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Coaching breakdown

Since I've got a little time, I decided to get back on provide a few more tidbits I forgot to squeeze in the last entry (I'm too much of a scatterbrain).

Barrow      Shannon told us during our lunch on Thursday his plan was to hire two more coaches amongst a group of four he was considering. It's apparent now former Cane Michael Barrow will be the guy to take over linebackers. I saw Barrow at least a dozen times at UM this season working out, hanging out and chilling with the team when he wasn't down at Homestead running things.

      Who ends up being the other coach remains a bit of a mystery, but I was told through several Dade coaching sources Edison High's Corey Bell was going to be the man. I know Canesport reported otherwise and also shot down the idea Central's Anthony Saunders was also being considered.

Truth is Saunders told me on Signing Day he was never interested in UM so I'm not quite sure where they got that. Saunders is going to become an assistant principal at Norland High, where most expect him to help with the football team. Saunders' right hand man Daryl Heidelburg, known best for beating out Brian Griese to make the '92 All-Dade football team, will likely end up being the coach at Edison or Norland -- assuming Nigel Dunn leaves Norland.

That leaves Bell, who played defensive back at South Carolina and Edison High, and who at age 35 is a bright up-and-coming coach. He's always been close to Shannon and has built a lasting friendship over the years. At Edison, Bell turned the Red Raiders, once a horrific program into instant contenders, leading his team to the playoffs for five consecutive seasons and the state semifinals in 2003. Even if he doesn't come in as the defensive backs coach, he could just down the staff as an assistant and help recruiting locally. Bell has coached the Dade-Broward All-Star team twice and knows everyone in Dade and makes great connections with kids.

I know some have also mentioned Northwestern's Roland Smith, who has also been seen plenty at UM. But Smith has a team that can win the state title next year and will be one of the nation's best. Unless Antwain Easterling's troubles (I hear there is an ongoing investigation into the coverup) cause him to bolt, I don't see Smith ending up at UM. In fact, I think he might actually end up at FIU down the road. He was there when Mario Cristobal was named coach and might be a better fit there.

As for other high school coaching moves in Dade, it's a given Billy Rolle is out at Killian. A formal announcement is expected next week he'll be introduced as the next coach at Central. Former UM coach Don Soldinger, who has been in charge of security at Killian, then is expected to take the job at Killian according to several of my former prep sources with former Southridge coach Stu Rogers as his lead assistant. I bumped into Soldinger and Rogers pretty much everywhere I went during the high school football playoffs. Two guys who don't want to get back into coaching, don't scout Northwestern, Central and Southridge if they aren't already planning for the future.

Back to Randy. One of the most interesting comments he made at Thursday's lunch was the fact he said he didn't want to put together a staff that knew each other. "The only way you build chemsitry," he said. "Is by getting a bunch of new guys together who don't know each other and let them learn how to win and lose together."

It was a real fresh perspective and one I never heard before. But if you analyze it, it kind of makes sense. Shannon said the one thing he wants to avoid is having his coaching staff break off into cliques. Not for nothing, but I wonder if that's a result of what happened with the previous staff that was let go. A bunch of the new hires were Coker's boys. Wonder if Randy saw that and made that a priority for it not to happen.