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Schiano is out: Who is next?

OK, so the guessing game about who the next coach at the University of Miami will be has finally made some progress. It won't be Greg Schiano, who we all knew was the No. 1 choice. Schiano officially spoke to UM Sunday night and said just hours ago he's not interested. Read between the lines and this is what it sounded like to me: "Sorry, but you did do enough to keep me around before and now I'm waiting for Joe Pa to move over at Penn State."

Ppatterson04 So who is next on UM's list? Reports would tell you its probably Texas Tech coach Mike Leach, an offensive mastermind who has been speaking through others that he's interested. I don't think it's Leach. Not that I've been putting in as much time as Susan or Barry Jackson for us into finding out who UM is targeting, but I got a call from a source and friend last night who is very much connected to college assistants through recruiting. He told me UM's Top 3 choices were 1. Schiano; 2. TCU coach Gary Patterson and 3. Titans coach Jeff Fisher. Anyway, my source does a lot of recruiting work with college assistants around the country and says he was with Mario Cristobal and another UM staffer (non coach) at the FHSAA State Football Championships at Dolphins Stadium over the weekend. According to my source, those are the three guys at the top of list. I still think current defensive coordinator Randy Shannon is up there, too. But my guess is he's fourth on the list. Take it for what it's worth.

FisherOf the three, Fisher intrigues me the most. He is not under contract for next season. He reportedly was going to be receiving an extension from the Titans, but said he hadn't yet even after the Titans upset the Colts yesterday. My source said Fisher sought out and received advice from former Hurricanes coach Jimmy Johnson to take the UM job. According to the source, Fisher has wanted to get out of Tennessee and follow the footsteps of Pete Carroll, who has won two national titles with USC. The Titans have a team option for next season worth $5.4 million for next season. But I'm not sure they'd retain him if he's told them he wants out after this year. Fisher is in his 12th season with Tennessee and is the franchises' winningest coach with a record of 107-96. Again, that's what's on the rumormill.

Anthonyharris Anyway, how about them basketball Hurricanes? Last night's home win over Georgia Tech was impressive. The Yellow Jackets are as good a young team as there is in the ACC according to most experts. UM not only beat them, but they did it with center Anthony King (the ACC's leading rebounder) on the bench for the second half. Got to give props to Anthony Harris for bouncing back and playing well with 21 points. While Jack McClinton has clearly become the team's best player, wins and losses ultimately hinge on Harris. When he is on, the Canes are on.

Anyway, the Hurricanes needed a win badly and thankfully got it. Those three ugly losses -- Buffalo, Cleveland State and Northwestern -- could eventually come back to haunt them. But at least with this win, UM avoids a 4-4 start and what looked like was going to be a long season of learning for coach Frank Haith's squad. UM's next four at home Lehigh (Dec. 9), Mississippi State (Dec. 11), Stetson (Dec. 16) and Binghamton (Dec. 20) are all winable games. The Canes should go 4-0, but even a 3-1 run wouldn't be so bad. That would put the Canes at 8-4 going into Louisville on Dec. 23.


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wow...Fisher would be a great fit for the U...this guy was a foot from a superbowl ring.

I'd take Jeff Fisher in a heartbeat. He's got tons of experience, seems to be a good motivator and gets a lot out of the talent he has (Tennessee probably shouldn't have 5 wins right now). The drawbacks with him are: 1) he might have lost touch with recruiting and the college game after spending the past decade-plus in the NFL; 2) UM would have to wait until Jan. 1, at the earliest, to even talk to him because of the NFL's tampering rules.

What is taking so long? Hire Shannon keep MC as OC and lets get recruiting!

Fat man get this right or this will be your job!

U want some "fire" in this program? how about Gruden?

U want some "fire" in this program? how about Gruden?

I still believe the best option for the U is Randy Shannon; however getting a succesfull pro coach as Fisher would be stupid to pass on. His profesional resume is great. he would be able to create a positive buzz for this program. his name recognation will be great for incoming recruits. If Fisher does get the job Shannon needs to stay on as DC.

why on earth has the name Norm Chow not been mentioned? He's the offensive genius behind USC's two NC's. I think either him or Shannon would be the best fit for THE U!

shannon needs to be the man south florida kids make the coaches look good not the other way around he will keep south florida kids in south florida and has the right kind of aditude for miami

What about Bobby Petrino? Why are we not going after one of the best offensive mastermind in college football?

FIRE!! FIRE!! FIRE!! -- "Paul Dee"-- He is a fat, parochial,dogmatic and circularity individual and this is reflected in the way he makes decisions. He is a product of his religion and background. He makes decisions based on his religious beliefs, ideologies,trainng, education and events surrounding his childhood. He thinks he is one of the chosen people -- well he is not and he can not keep on short changing people. He is just lining his own pockets for his personal monetary gain at the expense of the "U" This is typical of a person from his background and religion.Fire, Fire, Fire Pall Dee---

How is it that UM can't talk to Jeff Fisher, but alabama can talk to Nick Saban as mentioned on ESPN yesterday?

Read this article about Mike Leach...from the NY Times...Leach as head coach..Shannon..as DC...bump up in salary...


Oh and the email of the athletic director at UM is athleticdirector@miami.edu

My guess is that the NFL's tampering rules only apply to other NFL teams.

Have fun in Boise with the WAC. By the way, did you really get turned down the head coach at RUTGERS?!?


The name of Jeff Fisher is being mentioned. Here was my comment back in November 27, 2006:

We now have to move forward. The CANES will be back. As an Alumni, I am tired of reading comments from bandwagon CANE fans who suddenly want to jump ship. Once a CANE always a CANE no matter what! On another note, I have not heard any mention of Coach Fisher of the Tennessee Titans as being a possible option for the Miami head coach job. I believe he will be without a job by the end of the season. He would be an excellent choice for head Coach. Hopefully, Miami will do the best they can to keep Randy as our defensive coordinator.

Posted by: Jose Valentin | November 27, 2006 at 11:30 AM

Fisher is the coach that the U needs. Of course, UM has to do all it can to keep Randy as DC. How about letting MR. Dee go so that we can make room for that?

Will someone please hire Mike Leach? This guy with some talent would be unstoppable, and he's young.

Are you kidding me. The national media is laughing at us with the coaching search already, and this is the last straw. If Dee actually contacted Kosar, that would be how insane he is!

This is kind of crap that will scare off top tier recruits!

1. Patterson TCU
2. Shannon (only with a top OC)
3. Krapthorpe
4 Leech

I'm really getting irritated with some of the comments 'Canes fans are making in these blogs. It's one thing to be critical of Paul Dee's decisions. But to make fun of his weight is the work of little men with little minds, and they makes all 'Canes fans look bad. What's more, none of them know the constraints under which P.Dee must work, and any of them who tried to do his job would screw it up more artfully than Bozo, the Three Stooges (with Curly OR Shemp) and the Marx Brothers combined.

We've had enough of paper tigers who talk tough but cannot back up what they say, haven't we?

As for the coaching situation:

Would Fisher bring Norm Chow with him? That would be good. But it would also mean starting over for the 'Canes.

Kosar is intriguing. He's smart, he knows football and, most of all, he knows what won at UM when he was there. When he was the U's QB, they won games before they ever took the field because Kosar had them all sewn up before kick-off. As well, he's also "plugged in": is well respected and liked in the football world.

Shannon is the same: a smart, football wise and well versed in UM's winning lore. He's also an excellent coach who knows the ropes around the U. As well, his roots and culture will draw the top talent South Florida has always had to offer.

Leach sounds good, too, but I don't know him well enough to comment. However, my brother-in-law went to Texas Christian, and he's a weasel.

Who's Gruden?

Bobby Petrino is the coach we need.

Make Randy the highest paid Asst and keep him on board.

Hope he's not considering the Texas Job.

Go CANES!!!!!!


Fisher was a viable option before the last couple of weeks....he would leave if the titans aren't going anywhere, but things are looking up in tennessee...

I still think the frontrunner has got to be Shannon...I personally would like to have Leach and keep Shannon on, but it will be hard to get Leach to leave for anything less than 2 million a year. Plus, everybody knows priority #1 is to keep Shannon....I think Shannon will do great as HC, but I do think we will need a proven OC that can recruit to shore up the O....the money saved on Randy Shannon should allow for that.....

Basketball team was very impressive on Sunday....one of the most fun games I have been too....watch out ACC

Don't dismiss Kosar out of hand - especially to be involved at UN in some manner.

Fisher is great idea - but I still like the DC.

I think everyone is in agreement that Shannon should be in the program in some capacity. Landing Fisher would be incomprehensibly fantastic but he's not exactly Pete Carroll. Carroll was a bad NFL coach that has become very successful in college. Fisher has always remained a good NFL coach but hurt recently by bad personnel decisions. But I think the Titans have already righted the ship by drafting Vince Young and Fisher would be hard pressed to leave. I think the only viable alternatives would be to hire Shannon outright as head coach or hire Barry Alvarez for 4 to 5 years and keep Shannon as defensive coordinator/assistant head coach and groom him to be Alvarez's successor. I don't think hiring coaches from historically inferior programs (especially coaches with no ties to the South Florida recruiting base) serves in the best interests of the U.

lets just move on. all the prospects are good. fisher would work....randy would work or could stay as DC, but let's move on. as long as it aint spurrier or ANY bowden, i'll still be a fan, but i'd like to see this getting done faster.


this blog sucks...update the damn blog and people might actually read it...look at the sun-sentinel's blog for the U....literally thousands of posts....

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