show up tomorrow...YOU ARE FIRED by the UM fans. And to all the other folks who are not UM fans and keep putting your one cent comments GET YOUR OWN LIFE AND your own TEAM AND Crawl back under your rock.... UM fans have great expectations too bad you have settled for less all your life, do not include us in your lowest of expectations, you don't know how to be chapions so you just can't appreciate our passion.....GO CANES (without coacker and Kyle)

One more win and we become bowl eligible - FOR WHAT?

To go to some third tier bowl and be humiliated - NO THANKS!!!

The Canes seem to have some talent - maybe with a new coaching staff that can develop QB's we have a chance next year. The defense is still outstanding - keep the DC but bring in a good head coach.

I wonder if JJ might be interested?? Or maybe Schnellenberger - he's the one that got the U on a roll in the first place.

Wait till next year!!!! Go Canes!

The moment the University of Miami begins to lose, we see who the true fans are. If you follow a team, you don't abandon ship when they are down. UM will be back again, and much sooner than people think. Coker will probably be gone,and who will replace him? I don't hear anyone mentioning Randy Shannon. Spurrier is a name that keeps getting mentioned, but why pay a mercenary when you have someone who has UM running through his veins. I hope the fact that he is black has nothing to do with it. Randy would be a great choice. He has shown the loyalty to UM that the former players have who keep coming back. Besides he is an excellent coach, what did Coker do to deserve being the coach at UM. Coker is a good man, but his time has passed at the U. By the way, White or balck, Shannon is ready to get a shot at the big time. Why mention the coach from Rutgers, or any other young coach when you have someone like Shannon. What do you think.? I would love to see commentary!

How can we as 'Canes justify paying a basketball coach to leave when we have never been a basketball powerhouse and yet allow such a travesty as this football season is to continue. Football has been the bread and butter of the U for a very long time, apparently it's time to find another source of nutrition in Coral Gables.

Noone is going to want to play for UM after this mess with Kyle Wrights dad. What kind of father would he be if did not defend his son from the kind of abuse that was hurled at him?? Those fans should be ashamed of themselves.Most of these so called fans who bash the players and the program week after week never attended the U. The nation sees this stuff and it denegrates the school and south florida. It is embarrassing for us who are true cane fans.......Go canes

Let's face it: Coker's abysmal coaching is the REAL REASON this team sucks. I feel sorry for the players. They are so poorly coached that they absolutely do NOT know HOW to play Division 1 college football. We will never win with Coker at the helm.

-Recruiting....the longer this season drags out with no improvement and no coaching changes, the harder it will be for us rebound.
-We are getting killed on the recruiting grounds!! Randy Shannon could change this.
-Lay off Kyle...the offensive line should be held accountable. Only Vick could manage a game with a line this bad.
-Leggett should be dismissed from the team.

As a long time Canes fan and UM alum this year's performance has certainly been disheartening. Over the past 25 years we have easily been the most dominant football program in the country, which is what makes this underachieving season so hard to bear. Let me also state my opinion on the ubiqitous topic: Larry Coker should not return as head coach next year.

With that said, the most embarrassing part of this season has been how Canes fans have reacted. I understand the vocal naysayers, and purveyors of negativity are dedicated and loyal fans, but they are doing our U a disservice. What recruit would want to go a place where the fans are going to berate not only the players, but the parents of those players as well? Where dumbass fans are not encouraging better outcomes, but rooting (and displaying signs) for the worst. The repuation of Miami around the country is already very poor and the behavior of our fans exacerbates the situation.

I am not saying fans should not voice opinions of concern or disappointment...we should. For instance, Lance Leggett's complete lack of effort on the football field should be mentioned. As should Merriweather's multiple missed tackles and Coker's decisions in many key moments...but to the "Coker is a Choker" guy - you are damaging the cause you purport to stand behind, which is the Canes' being National Champs once again!

Go Canes!

Please cut Kyle a break. We need to be better than to turn against the players who have come here to uphold the Miami tradition. These guys are kids who have been let down by this coaching staff and this administration. Shalallalllallahh, Paul Dee and Coker are a disgrace, I just can't say that strongly enough. But, as pathetic as this whole situation is, what is even more disgraceful is the way UM fans are treating this kid, one of our own who has been let down by this whole situation far more than any fan. Please show some class toward our players, they don't deserve to be heckled and shouted at any more than they deserve to be coached by a bum like Larry Coker.

Why does everyone put all the blame on Kyle? yes, he's had a bad season but lets be honest, I don't care what QB is taking snaps at the U, he wouldn't be able to do much w/our line and recievers. They're just not playing well right now. Why is it all on our QB. I say bring in a new OC w/a system that works. Rich Olson pisses me off as much as larry coker. What a terrible hire. If there aren't any big name coaches we like available, why not hire Randy Shannon and a new OC? If he was good enough Shannon would leave all the offense up to him. I still say w/good coaching Kyle can be a fine QB. GO CANES

You know, a lot is said in college football about the despicable actions of West Virginia fans. Please! After reading about the treatment of Wright & his father...I think that WVU fans might be unseated soon in the race for Worst Fans in CFB! Congrats Miami fans--you are a real class act.

Any knowledgeable college football fan can see both offenses struggles last night were because of the defenses they were facing. UM-VT games are simply that way. Here is the fact: VT played to capitalize on UM mistakes. Thats what VT always does. Both Olines got beat up. Both quarterbacks got hit. VT told Glennon (their QB) "don't turnover the ball". Calling Kyle names is childish to say the least. Miami fans need to grow up. You all sound like 12 year olds.

Oh, my thoughts on the coaching situation. The fact that Paul Dee and all have let Butch Davis get away should condemn them to being banned from South Florida for life. What a travesty.

The issue I have with Randy Shannon has nothing to do with him at all. In my eyes, there are three candidates who are head and shoulders above him. First is Jimmy Johnson. This is obviously a pipe dream, but it just feels nice to mention his name. Butch Davis is the obvious second choice, but Dee is too much of an arrogant self-absorbed a$$hole to make that happen. Schiano is the third choice. I am even starting to think he would be an idiot to leaved Rutgers for UM. What all of these guys have on Shannon is that they are proven as head coaches. If we can't get any of them Shannon would be a great hire. The truth is, Randy Shannon deserves a shot at the job, but that doesn't mean we should promote him rather than pursuing a proven guy. Shannon is fourth on MY wish list, anyway...

As a native of South Florida and the parent of a daughter who graduated from UM my husband and son are season ticket holders and never miss a game. They are eternal optimists and honestly believed that UM would win last night. The defense definitely deserved to win. I have tried to continue to support Coker as the coach but after last night and some of the play calling I think his time is up. After Moss tied the game up the defense got fired up and played incredible. They weren't giving up any yardage and the way they were playing Coker should have played for overtime knowing he had the defense to win the game in OT. Calling a play for Wright to throw a pass when he continually has passes deflected because he doesn't look for seams to throw through was a big mistake and it definitely backfired. After that turnover it seemed like the defense was deflated and 2 quick runs put V Tech ahead. But for all of you UM fan bashers, just know that there are fans who attend every game because they support their team.

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