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The Hot Stove: Shannon, recruiting and high school football

For those of you wondering where I've been -- read the paper. Between UM hoops, Chris Rainey, Antwain Easterling, Randy Shannon, video, sound bytes and recruiting analysts I really haven't had a free minute. Which is not good!

Anyway, enough about my sleep deprived self. There's obviously a lot that's gone Shannonon at The U this week. First off, congratulations to Randy Shannon. Today's good news couldn't have come to a harder worker or more deserving person. I know some Hurricanes fans may be disappointed the search didn't net a bigger name with more head coaching experience, but being around the team this season I couldn't agree more with the decision to give Shannon a shot. He is exactly what this team needs. An injection of what the Hurricanes used to be -- a local product with fire, energy and driving desire to win. Obviously, the decision of who steps in to be offensive coordinator will be the other big part of this scenario.

But if you listen to UM players, the community of high school players and coaches (READ MY STORY), there isn't a more perfect fit for the Hurricanes. Randy is the epitome of the hometown hero. He's survived so much in his life (READ MICHELLE'S STORY). It's a life he shares so much in common with the kids that play for him, the kids in this community. Randy wants to win. And kids want to win for Randy. Aside from the fact he's a defensive genious, Shannon will eventually surround himself around the right people: Hurricane people who know what it takes to take this program back to the top. Whether that's Bernie Kosar, some of his former players now out of the NFL, or maybe even some of the former assistants here before, you've got to figure this will all begin happening soon.

Damienberry But perhaps the best part of his hiring is what it will do locally. Last year, Susan and I wrote a story about how the University of Miami football program had begun making local recruits and teams feel unappreciated. Some laughed. Truth was the story was no fib. Coaches and local athletes were feeling a bit blue toward The U. Friday alone, I spoke with about a dozen local high school kids and coaches. All of them were ecstatic Shannon was named coach. Why? He's a 305 guy. Norland High. UM. Homestead receiver A'Jami Guyton told me he felt UM and Shannon were finally going to give him a serious look. Same for North Miami Beach do-it-all star Doug Wiggins. Same with Glades Central running back Damien Berry (a UM commitment who by the way has played nearly half the season with a torn ACL). Same with Hialeah defensive end Adewale Ojomo (who commited Friday). Same with Northwestern coach Roland Smith, who by the way has the sickest junior class in the nation and is likely to send his pal most if not all of that talent next year.

The bottomline: the Hurricanes have lost out on some major local recruits of late. Some were just flat out passed over or somehow got out of town for reasons to this day I have no idea why. Guys like Elvis Dumervil. Guys like Dwayne Bowe. Guys like Max Jean-Gilles. Check Ohio State, Tennessee, LSU, Auburn, N.C. State and plenty of other team's rosters. I could go on and on. Now with Shannon at the helm, the emphasis will be South Florida -- 561, 954, 305  (the three area codes UM has always done most of its winning with) and every other place south of Orlando.

Shannon shared one of his best recruiting stories with us Friday. He told us about how he found Santana Moss, stashed away at Carol City. Moss, who only caught 7 passes (6 for TDs), was deciding between a UM track scholarship and a football scholarship from Eastern Kentucky. Shannon went out and spoke to Carol City coach Walt Frazier. Trust me, Frazier told him, you want him. It's those type of recruiting success stories that made UM what it was. It's what is going to make UM great again. Check out the COMPLETE VIDEO Q&A SESSION WITH THE MEDIA.

Rainey Speaking of great. Friday night's finish between St. Thomas Aquinas and Lakeland was amazing. Aquinas was down 21-0, scored 35 points in the fourth quarter and ended up losing by 2 inches, 45-42 in double overtime. I think FSN will be rebroadcasting it on Christmas Day. Tune into the last 6 minutes of the fourth quarter. Chris Rainey is sick. 276 yards, 3 TDs, amazing speed and quickness. Talk about a great recruit for UF.

Marve Since I've been back on the old beat a bit this week with the high school championships in town, I've got a few players I've heard UM could soon be looking into. Tampa Plant QB Robert Marve is one of them. Marve (6-2, 195) is the real deal Holyfield. A former Alabama commitment, I ran into one of his assistants in the hallway at UM and asked him if UM was going to be checking Marve out. He told me yes. Marve plays at 1 p.m. today against St. Augustine Nease. He's got 45 TD passes and more than 4,000 yards passing this season. The kid can play and would be a great steal for UM if they can get him. The assistant told me the kid has been getting looks from Florida State and LSU since Mike Shula got fired. He says Marve likes UM and is probably only a few phone calls away from giving UM some serious consideration. Might be worth it.

Other guys UM needs to land: How about St. Thomas safety Major Wright? Stud! Kid hits like a freight train. Even though he's likely to end up playing linebacker in the pros and maybe college, Shannon and company have to make sure Major doesn't skip town for Ohio State, USC or Michigan like he's rumored to be doing.

Oops. Before I forget. Not sure if this made the paper anywhere, but I spoke with linebacker Jon Beason about his future. Basically, Beason expects to hear back from the NFL next week. If it looks like he's going to get paid, he's out. If not, he's back in a heartbeat. Thing is he won't announce it until after the bowl game. Listen to the interview.

Anyway, I'm done. Time to go to sleep. Here's what I want to hear from you:
1. What are your thoughts on Shannon being named coach?
2. Is there a high school player you would like to UM chase after?
3. Of UM's current 11 commitments, who do you like best and why?


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is there a list of the um recruits you can put up.... rivals hasnt really updated their list last i checked. shannon was a good hire especially hearing that all the s. fla. highschool players are excited about the U again. so im all for that move. put the fence up at the orlando line and dont look any further...see if you can get that list for us

im a big time canes fans ever since they beat yha cornhusker for tha nat.title im from nd country but i hate them,that was the best move um made by givin shannon tha job good job canes!

Great job by Paul Dee,
Shannon will get it done. I am excited about the next OC (hopefully Chud), DC (Amato?).
Looks like Butch Davis' first hire Hagen is not that great, I look for him to fizzle at NC.
We need 2 or 3 more fast wide receivers, 2 gamebreadking rb, and some nasty OLineman.

Hey fellow canes. RS- Love this guy and hope he gets his coaches! Below is the list from http://miami.rivals.com.

I don't know where manny came up with 11 and even the 10 below have a couple soft verbals and Cooper is now out. Phelon is at LSU right now.

Name Pos Ht/Wt Stars RR
Graig Cooper RB 5-11/185 6.1
Damien Berry DB 5-11/197 5.9
Phelon Jones ATH 6-1/185 5.9
Kayne Farquharson WR 6-2/185 5.8
Harland Gunn OL 6-2/300 5.7
Chris Perry DT 6-3/319 5.7
Taurus McKinley WR 5-9/163 5.6
Adewale Ojomo DE 6-3/217 5.6
Nick Fanuzzi QB 6-3/200 5.5
Daniel Adderley WR 6-6/215 5.2

Speaking of WR I like the size of Daniel Adderley. His high school coach Davis said his hands are the size of a football helmet.U think our QB can find that in the endzone?

Yes congrats 2 randy he's perfect for the job things are finally turning around. But as far as anyone they need to look the kid from southridge senior high number 50 plays lb, defense end and sometimes ss. I'm telling you he is a sleeper recruit they was on em before but swayed away. I'm telling you he's playing in the upcoming state games come on and check em out Stefaun Dorsey #50 southridge deep down south

Cooper is supposed to be a beast. The one I'm excited about though is Farquharson, he trashes teams and makes it look easy, has good speed and great hands. I'm a bitshaky about our recruiting so far though.

I love the hire.Im not from miami but i can just imagine what the recruits from there are thinkin about him.He has some things in common with me...But i wanna see them go after Travaris Cadet..Billy Foster..Tray Herndon..Carlton Johnson..and Akeem august..and i like Kayne Farquharson the best cuz i think he plays the game of football kinda like i play mine

If Randy puts SoFla on lockdown I'll be happy.

You can line that talent up left and right and just tell them to go play ball and they'll kick Meyer's ass all day long. Remember, this year might be a wash, maybe, but in another year we have OSU*. I want to beat them badly in their house. Badly.

Canescando, I believe the 11th would be Orlando Franklin, since he technically didnt get in this year. And Rivals has finally dropped Cooper as official commit.

Congratulations to coach Shannon. You can already see that he brings immediate class to the position as he thanked a variety of coaches and said that the team was still coach Coker's team. The legacy of class continues!

MOre importantly, based on the news whispers, recruits are beginning to change their minds about the U. My hope is that we land a solid class this year. Currently we are ranked 39th by scout. We need to land 4 Five Star players.

Lastly, we need to determine what we will do with the offense. Either keep Olson and Berry or bring back Soldinger, Kehoe and Stevens. If not Stevens then bring in Bernie Kosar or Ernie Zampese.

Of course Shannon being hired was a must do, if not then this Program could be looking at the death sentence.
Now he has to go out & nail down some great/special skill position players. Miami hasn't had a QB come in here in a few years & after the '07 season we don't have a QB on roster a potential disaster, that can be a huge selling point to some of the top QB recruits out there, knowing they will step in with a full 4yrs of starting.
Next is his staff I'm sure he'll keep the D under good coaching but as we all know the O is all about dead, I say hire Marc Trestman from NC State, he was O Cord for Super Bowl Raiders he also is west coast offensive guy which is what UM needs to go along with it's special players.
Well lets wait & see.

On a negative side of things Shannon has to & I mean has to hit the ground running. He must get out there & get the right people & players, because these fans will not give him any adjustment time as most coaches get when newly hired. That's the bad part about being promoted within & being a life time Cane, the feeling is that he has the pulse of the team & the area recruits and has seen what's gone wrong over the past few years & should know what exactly to fix. That being the case then he should be able to address it ASAP!
Most fans feel there is alot of talent already on the team just Coker & his guys couldn't Coachem up nor putem in the best situation to be successful.
I for one, putting winning aside am truly pulling for Randy Shannon I wanted him from day one because he offers stability nothing radical, which I was afraid a new coach would bring & possibly kill this program.
Lets go Randy we are behind you.

Congradulations randy you were my choice all along in case it matters to you. Now as for recruits the kid from south carolina whose 6-5 runs a 4.4-4.5 40 and is a raw receiver i am excited about. Remember guys like santana moss, willis mcgahee, ken dorsey oh i could go on and on. Anyways the point being Miami particulary under butch davis was masterful at pulling diamonds out of the rough that's the feeling i have about this guy.

don't leave out Leonard Hankerson. i cant beat the drum enough for this kid, what hands, WHAT HANDS!!! forget Chris Rainey (well, not really) , but it was Hankerson who played a key role in that amazing St Thomas comeback. unbeleivable, the U needs this kid. I went to watch Major Wright, but ended up watching Hankerson most of the second half.

I feel we need to land a chad jones from baton rouge, he's an outstanding QB and plenty of arm. I wounld also loved to convience the big Noel Devine awsome RB. check him out on google,I seen he recently drop the U off his list...maybe not recieving enough attention? I just have faith that Shannon will get it done! GO CANES!!!!!

I would like to see Miami recruit OL James Wilson, Ponte Verda, Fl. and OL Kevin Bryant, Lauderdale Lakes.

No 1 priority should be "recruiting" the best assistants possible.
I would love to see Amato as DC, he has been a tremendous recruiter and coach.
OC, up for grabs.
Re-hire Soldinger and keep Cristobal.

I'm very optimistic. Shannon is young, bright, energetic, has a good resume (aside from head coaching), ,good contacts with the NFL, and support of big-time 'Canes alumni. He's getting a ton of starters coming back, so let's see what he does with the returning talent. Priority #1 has got to be improvement on the O line. Priority #2 is some aggressive, but not foolish play calling. (For example, when it's 3rd and 1, just run it up the gut to get the first down!!) Just hope the 'Canes fans show up at home games and don't abandon ship at the first speed bump. GO 'CANES!!

Congratulations Randy, I am really happy for you and the CANES. I will like to see Gary Stevens brought back to the U's offence. He was very successful with the old teams and he understanmds what it is to be a CANE.

go shannon

I tell you guys a guy in juco who I have seen in person in high school and in juco. Look at rivals.com for top juco wr and one they everybody in collage football is overlooking is Terrance Scott from the collage of the canyons. You want to talk about awesome speed I will take him on any odds racing ayne seen them both in person. Plus is a great kid, I think why a lot of people are looking at his weight 170 and being only 6'0 This guy is not a midterm grad so hope he can qualify in may. Anybody who want to see a highlight film of the kid shoot me a email at jrod_jrodd@yahoo.com

Shannon is the best the U could have done. That is to say, they could not have hired a better head coach. He fits like a glove.

They have some good prospects at running back and wide receiver.

I think that quarterback from San Antonio is the best they have so far because he's so enthusiastic about playing for the U.

I think THE U needed a U guy. And I think Randy is a GREAT fit. My biggest concern is he needs to leave someone in DEEP middle on D. L-ville, G-T, and even DUKE beat us deep. That was and is our biggest downfall on DEF. We have ALL AMERICAN talent, then let them play back some. Like Sean Taylor and Ed Reed. With their speed, they don't need to be 3 or 4 yards off the line to stop the run. BACKERS should do the job! Then they should fill gaps. But, never get beat deep middle over and over. L-ville did it BIG TIME. So, IF def is so GREAT, then if could be the BEST EVER not giving up big plays.

Randy should do well. Now if we could get Bernie in as AD! Also get those current and former NFL'ers to help with the local recruiting and get involved with paying back the U with some upgraded facilities and assist in future plans for the OB. It seems like the parts are out there to get the machine back where it should be! Go Canes!

Tom S. U class of 82

I really think Randy Shannon is the best possible choice for the job. As for the offensive coordination I really beleive it will be Dirk Koetter, if not let's try to bring Rob Chudzinski back, for the rest of the coaching staff:
RB-Don Soldinger
OL-Mario Cristobal
WR-C Johnson
TE-Rob (if he comes back)
DC-Greg Mark
DL-Clint Hurtt
LB-Tolbert Bain
DB-keep samne guy

As for the recriut they should gop after
Stephen Garcia from Tampa Jefferson
(even the name says UM)
and every talented kin from SOFLA!!!

FINALLY Paul Dee, Donna and company do something right! Finally! CONGRATS Randy Shannon and i believe this is a great fit. i'm a sucker for great defenses and Shannon has done a good job with ours the last few years if we can just get the offense going!Good luck Shannon, i can purchase season tickets now! I hope he puts the defensive coordinator position in some able hands and get some real Headhunters like Ed Reed, Ray Lewis and Warren Sapp back. Lets get a great offensive and defensive coordinator build a wall around south Fla to keep other recruiters out and get back on top...PS we really need to sign MAJOR WRIGHT, that kid is awesome...Major if you're reading this please come to The U!!! (all of the great ones do).....

First of all, who will be our next OC...
Maybe Koetter, he was fired from ASU but not because of lack of offense.....
He looks good..
Anyways recuits want to know before they commit, it is very very very important that we get this right away......

Player to go after?

Noel Devine!

Now is the time for Shannon and his assistant to recruit and work extremly hard to get us back in the top 10 recruiting class...Hopefully among the top 5...All the energy should be put there with the hiring
of the best O.C. available in the country...
Try to convince the freshman Q.B. who decommited from Texas to join the Hurricanes...It's very very URGENT!!!! Randdy.

According to Canesport.com Leonard Hankerson committed to the Canes today.

Hankerson is a great get for this class.....as long as he qualifies it says he has a 750 SAT score. But STA kids usually end up qualifying. This kid is a baller.

I wish the U would come down to a little town called Immokalee (I-town) where u know who came out. (Edge and baby j) We have two great players down here that can make gig plays happen at any given time. LB Brian Rolle and CB/KR/PR Aaron Henry. These two guys are studs and they are hungry. These are the types of low key guys the U needs. Brian is a hit machine. He is always around the ball and the boy can flat out head hunt. Aaron is a highlight reel just waiting to happen. He may not be the fastest but the boy has mad skills. They are willing and ready if the U would only come around and show them some love. They would love to stay close to home, but first come first serve.

Brian Rolle verballed to Ohio State* today....damn.

Who is Brian Rolle?

Brian Rolle is a LB/RB/FB for the Immokalee Indians. He finished the year with 75 carries for 902 rushing yards and 17 TD, and thats because he was spliting time with three other people. He also finished the year with 125 tackles. He is a head hunter. He may not be the biggest guy at around 5'-11" 220lbs, but damn does he get the job done. He was a freight train!!!!

Aaron Henery is a WR/CB for the Immokalee Indians. He is about 6'-0" 190 lbs and runs about a 4.5 He finishedthe year with about 13 rec. for 483 yards and 5 TD. He also had 28 tackles with 2 INTS. On special teams he had 21 PRs for 436 yards and he also had 5 KRs for 256 yards. He had about 9 TD total for PR/KR.

Brian runs about a 4.6

WR Jermaine McKenzie commited to Miami today. 4 star from Bradenton, was a Bama commit. Looks like a baller, very smooth, good hands. Maybe he can bring QB Robert Marve with him...

Now that the decision is made we all need to stand behind Randy Shannon. He seems to be off to the right start especially with his recruiting efforts. Its always a risk moving an assistant up to be head coach. However, I guess everyone starts there at one time or another. Had a Greg Shiano or Barry Alvarez been available, perhaps this would have been a better way to go. We will never know. You make the best decision based upon the facts and the reality of the situation you have at the time. One thing for sure, Randy Shannon understands the importance of hard work and struggle to achieving success. That's got to bode well for him and the Miami football program. So its now the time to show 100% support for our hurricanes and its new head coach. The U gave us some great years. Lets hope the good times are coming back now.

Robert Marve will lead the Canes to the national championship if he comes. He's the real deal. Runs the spread offense, great arm, real team guy, great character, real leader. Plant H.S. went 15-0 with him this year.

Tyler Hardin from powerful Jefferson H.S. in Tampa is a hidden gem. Played linebacker for 3 years at another, lesser known school before transferring to Jefferson. 6' 3", 235 lbs, a load of a linebacker, who moved to a down lineman to help his team in his senior year. Most scouts don't realize he's a natural linebacker and waiting to be found. Great student, too.

have you seen all are recruits.... 5 of them are recievers..... can you say shannons worried bout the offense. i thnk he's doing a hell of a job recruiting if he pulls that qb marve from bama it well be great but he also's gotta start getting like 2 or 3 ol and the rest should be defense we need to get taht killer defense we had w/ ed reed, vilma, etc.

Randy is trying to get back to 5 star RB:s that we signed last year but went to prep and now are deciding on other schools. Lesean Mccoy and G Cooper...Add those 2 and thompson from belle glade and we have a top 5 class, Fanuzzi our QB recruit was named to THE us army all american game----top 6 QB;s....Class is looking real good

Randy Shannon, was definitely the right decision. No one was talking about Greg Schiano when he was just a defensive coordinator with no college level head coaching experience before he took over at Rutgers, because no one cared about Rutgers it was a nowhere program, until he started coming to South Florida and stealing our candy while we were neglecting out base. Thats why Rutgers is even on the map. Now that will no longer be the case with Randy Shannon in charge. Randy will lock down South Florida. Just look at the job and respect he commands by what he has done in less than a week landing some of the biggest names in the state, in my opinion if he can nail down Major from St. Thomas the running back from out East and two or three solid offensive lineman to push the current guys. It's moved from an already impressive class to ELITE category status.

Go Canes.... I can't wait to fly home for the first home game in 2007.....

Congtatulations to Randy Shannon! It's a been a long year.I am relieved that miami will start taking back south florida recruits. I would like to see UM go after the QB Marve and get a head start with Roland Smith's junior class. I reside only twenty miles from Rutgers. I'm sick and tired of Schiano taking recruits from south florida. Rutgers can't keep new jersey recruits in state. Rutgers relies on south florida athletes to put it's program on the map. I'm glad the canes will make it way more difficult for other programs. Let's get the offense turned around and get back to being a national powerhouse.

Randy We need Rob to Coach the Offense and
Who will be our Quaterback Next Year?

I can't wait for next season, M.I.A town will be celebrating another national tittle. The Canes have a bunch of hungry dogs and they are waiting to be unlish. I think The biggest problem the Canes faced this past season was the coaching. They were to careful unlishing thier dogs. We have great players in our roster and I think coach Shannon will know how to lead and use these dogs. The Canes will be respected next season, maybe not by the stupid money hungry BCS old guys, but by every football team that have to face a hungry Cane team. Yes congratz to coach Shannon for the new great recrutes, and I can't wait to fly down to the Orange Bowl in 2007 to watch my boyz doing some payback.
Ps It would be nice if the Canes and those over rated Gators can open the season, and it would be even nicer to see coach Mayor get beat and show him M.I.A football style. GO CANES!

please be moe agressive on defense the kids love it and thats the biggest difference between now and the championsip years and also put your playmakers on the field no matter what please recruit the jacksonville area go canes




Good luck Randy. I should have never fired Soldinger or Kehoe. I guess I deserve this.

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