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Sunday Shout Outs: The day after Maryland

Hard to say what I feel after UM's recent loss at Maryland 14-13. Mixed emotions is probably about right. The Hurricanes fell behind 14-0 on two bad defensive plays by a weakened secondary, rallied behind Kirby Freeman and doomed themselves with the usual two turnovers in the game's final five minutes syndrome.

Patapic_1UM should have won this game. But considering how the season has gotten away from them and the focus over the last few days have been on Bryan Pata's murder, I'm not going to place blame on anybody here. I thought UM's coaches actually had the right game plan for once on offense. Coach Rich Olson took pressure off Freeman and his injured offensive line by establishing long, ground-driven drives that let Freeman make the plays he could.

I think the reason the Canes lost is ultimately why this team hasn't been very good this season -- they lack of play makers on offense and the team is so depleted on they have to depend on young guys like freshman Ryan Hill to win games. Hill should have caught that ball. But then again, how many other things this season should other UM players have done wrong -- like call a fair catch (Bruce Johnson). I'll say this: had UM employed this ball-control, running offense against Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech, I think they would have won both of those games. But this recent loss was simply the result of a beaten, battered, injured and heart-broken team trying to salvage something for a fallen teammate.

Canes fans can take solace in this: at least UM isn't getting blasted the way Florida State is these days. 30-0 to Wake Forest at home? Yikes.

UM has two games left. I think they'll beat Virginia and become bowl eligible. Boston College? Not likely. But considering it will be the last home game of the season and the fact this team has been close in defeat in all of its last three games, don't rule out a 7-5 finish.

ButchdavisOK, I'm through with my football thoughts. Here is what's up for debate:
A) I think regardless of whether or not Kyle Wright is healthy to play, UM should give Freeman the rest of the season. Right now, I think he's the better quarterback and gives this team its best chance to win because he can run and create on the run. Do you agree?
B) Will UM win another game this season? Give an explanation on how you think they'll finish.
C) With Butch Davis apparently off the board (North Carolina) and Greg Schiano likely to stay at Rutgers, I think the type of coach UM needs to replace Coker with is somebody young and energetic -- an Urban Meyer clone, who would help recruiting and bring energy to the program. Do you agree? And who do you think now UM would consider if and when it makes a change.

Everything else is worth discussion, too. But I'd like to try and give you a few topics to digest. Chew, chew some more and then spew.


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I think Freeman earned the starting spot today regardless of Kyle's health. We need to give Freeman the remaining games this year to see if his play and leadership can improve our offense. I'm still convinced Miami can win their remaining games - the last three loses feel like a result of a couple mental mistakes (dropped punts, passes, and blown coverage) and a lot of penalties.

It will be tough to see Davis on a UNC sideline if he accepts that job. I'm concerned other top tier head coaching candidates may not be willing to leave their current programs. If we miss out on Butch, I hope the university is aggressive enough with their offer to lure coaches away from their current programs.

I'd prefer the university announced a decision about Coker's future asap. By delaying their announcement, they're negatively impacting our ability to recruit coaches early and recruit players. This program needs some stability. Hopefully today's game was a start of bringing some stable play to the QB position.

RIP 95. Love and support to the Pata's.

I can't think of any reason not to start Kirby Freeman for the rest of the season. Wright has had ample opportunity to show what he can do. It's only fair to give Freeman 3-4 games to show what he brings to the table.

I would hope UM can beat a woeful Virginia team next week. If they play the same way they did the past two games, it ought to be good enough to beat the Cavs.

That's the first I've heard that Schiano is likely staying at Rutgers. No biggie, though. I just don't envision Schiano bringing home a national championship for any team. How about taking a look at Rob Chudzinski? Maybe he can bring back Kehoe and Soldinger.

how about the wake forest coach ??

Not to be insensitive, but i would like to comment on the actual football play. Specifically, am i the ONLY one in the entire country who thought..forget thought..saw the reciever for Maryland, Heyward-Bey, on his first T.D. ACTUALLY FUMBLE THE BALL OUT OF THE ENDZONE...and nobody reviewed it, the commentators totally whiffed on it...i tivo'd the game and i replayed it 6 times..he stuck the ball out at the 2, it was out of his hands at the 1 and rolled out of the back endzone. That is Canes ball at the 20 and a different game! Amazing nobody caught that! This is the toughest year ever for UM football.

for sure start KB...all K.Wright has proven is he has a million dollar arm and a 10 cent head. Kirby is a dual threat run/pass that drives D cordinators nuts. I think Schiano would still come to the U. It won't get much better for him than that win 4 nights ago at Rutgers and the U still offers that cache...if not him, could we get Richt from Georgia...former UM guy who seems to know what he is doing? We need some firey, in your face type coach...the warm fuzzy approach of Coker isn't working on 18 year old kids it appears.Sure hope we can salvage our recruits this year...gonna be tough. GO UM...LOVE YOU FOREVER!!

Prediction: If we play like we did against Maryland with minimal adjustments, we will win the remaining three games of the season . If the receiver's hold on to the ball and the defense ajustments are made not to give up the long ball, we will be highly competitive next year. With another excellent recruiting class, the picture brightens even more.

Kirby Freeman was impressive and D was excellent against the run. Special teams play was weak. The coaching staff is responsible for preparing the players each week for the next game. The players lack discipline..i.e. penalties and concentration..i.e. dropped passes, fumbles and blown coverages. Was Johnson told by the coaching staff to "fair catch the punt"? Lack of focus falls back to bad preparation. The team has the ability to be winners. We need better coaches. God bless the Pata family.

Definitely start Kirby for the remainder of the season. I believe he showed enough yesterday (combination of quick release passes, quick good reads, ability to run and make plays), to warrant him starting over Kyle Wright. I also believe he brings better on-field leadership to the huddle, than those Kyle Wright (my perception from watching his mannerisms and the way the huddle reacted to him).

I do believe UM has a strong chance to win against VA IF, Coker announces as of right now that Kirby will be the starting QB, so that the offense can get into some kind of congruence over the practice week. However, if Coker is indecisive and puts making the decision off to later in the week, it will further impair the offense cohesiveness.

As for the coaching position, look I don't think there is any particular coach that we can consider miracle workers. I do believe UM has enough to talent to compete next year for an ACC title, however, I do believe that it will take a couple of years to turn the program around for any coach that comes in. No, I do not believe Butch Davis was/is the answer as he was a terrible game day coach; great recruiter nevertheless, but not a very good X and O's coach. So now that he is no longer available, we fans need to let it go and support whoever the administration brings in; and no that does not include bringing back Kehoe and Soldinger. They were a staple of the program, however, they are gone and we, the fans, administration and so forth; need to carry on with a fresh, hungry, young crew of coaches.

I posted this on another blog originally, but I think it's more relevant here...

I think the kids played valiantly yesterday. The game was played under control, a bit too much under control which was a bit odd. You never know how people that age are going to react to a tragedy.
One thing though, in all fairness to Kyle Wright, and taking nothing away from Kirby, did anyone else notice that the offensive playcalling for Kirby Freeman was a lot more imaginative? Kyle has been in situations where he's been sacked over and over, and the coaches will leave him in the pocket. With Kirby, they rolled him out several times and did some things that helped him succeed. Even with a banged up makeshift offensive line yesterday, the pass protection was pretty good due to the playcalling.

It's things like this that has made me give up on the coaching staff. Our coaches just don't put the kids in situations to succeed. Why leave Randy Phillips 1 on 1 with their best receiver when he's proven over and over again, he is not (and may never be) an elite corner? Why don't our young receivers catch with their hands? We are deep in the RB position, however, the plays that are called don't seem to match any of their strengths. Why did our kids come out so emotionless?

This is a young talented team and with the proper coaching have all the tools to win it all. I'd like to think that Butch Davis is delaying the UNC hire waiting for UM to call...but thats just wishful thinking.

As for coaching prospects. Jimmy Johnson. Again wishful thinking. Hmmm...Ed Orgeron, a guy that is familiar with Miami and a great recruiter. I'm not sure we could lure away a Rich Rodriguez, Schiano or even rumored Steve Spurrier.

Once again the glaring problem at the "U" rears it's ugly head. The receiving corp is horrible. They continue to drop passes, fumble and just have not gotten the job done. I know Hill is a freshman, but you have to make these kind of catches. As the game went on, as with most games this year you almost start getting the feeling as if "what is going to go wrong now". Just like in the VT game we had field position the entire game, but could not score any TD's. We get close, but something bad always happens. The lack of play makers is evident here. The bottom line is we just don't have any players that can make a clutch play. Kirby played as well as you could expect a guy who is making his first start. His mobility is a weapon that Kyle just does not seem to have, or want to use. I hope that Butch is waiting to hear from the "U" before making a move, but we do need a "tough love" coach that is not intimidated by players who these days seem to respond to this better that warm and fuzzy. Prayers and comfort go out to the Pata family. It was nice to see FSU's players wearing Pata's number on headgear, and wrist tape. It showed a lot of class for a fallen comrade.

John Gruden would be my choice. He's having a terrible year in Tampa. Maybe he'd consider Miami. He's the type of guy that could turn the program around and energize the players.

I know we lost, but I'm optimistic. Hill catches that pass and the 'Canes win 17-14. (He feels bad enough so let's not beat up on him too much, he'll make up for it later). That play aside, the receivers played well, the banged up and very young O-line played pretty well, and the D played very well except for those 2 bombs. Even the 2 TD's given up by the D seemed to stem from the D just not having their emotions and their heads in the game early on for obvious reasons.
Also, Kirby has now clearly got to be the starter. He played good, not great, but good. You would think with more game time he'll get better. Is it my imagination or can he just flat out fly? His running ability brings a very interesting and new dimension. The running backs, all of them, did well. I really like how Moss and Charlie Jones can very often turn a 1 yard gain into a 4-6 yard gain with their tenacious efforts. Good to see Ryan Moore back and contributing. The main area where we need improvement is the O-line. You win up front and you win the game. Fortunately, the O-line should get better next year as everyone is coming back but the center.
I know we lost, but listen up 'Canes fans, I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I'll be in C'ville this weekend proudly wearing my 'Canes jersey and screaming my lungs out. GO 'CANES!

Hey, Ted this is awsome thinking about John Gruden, this guy will be our Pete Carol at USC. The program should go after him at full strenght, show John the money ...I like what I saw last night against the Terps, this Canes team is mad as hell and they hungry for a win,keep Kirby in the line up and they will the next two....Next year we will be in the top Five minus Larry and Kyle.

As I said on another board, why not a guy like Ron Prince? Did anyone see the Kansas St.-Texas game on Sat.? Now there's a guy with some cajones.

Play Kirby, period.

The U will beat Virginia, lose to B.C.
Class of '61

All things considered yesterday still a bad loss. Sure, we have had our share of adversity, but the Maryland game is just another example of how bad our coaching has been all year. Three losses like GaTech, VaTech, and Maryland is just not acceptable. Nothing personal with Larry Coker, and I wish him luck. Someone else still has to take responsiblity for a bad decision last year with the absurd firing of four assistant coaches while keeping LC. The football program is in shambles, and having to pay Coker and his assistants off can only put a big hurt on the entire UM athletic program. My suggestion is one more week, and by the Boston College game, put someone in place temporarily. Lets get on with it and move forward so that we don't have to put up with this horrendous situation next year.

I didn't see the game yesterday, but something that comes to mind in the debate between Freeman vs. Wright is that it just looks as though Wright is out of his game. It has looked that way for sometime. There were games where it all came together for him (Wake Forest last year), but in that game and others he was decisive in what he was doing with the ball. Granted the O-line is not great and play calling can be questioned, but he takes TOO MANY SACKS. I thought he was a bit more mobile than what he has shown. Regardless Freeman should get the for the rest of this God forsaken season.

National media seem to think that the U is not the draw that all the fans believe it is. An Urban Meyer clone would be great, but that is easier said than done. The U is notorious for not paying top dollar for coaches. This limits the ability to go after a Super Bowl winning coach like Gruden (who I feel is a great fit). If we were to go after Schiano, I would love to see him bring in someone that could give the offense a lift like John L. Smith. This guy has run some pretty explosive offenses in his career. He was the guy that set the table at Louisville. If we could get a defensive brain as head coach, we should counter that with an offensive guy like Smith.

The administration better be working the phones right now because the nano-second this season is over they better know who they are going to tap to right this ship. Whoever it is better be a disciplinarian and one helluva recruiter.

GO CANES!!!!!!!!

Can I throw the name Norv Turner in the coaching mix? Why not? He is wasting away in San Francisco.
He is not the energetic cosmo of Urban Myer, Greg Schiano or Pete Carol but he has got tremendous NFL credentials and a full fledge endorsement from Troy Aikman. And a clear NFL path is what high school stars really want, not some Big Brother approach. Turner is certainly not going to get another NFL head coaching shot, so this may be as close he could get and really solidify his reputation. Plus, he would possibly stay awhile and not bolt back to the NFL, like Miami has suffered in the past.
Plus, offense is the big problem and Turner can definitely right the wrong there. I would love to have Randy Shannon bumped up, considering his defense has probably saved Miami's reputation. Maybe he could become assistant head coach/defensive coordinator and Turner can be head coach/offensive coordinator. Give high school kids a chance to learn from a multiple Super Bowl winning coach, and they will line up in droves.
Not even John Gruden can offer that!

UM players & UM genuine FANS have faith and be positive.

Quote, "Tomorrow is another day.
I just want to forget today.
Yesterday was so much fun,
I was rather sad when it was done.
Next week it will be better still.
My life`s sure to pick up, I know it will" unquote.

There a lot of guys that could coach and rekindle the fire for "my" UM team again, e., Jim Mora (ATL Falcons-lovable and Fiesty), Mark Richt -(UGA), The John Gruden, Dennis Green, Dan Marino,

We will get someone who will aprreciate the talents of our player, the passion of the fans and the pride that is currently being tested

Two-thirds of the Belle Glade trio is signed. Taurus McKinkly gave his verbal. If we get Hankerson then watch out!

I agree Jon Gruden would be a great idea if he'd be willing to leave. As a said earlier, Randy Shannon still wouldn't be a bad idea if we had a better OC. Others like Richt and Price would be good too. The one I would honestly like is Rich Rodriguez. Everybody is hot on Schiano right now, but I think WVU will beat them then he might get a lil more pub. The mountaineers were no powerhouse before he should up. He turned it around. If he can get athletes to go to West Virginia then surely he could get them to Miami. Just a thought.

I admit it would be tough to get him out considering thats where he went to college, but it's going to take a lot of money go get any of the coaches we named.

Here's a name rumored to be available next year....Bill Cowher. Or is he heading to his alma mater, NC State?

I would think he would take a few years off if he got out of coaching. I don't see him going strait to NC State, or the U

Mybad on that earlier post. I meant Deonte Thompson as the other player from Glades. But if we get Hankerson I'd be crazy w/McKinley, Hankerson, Thompson, Van Dyke, and Farqueson. That is probly wishful thinking but it's nice to imagine

The one who should be targeted is a Chow or Fischer. Neither will be available since De will not fire Coker until the Friday following Thanksgiving and Chow will be signed to ASU by then. Good job Donutman. Look for a surprise name to come out of the woodwork. I am just glad Psycho is going to UNC. What a basketcase. We'd call a TO and then get a penalty for delay of game. What an idiot.

I couldnt believe on Saturday when i saw Rich Olson actually commit to a game plan and stick with it. Loved the ball control and with a couple of key catches that should have been made, 2 by Moore and that drop by Hill, the 'Canes would have been up by a few scores. They played with a lot of heart and desire after getting down by 14 very early. That 10 minute drive in the 3rd/early fourthquarter was the best drive ive seen this team put together since the last drive of LAST year's FSU game. Ultimately it was all the things that have failed us in the fourth quarter all year just repeating itself.

Another note i have to share since I was at the game. I know that the Maryland players donated thier per diem and felt it was classy. Too bad the majority of their fans did not follow suit. Now i have been in the Orange Bowl many many times over the last 16 years and yes there are the occasional incidents of bad behavior that get publicized and we are not known as the quietest fans BUT some of the topics these morons and ignorants chose to trash talk about were ridiculous. If you are gonna "chat" me up please keep it to the football, the game, our lousy record, anything. I had multiple assclowns say "oooh i hope you guys dont get mad out there and start shooting" or screaming in my face on the walk into the stadium before the game saying "keep your helmet on today" "I hate you Miami, go home". This was not the week to be bringing up this type of BS, was it?

Trust me im not being oversensitive because ive sat in the stands at Morgantown,Tallahassee, Gainesville and some other tough road games but for the most part the talk is kept to whats going on on the field. I mean in a week when every college football fan should have been reminded of whats truly important couldnt these people just cheer their team on and leave it at that.

As an extra thought on that, it was great seeing plenty of UM supporters at the game. Good to see us still have the enthusiasm for the 'Canes even in a difficult year.

Why any Canes fans would want Butch Davis or Greg Schiano is beyond me. Lets think back a little on Butch. He never won anything here in Miami with what was arguably the greatest recruiting class in the history of college football. He was a bad game day coach who's recruits were mostly the products of his assistants and Pete Garcia. Then the way he left, was a major slap in the face. He is pulling the same garbage now. He is playing both UM and UNC like a fiddle. He announced his interest in UM so that UNC would jump on him quickly and he is holding them offf to see if UM calls. He was a snake when he was at UM and he is still a snake. As for Greg Schiano, He is a defensive coach. The last I checked, UMs defense is still one of the better defenses in the country and is the only bright spot we have had all season. We need offense and bringing in Schiano would not do that. If anything, promote Randy Shannon to head coach and let him hire an OC and keep the D under his control. Also, if Butch had actually been honest about his intentions to leave for the NFL, Greg Schiano WOULD be the current UM coach and Rutgers would not be stealing very many So Fla recruits. Mark Richt and Norm Chow are the best candidates for the job. Norm Chow has been itching for a head coaching job his whole life and UM is a top tier job that he would jump on. Mark Richt is a UM grad and I think would jump at the opportunity since he would have a much better shot at winning an ACC championship than winning the SEC. Lets also look a little north at our friends up in Tallahassee. They're offensive problems started once he left as OC. Both Chow and Richt are offensive coaches and would be great fits. So lets get off the Butch Davis and Greg Schiano band wagon. What the Canes need is a coach that fits, not just somebody other than Coker that doesn't fit.

Kirby deserves to play out the season at QB. I have a feeling Kyle Wright won't be coming back, and we need to get him some playing time. He has looked pretty good in the limited time I have watched him.

Just have no idea what we're going to do about getting a new coach (if that even happens). We can forget someone like John Gruden. He's a Domer, anyway. He would never come to UM. I just don't see ANYONE out there worthwhile who would even consider the position.

There is doubt in my mind Kirby won the starting job. The running game was solid to keep the pressure off of him, and he created alot with his mobility and good decision making. MD got a lucky bounce for the only interception of the game, and they had Maryland playing on their heels most of the game.

I believe they can win both of their remaining games, and I think UVA will be a fairly easy road win. BC is tough, but with some time to recover from Pata's death and possibly get K. Phillips back after surgery will help tremendously.

With Davis going to UNC and Schiano likely staying, I think Randy Shannon would be a great fit. He knows the team and the expectations, and we need the fire of a DC to keep the kids focused. I don't know about his recruiting, but he's been there long enough to know the game and would get complete support from his staff. I think Coker has simply lost the team and has no shot at retaining his job.

I can only hope that who ever we get can rebuld the pride of the organization, and instill some honor and sense of responsibility into the kids that they recruit. I'll always be a fan, and I know it can only get better from here.

I watched the Cane game on Saturday for one reason...to see the birth of a star. Kirby is going to be the next great QB atUM. He showed a great command of the offense and also demonstrated great decision making ability, period. Forget that it was his first start! He made countless audibles and correct choices on which recievers to pass to. I do not remember him taking a sack! I always gave credit to Kyle for never fumbling during his double digit sack stats, however they teach you in highschool how to throw the ball away. Maybe teaching is UMs biggest coaching problem, or lack there of. It also speaks of the inability of the head coach to evaluate talent by maybe not getting Kirby time earlier in the season. Anyway, give the ball to Kirby..the kid is a winner. In 2 years with the growth of James, Hill, and our big D, maybe Kirby will be the next in the long line of Heismans from the U. With him at the helm, maybe in 2 years we can have ourselves another championship.

Although I think Kyle Wright brings more tools to the team, I would like to see Freeman start the next two games. As much as KW has talked the part of a leader, and as much as he might try, he cannot rally the offense. Why can't Kirby have an extended tryout?

I do think that even this season we can trust that the team can get by Virginia. As for BC - they haven't done a thing in Miami since the "Flutie Fluke". If Coker can get the team behind that, they have a good chance in that game as well. (I know - that is a very big IF considering he hasn't much of a track record in the motivation department.)

Has anyone else noticed that offensively this team cannot make second-half adjustments?

I wouldn't mind seeing Shannon get his shot at Head coach, but if the school wants that, why wouldn't the school have made that move weeks ago? Maybe not after the Pata tragedy - at least now they should keep the coaching staff stable for those poor kids who have enough to deal with now.

Even if they go "outside" for a new coach, I hope Shannon stays, but UM needs its offensive punch back. Start dominating teams again and the recruits will come.

I will support this team no matter what their record is, but is sure is a lot more fun when fans of other teams are jealous!

I think the canes played a good game Saturday and could have won had a few brakes gone their way.
As for head coach I would like to see Norm Chow come to the U. He is the kind of name that will bring big time recruits and an exciting high scoring offense to the table. Take a look at what he has done at all of his other stops. Combined with the tenacious D Randy Shannon puts on the field year after year we would be tough to beat with Chow making the offensive calls.

Mark Richt all the way!!

To njcanes01:
I hear you on the crummy Maryland fans. They are notoriously bad. I was gonna go to the game but had to go to a freakin' wedding. I was fully prepared to catch all kinds of grief from those morons. Maryland fans don't get any national attention about how truly bad many of them are because no one cares about them. They are irrelevant even when they win.
I'll be at the UVA game wearing my 'Canes jersey and don't expect much grief from the Wahoo fans. By the way, this game is far from a gimme. I think the 'Canes could still win their last two, win their bowl game and set themselves up nice for good recruiting as they end the season on a high note.

Until Paul Dee and Donna Shalayla are retired, it doesn't matter who the coach is going to be. We need a different startegic approach beginning at the top. How this program was allowed to go from the penthouse to the outhouse in a steady slide in full view of those responsible for stewardship makes Iraq look like a success story.

I tend to agree with the Shannon as HC posts. I seriously doubt UM will have the $ to buy out a guy like Richt at UGA and it's hard to say on these pro coaches. Plus UGA looks to be loaded next year. Completely forget Rodriguez at WVU. You are smoking crack if anyone thinks he's going to leave that job to come to UM.

If we're just tossing pro names around that might be available, I'd go with Fisher or Chow over Gruden. Chow seems the most interesting since he would bring something on offense and probably would come cheaper than Fisher. Actually a lot of pro teams would probably be interested Fisher if he leaves N'ville (probably the Steelers if Cowher is really gone). He's a really good coach and more of an NFL guy.

It will probably be somebody from a less prestigous (in terms of winning) Div I school. The national media is right about UM not being considered a great job like ND or UF or USC. I would bet good money it would be near impossible to get a big name coach from a large state U.

I personally think the admin already knows who they are going to hire and it will be announced right after the BC game. I would have no idea who that is though.

In Shannon's favor, the one thing that's been fairly constant is our defense. Shannon is young, obviously possesses some coaching skills, and he is a real UM guy, unlike Butch.

I tend to agree on Butch being overrated. And he really left under pretty crummy circumstances. I'd hold out judgement on him till he has a couple of years under his belt at UNC, if he still is there in 3 or 4 years.

Agree on Freeman. Not to knock KW, but right now Freeman seems like the better choice.

Miami is going to do what it always does. They don't pay top $$ for coaches, the coaches use the U as a resume builder to go to the NFL. It would be nice to have a guy like Gruden or Rodriguez, but I live in WV and I can tell you he is not leaving. They treat him like a GOD. He's a WVU guy and they'll have to fire him before he leaves. Randy Shannon is the obvious choice for replacement, if not he'll probably leave too. They will call him a replacement and eventually sign him to an extension if he does well and I think he will because his players respect him. It will be interesting to see how he does with recruiting. The more important question is who will he find to be offensive coordinator? All is not lost now that Butch was hired at UNC, he was never a good gameday coach anyway. Randy Shannon is a guy that can make halftime adjustments, just look at how well the defense played the 2nd half Sat. after giving up to big plays. That's who they need to lead the team next year. GO CANES!!!

Has anyone heard the rumor that UM boosters have spoken with Tommy Tuberville about becoming the head coach at the U next year? He apparently met with them instead of attending some team meetings/practices last week. That helps explain why his team was so under prepared for a inferior Georgia team. If this is true, it would be great news for the U. It would mean that he stops robbing the talent out of here and taking it to Auburn.

a lot of people seem to think that coker is done at the U. as much as i would like for this to be true, i get the feeling that coker will still be at the U next season. think about it:

1. donna shalala - she has shown that she doesn't really care about the U's athletics. she is only concerned about academics. of course, academics are the most important thing (since it is a university), but the U's football history is too important to give up also.

2. paul dee - this guy seems to be as incompetent as coker. after all, he is the one who gave coker that big money extension. i don' t think he's interested in getting another coach. what has he done to show that he's thinking about canning coker? nothing. dee and coker deserve each other - it would be good if they paired up somewhere else besides Miami.

3. money - after giving coker that huge extension, the U might not be able to afford a new coach; at least not a big name coach like schiano. especially since they're paying that ex-basketball coach for nothing. who in the hell keep doing this? first a basketball coach getting paid for nothing, and now coker getting paid for - well, nothing.

4. coker will not step down - no matter how much good it will do the U, coker will never step down. he has already said that he wants to coach the U for his entire contract, and many years after that. the U could go 0-12 with coker at the helm, and he still won't step down. he'll just keep talking about how we shouldn't give up on the team, and all of that positive twist stuff.

so, as much as i hate to say it - i think coker will be back next season. i just don't see anyone who would be worth canning him for. and even if that person was out there, could the U afford him? probably not. so, get used to loosing fellow canes. hopefully coker will shock us and start winning, but as of right now, i don't see it.

I would like to follow up on the comments made by njcanes01 because I was also at the Maryland game on Saturday, since I'm a big 'Canes fan living in the DC area. The comments that were made to me and my son were totally disrespectful and in very bad taste. And I'm not talking about comments from drunken students (these were constant too, but they were expected). I'm talking about comments made by men in their thirties and forties who should know better. In the parking lot and on our way into the stadium, we heard comments about "checking our guns" at the gate and other tasteless comments. When the game ended, a man who was sitting several rows in front of us turned around and actually said "how many Miami players died this week, I lost count." My son and I couldn't believe that grown adults would act this way and make such tasteless comments. Of course, anyone who knows this area knows that if Maryland had a .500 record or worse, that stadium would have been half empty. They all come out of the woodwork and jump on the bandwagon when their team is winning. People in this area also know the terrible reputation of Maryland fans at their home basketball games and the crazy, violent behavior they exhibit around College Park after a big win.

Regarding Miami's next coach, one name I haven't heard mentioned is Jim Leavitt, the head coach at the Univ of South Fla. He seems like an up and coming coach with major college experience in the Big 12 and he took the USF program over from scratch and is probably going to lead them to another bowl appearance this year. He's also a strong recruiter with ties to the South Fla area. Some of the other names mentioned are great, but I can't see Miami paying the money it will take to get them.

Here's another name in the hat for a new coach: Chris Peterson from Boise State. The school has a track record of head coaches successfully moving on to bigger schools (Houston Nutt, Dirk Koetter - check out Dan Hawkins in two years). He was the offensive coordinator under Hawkins, and the Broncos offense has always looked good. He's only around 40...

I think that we all in agreement that Larry is nice guy & was a good OC, but he needs to bounce.

Barry Alverz is not going anywhere, why would he give up an AD position for a coaching job?

Davis was a horrible coach but a masterfull recruiter as per having Clement play instead of covington.

Shannon is would not be a good head coach, that guy has never made an adjustment in his life.

Gruden is not the guy!

Chow or how about Mouch! Steve is not going to get another NFL head coaching job and he could be another Pete Carrol.

Lets go canes lets win out for Bryan!

I agree with Tommy above. Randy Shannon is THE MAN for the Head Coach. How much more does he have to prove. Miami is #5 in total defense this year...#3 in run defense...and this after his defense has had to bail out the offense time and time again.

If we don't hire him, I'm afraid we'll wind up playing against another team HE will be the Head Coach of. Maybe...dread...Florida State.

AblesCane. I am a UM fan in Birmingham, AL and there is some talk on the sports talk show here about Tubberville looking/talking to other schools, but I think it is just worried tigers talking and that there hasn't been any actual meetings. Will keep you posted about anything substantial, but right now, I do not believe that he is really in secret negotiations or anything. I wouldn't mind him coming back to the U though. It would bring some of the swagger back that the team had when he was coaching under Jimmy in the 80's.

ddaniels, swagger is not what UM needs. swagger is something that describes a team that wins and does so by completely dominating other teams. UM is for the most part dominated every team they have played from a defensive standpoint. What they are pathetic at is offense. They need a coaching staff that can develop its offensive players. KW has all the physical talents you can want in a QB, but the coaching staff has failed to improve his play. They have some talented wide receivers who just cannot catch or hold onto the ball. UM brought in Todd Berry to coach the QBs and Rich Olsen to be Offesnive Coordinator. Neither have done a thing. I see the QB play regressing. The receivers coach is supposed to be very good. WHy can't he teach them how to catch and hold onto the ball? We don't need swagger. We need offense. When we get our offense back, swagger will naturally follow. Don't go jumping on an opponents logo in the middle of their field with nothing to back it up with. Beat a team by 40 points and you don't need to jump on their logo. They will know how bad they were beaten without that.

I don't disagree at all Steve.

Imagine what this team would be if we could get the 'Ole Ball Coach out of South Carolina and into the O-Bowl. Wow!


Tuberville may indeed bolt AU for another school after this year. He has seemed uninspired in the SEC, and sounds as if he is looking to go to another conference that will have a somewhat easier road to a National Championship, which he doesn't feel will ever come at Auburn because of the Media Bias against them. I have heard some rumors that he is talking with another school, and the speculation is either aTm or UM. Lets hope we get him. If anything, at least we will be competitive and interesting to watch.

Spurrier at UM? Give me a break. If Miami can't do any better than that they ought to give up Div. IA football.

Mariucci is definitely not another Pete Carroll. As a former 49ers fan I can tell you he is a classic underachiever.

If UM is smart they will focus on Richt, Tuberville or Rodriguez and pony up the bucks.

Lets see...Shalala/Dee/Coker vs Speilman/Wandstedt...and the winnerloser) is......
For you Miamians (I'm a former one), time to get down on your knees and repeat with great conviction.."Thank you Lord for Pat and Dwayne"

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