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UM's RECRUITING RUN: Get excited, but proceed with caution

The past week has to have been probably the most exciting time all year for Hurricanes fans. Every day this week there's been a different kid committing to the program and to new coach Randy Shannon. After a 6-6 season, a bright future is about the only thing that feels good if you wear orange and green on Saturdays.

Shannon_1 But I caution those of you who perform such rituals as painting a U on the side of your head or shouting for absolutely no reason "WE GOT SOME CANES UP IN HERE! WHOOSH! WHOOSH!" to slow your roll. Calm down. Even if its just a little bit. National Signing Day is still more than 6 weeks away. And a lot can change from here to then. I'm not trying to kill the buzz. Just trying to restore some reality.

Now, what Shannon and company have done in the past week is amazing. And the next couple of days might turn out to be even sweeter after he visits Belle Glade tonight and the home of star receiver Deonte Thompson. But nothing is a done deal until the kids sign on the dotted line. I've been to too many high schools on the first Wednesday in February the past 10 years to know just because a kid says I'm going doesn't mean squat. Before this is over, Florida State is bound to take someone from Miami. It always happens. Look up Antone Smith and a former Northwestern High defensive lineman whose name escapes me. Like I said, I hate to be a buzz killer. But I know sometimes you got to take a step back for a second a get a reality check.

That being said... while I know some of you spend your lives on Canesport.com and Canestime.com message boards reading up and seeing video of these prospective recruits, I know some of you prefer to save the monthly $10 and live off hearsay. I'm no expert and won't pretend to be. Rivals.com and Scout.com are the place to go if you want die-hard info on who these kids are and what they are thinking up to the minute. Those two websites do an excellent job covering every angle of recruiting and I've got a lot of respect for the guys that do the job -- Matt Shodell, Christopher Stock, Mike Bakas, Gary Ferman (and company). But if you would rather save $10, you can come here and at least get one person's perspective (I was the high schools writer for five-plus years in Miami-Dade) I'll provide what insights I can in the days leading up to Signing Day. But those guys I mentioned above are perfect for the die-hards.

First off, as of right now UM has exactly 10 oral commitments. Here's the working list with basic info with some notes added in. Note: The highest star rating by Rivals is 5. I'll throw in what I know from speaking to some of these guys, their parents and coaches afterward.

Adderley_1 WR, Daniel Adderley, Simpsonville (S.C.). Southside Christina (6-6, 215, 4.5, 2-stars)
-- Of all the recruits Adderley is the biggest unknown. I spoke to his coach Dexter Davis when the kid committed two weeks ago and he said Adderley is the real deal and compares him to USC's Dwayne Jarrett. That's a big comparison, but Adderley's size and speed is something to like. He was being recruited by Tennessee before he ended his senior season five games in with a broken collarbone. A native of the Bahamas, who could end up being the biggest steal of the recruiting season.

DB, Damien Berry, Belle Glade Glades Central (5-11, 197, 4.46-speed, 4 stars)
-- Rivals rates him the No. 13 safety in the nation. Helped lead Glades Central to 3A state title. When I spoke to his coaches before the state championships, they told me he was a UM lock. I know when I spoke to Berry himself the day before the state championship game last week he told me having Mario Cristobal at UM was big for him. Cristobal recruited him. He told me he was planning on taking a trip to LSU before taking his final visit to UM. I think the Hurricanes end up with him. Joseph Goodman spoke with him on the day of the state championship game and he said he was going to UM no matter what. His father Kenny Berry is a former Hurricane. By the way, Berry played the second half of the season with a torn ACL. He will likely have surgery and need some time to recover. Recruiting analysts compare him to Ed Reed.

QB, Nick Fanuzzi, San Antonio Texas Churchill High (6-3, 200, 4.6, 3-stars)
-- Rivals isn't too high on Fanuzzi, but Scout.com rates him the 23rd best QB in the nation. I've spoken to his father numerous times in the last two weeks and get the sense his son really wants to come to Miami and is excited about some of the names the program has attracted recently. Thing is, a few other schools of late have entered the mix in contacting him Alabama, Arizona State and Kentucky, where Fanuzzi's father went to school. On film, Fanuzzi reminds me of Kirby Freeman. An athletic quarterback who can throw on the run. I think there's a chance Fanuzzi strays if UM gets Robert Marve from Tampa Plant. But we'll see how things shake out.

WR, Kayne Farquharson, El Camino, Calif. JUCO (6-2, 185, 4.4-speed, 4 stars)
-- Rated 6th best JUCO WR available. Led El Camino to JUCO state title in California. Spoke to him on Monday after he finally returned my call. I know some of the websites say Farquharson is a soft verbal, but the kid told me he was officially signing with UM on Dec. 20. He will come in as a junior and by my estimation will likely contend for starting time immediately.

OL, Harland Gunn, Omaha, Neb., Central (6-2, 300, 5.2, 3-stars)
-- Rated the 9th best center in the nation by Rivals.com although Scout.com rates him higher. I've never spoken to Gunn or his coach despite repeated phone calls to his school. But from all reports the kid looks like he'll sign with UM. I know some UM staff are excited about this kid and the prospects of him being an immediate contributor with Anthony Wollschlager gone.

Hankerson_tdWR, Leonard Hankerson, St. Thomas Aquinas (6-2, 185, 4.4, 3-stars)
-- Rated the 44th best receiver in the nation by Rivals.com but I suspect the kid is better than that. When I spoke to two state recruiting analysts, Charles Fishbein and Corey Long, both said Hankerson reminds them a lot of his coach, former Dolphin and Vikings star receiver Anthony Carter. Hankerson is the best receiver in Broward County hands down and might have the perfect pedigree to be a solid, consistent contributor over his career at UM. I think he's a lock.

WR, Jermaine McKenzie, Bradenton Prep (6-1, 170, 4.41-speed, 4 stars)
-- Newest commitment. Rivals rates 13th best receiver in the nation. Kid told me he was a UM lock because he grew up a Hurricanes fan. But when I spoke to his father last night, he said it was more like a 95 percent done deal. McKenzie will make a trip to UM in January. I think he'll end up a Hurricane.

WR, Taurus McKinley, Belle Glade Glades Central (5-9, 165, 4.6, 3-stars)
-- Rated the 57th best receiver in the nation by Rivals.com. Fishbein told me McKinley is a tremendous route runner -- kind of like Santana Moss -- and his speed is deceiving. I've never spoken to McKinley, but I have spoken to his coaches who tell me he is likely a UM lock. For starters, McKinley is the younger brother of current Hurricane Randy Phillips. While nothing is for certain, I know he is close with his teammates -- Deonte Thompson, Damien Berry and others. I wouldn't be surprised if ended up being a part of a package deal either for Miami or for someone else like LSU.

DE, Adewale Ojomo, Hialeah High (6-3, 225, 4.6, 3-stars)
-- Rated 28th best weakside defensive end in the nation by Rivals.com. I've seen the kid play twice and I can tell you he is a big, physical specimen. He's fast enough to play outside linebacker. But I think he's going to end up being a quick end, kind of like an Eric Moncur. He loves Randy Shannon and is a Cane lock told me so last week when he committed. His cousin is Dallas linebacker Akin Ayodele.

DT, Chris Perry, Keller, Tex. Fossil Ridge (6-3, 320, 5.1, 3-stars)
-- Rated the 25th best defensive tackle in the nation by Rivals.com. Kid has been hot and cold on Miami for months. I have never spoken to him and I've left messages unreturned. But reports are he recently took a trip to Nebraska where he liked it a lot. Miami at this point probably is 50-50 to land this kid although he is still reportedly set to visit UM in late January.

OK, those are the 10 commitments. Who else is Miami targeting?

If you read my story today (Bradenton star McKenzie commits to Canes) then you know UM is also apparently after Robert Marve whom I mentioned earlier. He is a talented kid who I got to see play twice and came away impressed both times. Great arm and accuracy. Small by QB standards at 6-1, 200 pounds. But big enough to be a playmaker and leader at UM. Might be the perfect arm for all of the new receivers UM is landing.

OK, beyond Marve these are other potential targets.
WR Deonte Thompson, Belle Glade Glades Central
RB Graig Cooper, Milford Prep, N.Y. (former commitment)
RB Antwain Easterling, Miami Northwestern
ATH Doug Wiggins, North Miami Beach
ATH A'Jami Guyton, Homestead
S Joseph Nicholas, Homestead
S Major Wright, St. Thomas Aquinas
WR Alphonso Bryant, Homestead
OL Kevin Bryant, Hallandale
LB Brandon Hicks, Jacksonville Forrest

Anyway, that's what I know for now. Here's what I want to get from you. More reaction to the recruiting news and other feelings and thoughts on the Canes.


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Thanks for the info about recruiting. I would like to see at least two quarterbacks going to Miami, and as for wide receivers, I think we need a few more. Florida (UF) last year took the majority of them from the sunshine state. I hope Miami can do the same this year. I like what I'm seem from coach Shannon. One more thing, we need a kick returner. Miami was very weak in that category.

MAJOR WRIGHT!! We need this guy! PERIOD! This should be a non-negotiable request! I like what Randy Shannon is doing so far and i know we need help on offense but you would think he would be targeting more defensive players as well (especially since that is his background). I think he needs to make some trips to Central High and Carrol City, theres always talent overflowing at those two schools...anyone knows who the offensive coordinator is projected to be???

Damien Berry has reconfirmed his commitment. He says no matter what Mario does, he will be a Hurricane. Hopefully it is a package deal with DT and Mckinely.

Cooper, Byrant, Guyton are locks the remainder of that list are so so. Randy has had a lot of momentium lately, but these all kids that wanted to go here in the first place. Cooper, DVD, Jones have all decommitted in the last two weeks so we cannot get to excited.

This will be Hard core cane class!

I think we'd be a lot more successful if we made it our priority/responsiblity to lock the local talent in first, then venture out to find other talent. A five star player in Miami is much different from a five star player from South Dakota.

If we can our current committs and add Thompson, Bryant, Wright, Marve, and Wiggins (special teamer and DB) this will be a more than solid class and they all want to be Canes!!! Also getting Easterling and/or Cooper

I agree that the current recruits have to stay in the fold. Once a OC is named it will help with the offensive side of the ball. I can see that QB from Texas wavering and going somewhere else so its a great idea to look into another QB.

What's the deal with Easterling and his legal troubles?

Major Wright is the prototypical miami player, we need him, #1 priority behind marve

Cooper may end up a Cane, but I say it is 50-50

We need 1 or 2 signing day surprises like Marvin Austin or Anthony Davis or Marve

Would Guyton play WR? with DT that would be 7 WR, and I gues Wiggins is a DB and so is DVD

Truly, perhaps the biggest holes recently, regardless of what everyone thinks has been QB, WR, and OL. The OL needs to anchor the offense so that James and whoever plays QB has time. I think the OL is crucial because Miami was always successful with pocket QB's and not Kirby Freeman style QB's. Ken Dorsey was unathletic but had an amazing OL, quick release, and outstanding WR's and oh, Shockey. A priority should be to keep OLSEN at the U and not in the draft. That is a recruiting success if this were to happen. With 19 returning starters, the U should have a successful season and with this recruiting binge (it seems) momentum would be great entering the season. Watch out for the U

Some of the players we need to look at are WR Donte Thompson he will be the fastest WR the U has had in a while; Jacksonville LB Brandon Hicks they need linebacker help ASAP; and of course five of the best players not only in South Florida but in Florida period. 1.The hardest hitting safety in the country Major Wright (seems to be the next Ronnie Lott), 2.OL Kevin Bryant the guy is 6-6 380 he should turn out to be great if he goes to the U 3.RB Antwain Easterling besides what has happen off the field the guy is a great player and I think he would keep his nose clean under coach Randy Shannon 4.Doug "he can do it all" Wiggins and 5.WR Alphonso Bryant the best senior WR in Dade county period (that would make 7 WR's so I am not sure the Canes are going to do that). QB Robert Marve would also be a great pick up (this kid has a cannon for an arm). The U also needs DL help and if they get QB Robert Marve that will make two recruits that were taking from Alabama, so why not go after a guy that was looking at Alabama and get 6-5 315 Alabama DT Kerry Murphy, I heard he is looking at Alabama and the Canes. Plus, the Canes should not be turning down 5-star blue chip talent like RB Noel Devine, this offensive need as much help as it can get. He would have to go to prep school first and I admit he has gotten into some trouble but he is THE MOST EXPLOSIVE PLAYER NOT ONLY IN FLORIDA BUT THE COUNTRY PERIOD. The U!!!!!!

I get a kick out of all the big 5 star offensive recruits going to FSU and falling on their face and not amounting to _hit. When will they see the light? FSU hasn't had a decent offense for a long time.

This is great news for us canes fans. All I want for Christmas now is to see the Canes get WR Thompson, so next season they can do some pay back. I also hope coach Randy Shannon go after those trash talking Gators, specially after coach Mayer did some trash talking back in 2005 when he was in South Florida, stealing our great players. Anyhow, I wish Coach Shannon and the Canes the best luck and even thought I relocated to Minnesota I'm and I will stay a Canes fans until my after life.

Thanks for the great info... the news is great, I feel that the way that R. Shannon is approaching the recruiting is awesome. Right before Miami fired Coker Miami Hearld was asking R. Shannon about the head coaching job and he told the reporters " I dont have time to talk about being the head coach...I am looking for the recruits we need some good recruits!!" So I know what he is doing he is trying to clean up and really keep the recruits that are solid in Miami.. No need to look elsewhere just Florida baby.. Also my nephew goes to N. Ft. Myers and he told me that N. Devine had problems over at school (suspensions, fighting) so in that case we dont need him.. Anyways we have Baby J (IMMOKALEE raised baby) he is a next first rounder.. I am interested in maybe getting DON SOLINGER BACK!!!
The recruits will come and show the love and pride of a program that owns Florida.. R. Shannon is exactly what we needed Gentlemen. As for R. Marve we need you to show T. Tebow that the Canes own his azz. KEEP IT UP CANES!!!
im out.

All I want for Christmas is Plant High School's Marve and a stable of receivers!! Next year I would like an ACC Championship!! In 2008 I would like to kick the _hit out of the Gaytors in the Swamp!! Thanks again Santa, you rarely let me down!!

all i want for xmas is a slew of good solid recruits and so far santa shannon has made good on that deal. next on my list is marve with the addition of some good OL and some defensive players that can make an impact on ST. other than that santa shannon has done a great job hopefully if we are all really good we can have an OC by x-mas

OL, OL, and more OL! I can't believe we only have two of these guys on our list.
I don't care how many 5* QB's and WR's we sign, it would makd a bit of difference without some serious OL recruiting.

Coker and Erickson both made HUGE mistakes in de-emphasizing this, and it killed them.

i don't want to look at a game and see one of "ours" at another school. how'd horatio blades end up @pitt? three guesses; first two don't count.


Coach Shannon, is doing a great job reeling them in. Now all he needs to do is make a splash nationally with

WR 1 Terrance Toliver
(Hempstead HS)
Hempstead, TX

DE 3 Allen Bailey
(McIntosh County Academy)
Darien, GA

CB 1 Eric Berry
(Creekside HS)
Fairburn, GA

This one kid out of California is A in home coach visit away from commiting.

DT 6 Da'John Harris
(Junipero Serra HS)
Gardena, CA

We can snag this kid out of Alabama as well if Shannon shows up.

DT 14 Kerry Murphy
(Hoover HS)
Hoover, AL

This guy is a must I have seen him play and he is the real deal. Shannon needs to go see him ASAP.

CB 25 Phelon Jones
(McGill-Toolen HS)
Mobile, AL

He is a wild card if the canes have some room left.

NR Ben Bruneau
(Notre Dame HS)
Sherman Oaks, CA

Shannon should be a busy guy as I type. This is a critical time visits and one on one's are coming to an end. Coach needs to set more visits for Jan & Feb to really put a dent in other programs scambling to feed on S. Florida.

i don't care how many stars a recruit has. i don't care if a player is highly rated and on the fence. i don't care if a guy is from our backyard but looks like he will commit elsewhere. i want guys who want to be here and have no doubts about it in their mind. i want guys who will work work work. i want guys who want to be a part of bringing this program back to the top. Shannon has done a great job already no matter who else we land. if the Major Wright's, Deonte Thompson's, and Cooper's of the world don't wanna roll with us we will roll right by them. our time will come recruiting wise over the next few years Canes fans. just be patient. maybe i'm the the only who feels this way but i love our situation. i love this weed out scenario. just give me the die hard Cane recruit. we'll turn him into a baller.

I like what I see on the surface. And I agree that these ballers need to want to BLEED for the U! It is still and honor and privledge to take the field as a CANE! They to understand protecting OUR HOUSE. OB is still a great tradition! Randy needs to get us back to getting some LB and moving to DE. Get some D-Line guys and move to OL so they have nasty attitude. And get us one or two speed merchants that scare the ship out
of every team when they step on the field. And give us a HEAT SEEKING HEAD HUNTER SAFETY to knock the crap out every WR that thinks about coming across the middle. Like Sean Taylor. He changed whole games! IT IS ALL ABOUT THE U. And these kids need to die for the honor of playing for the U!

I want to see the "U" go after Robert Marve from Plant High School. This guy is a born leader and he is ready to make it happen. Also no matter how many stars we get from the skills position point of view we still need the best Offensive line like the ones we had in 2000 - 2002.

ok so now all we need is someone how can call plays if we all stand agreed put "CANES" AND THE END OF THE STATEMENT.....

this office is lookin pretty dam good that big "D" is ready now it time to go down... u.s.c, gator, ohio state,we old them anyway and all those otherteam that talk trash we comin!!!!!!!

There is a stud RB in ND named George Vettel. He is 5'5 145 and hard as a rock. They need to get him under wraps before he commits to North Dakota State.

Very interesting info on said recruits. I think it would be interesting to take all the recruiting gurus and scrutinize their picks 2 or 3 years down the road like we do NFL draft picks. If we did, how many would we still call experts????????????

I remember UM recruiting Paul Bertucelli from Sunset High in 1981-82 (only because I played at Sunset) The coaches saw something in Bert I'm not sure we all saw as teammates, but we were and are proud of him being a key part of UM's first National Championship. I think of that every time I hear about a young man considering this school or that school. The U is a PROGRAM, folks, we spit out ballers to the NFL evry year. That is an undeniable fact; no other school had as many players on NFL rosters.


More importantly, UM is not the easiest school to get into, and it shouldn't be. No offense intended, but it doesn't take great scores to get into FSU or UF (or any other of 20-30 schools that can get you close to the NFL).

I am sure most coaching staffs will do their due diligence in trying to get players to graduate or at least attend class. But to those recruits who UM is considering, I say: REACH HIGHER!!

OK, Gloria Estefan says it on our promo reel every game, But it's true. A degree from UM MEANS SOMETHING!! A great Med school, a great law school, music program, marine biology, the sky is the limit. WE are not the best school for everyone, but maybe you can be a part of something special at the U. The only variable in the equation is what can you bring to the table.

Canes fans get ready for the next season, I think its going to be like the old days, when the Canes used to dance all over teams. The Canes need to let those pretendors Gators and FSU who the big daddy is when it comes to playing football, forget the stars or rankings a player is, just play Canes football "SPEED BABY" speed kills. Canes fans just remember what Daven Hester is doing now in the NFL, he is a product of the UM. Remember we are sleeping Giants waiting to be awaking and next season I'm flying from Minneapolis, MN to South Florida to watch those Giants doing some pay back.

"Is going to be sweet"

There is a kid, a running back, at Branford HS in Conn. I think he is number 24. He may not be a running back at the d-1 level, but he could be a punisher on special teams and defense. Plus, he is a leader.

i have to agree speed kills and taht is what we should be getting and then coach up the speed like we did in the old days bring back the glory days

o and this WILL sound mean but stop trying to look outside south fla. we bitch and moan about all our stars leaving but we still look else wear ... we got everything we need from the tampa line down so lets get it done

Any inside info on the Vettel kid out of ND? Could be a great team player and contribute right away on return teams.

I think Miami is doing a great job. But they should go after Major Wright and Graig Cooper those guys are good. But We also NNNNEEEDDD a QB i can see John Brantly from texas wavering. What about marve to?

The U is not a football factory. I have never been very high on recruiting rankings. Just recruit quality kids/people and not just football players and this team will return to the glory days. I don't want kids always in trouble, in hopes that they will straighten out. They have to prove they belong at the University of Miami. Deserve that honor and not just because they can play football. A lot of kids can play. I agree as one poster said. Look at all the 5 star recruits that have be going to FSU every year it seems. That doesn't mean as much as being the right fit and Randy Shannon should know what it takes to be successful at the U. Recruiting is just one phase of the program. Yes, it is a key phase but please remember. When Butch Davis came in and cleaned things up, he wasn't getting any of these 5 star recruits. He just did great scouting and got players who are "Canes". They never finished in the top 20 in recruiting. Miami will need great leaders and teachers on this staff. Miami will need a hard working, relentless mentality. Just like the old days when the U was winning championships.

I would like to get KOSAR as QB coach

if they don't bleed orange and green tell them to keep it moving

gotta agree w/ blakk if you dont bleed the orange and green you dont belong there

Shannon will recruit better than Coker has the past few seasons. Kosar as QB-Passing Coach would be ideal. Bring back Soldinger as Running back coach. Shannon legacy will be how good a staff he surrounds himself with. The ACC has proven to be much harder to play in that anticipated. Lets start scheduling non coference games with the likes of Texas, Notre Dame, ect,ect. That's the old UM.







Lots on the U plate these next few days. A bowl game. Recruiting. Who will coach offensively the 36 new WR recruits that are coming in. Anyway, first belated thank yous Manny for the recruiting info. Yes I am a die hard...so I die hard when I get bad news. I hope that Mario Cristobal stays at the U. I personally think he will, but I expect that announcement, whatever it is, today or tomorrow at the latest. My gut feeling is that Randy Shannon has the full court press on for Mike Shula as his O-Coord. And nothing will be announced on that front until after 01/01. As for the recruits, D. Thompson is a must, as is Wiggins, Easterling, and at least one of the Homestead boys.

Miami needs to look at some Lakeland High School prospects. Florida has (6) players committed from them. This is the #1 one high school team in the "NATION" (5A) and they are right here in Florida. USF, FSU, and UF are sucking up all the central Florida talent. I agree that there are phenominal atheletes in south Florida but lets not get stuck in a rut. These kids in central and north Florida are canes fans too.

Mario Cristobal should stay at Miami with a
raise and wait for a better opportunity
Than FIU...This program can be a killer for
a coach's career...Plus the canes will be on the uprise again and better opportunities will come up for the young Critobal who is now like a hero with Miami compare to a zero that he would be with the FIU program...And with one or two more years with the Hurricanes proving that he is always getting better as a recruiter and as an assistant to and outstanding program, he will have more choices, the experience and the money as a head coach in a good program...

Mario Cristobal should stay at Miami with a
raise and wait for a better opportunity
Than FIU...This program can be a killer for
a coach's career...Plus the canes will be on the uprise again and better opportunities will come up for the young Critobal who is now like a hero with Miami compare to a zero that he would be with the FIU program...And with one or two more years with the Hurricanes proving that he is always getting better as a recruiter and as an assistant to and outstanding program, he will have more choices, the experience and the money as a head coach in a good program...

Mario Cristobal should stay at Miami with a
raise and wait for a better opportunity
Than FIU...This program can be a killer for
a coach's career...Plus the canes will be on the uprise again and better opportunities will come up for the young Critobal who is now like a hero with Miami compare to a zero that he would be with the FIU program...And with one or two more years with the Hurricanes proving that he is always getting better as a recruiter and as an assistant to and outstanding program, he will have more choices, the experience and the money as a head coach in a good program...

Mario Cristobal should stay at Miami with a
raise and wait for a better opportunity
Than FIU...This program can be a killer for
a coach's career...Plus the canes will be on the uprise again and better opportunities will come up for the young Critobal who is now like a hero with Miami compare to a zero that he would be with the FIU program...And with one or two more years with the Hurricanes proving that he is always getting better as a recruiter and as an assistant to and outstanding program, he will have more choices, the experience and the money as a head coach in a good program...

Say what you will about not going to Nebraska looking for an OL but Gunn could be our most important recruit. He is massive enough to get a great push and could challenge for a starting spot next year. Plus the Canes need a CB commit because losing Phelon Jones and DeMarcus Van Dyke were big losses.

What's this guy talking about we NEED Major Wright? NEED?

He's an impact highschool player. He could turn out to be a stud in college, but NEED is a big word.

UM could use him. He could turn out to be the stud they need. But "WE NEED MAJOR..."
is a bit of a stretch.

Sulimon hit the nail right on the head! i agree totally with Sulimon. Lock up the local talent first!!! It sickens me to see all of these "nobody" schools ie..(rutgers, louisville, florida even) sneak into our backyard and steal our guys. It is a well known fact that an "average" Miami player is Heisman trophy, all-american material anywhere else.....the weakest among our players can compete with the strongest of other school's players...Randy Shannon please read some of these posts and take all of this into consideration while recruiting....

I agree with those who say the U needs an offensive line. That probably more than anything is what put the 'Canes in the national championship games in '02 & '03, and the lack of an offensive line is the difference between those teams and the one the U has now.

A dominant offensive line allows a team to control and win ballgames more than anything else.

I'm very skeptical of five-star players and don't think that alone is enough to make a player valuable. I still remember Jamie Germann (sp?) from the Erickson days, a five-star recruit and the top-rated high school defensive player in the country. He caused a lot of trouble and appeared to throw the game against the Washington Huskies that ended the U's home-game winning streak. The U has signed other highly touted high school athletes who did not contribute as much as relatively unknown players who were maybe a smidgen less talented but who had character and heart.

I'll take 4.4 speed and good character over 4.3 speed and personality issues any day.

But I'm confident that Shannon knows what he's doing and is probably going to get the best class of recruits the U can get this year.

NorthernCane made a good point. FSU lands bus loads of five-star players every year, and they don't seem to have helped that program. If the players don't have character and guts, and if the coaches don't know how to get the best out of their players, then all the stars in the world won't bring a national championship. A team of well-coached, motivated, average athletes will beat the crap out of any band of five-star prima donnas. Just ask UCLA and USC. Just ask Gene Stallings.

We definately need a better O line, but where did all are big hitters go on D. Remember Armstead, Taylor, Vilma, Lewis, Reed, Sapp, Maryland, the list goes on forever. We need to put the fear back in are opponents eyes. Because at the U we have always run faster, hit harder than any other school. Shannon, let's get the athletes we need and get back raising cane.

Didn't you mean Chris Carter when talking about St. Thomas Aquinas receiver's coach and former Viking?

Kids that love miami will be here if given the opportunity, kids that love miami will go elsewhere for scholarship, consider these kids only and forget about the kids that want to come BECAUSE of the scholarship (i know it upsets those 5 stars but i want dedication and pride)...OL baby DL baby...control the game...DB know where they all want to come, a leader at LB makes a team as does QB, we need 2 LOCKS that want to be here at QB that are leaders and can hit a ten yard out...keep BEST LB(s) in FL whoever they are...i know thats everything but give me a few atheletes as well...and that what we are gonna get...Mr. Shannon tell these kids "turn on the TV on sundays but love saturdays"...i dont want to watch UM lose again live at the orange bowl so fans SHOW UP AND SUPPORT YOUR TEAM

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