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So much for Thug U...

23I know the brawl with FIU was ugly, shameful and just flat out wrong. But for all the negative press The U got over it, I wonder if ESPN or other media websites will run today's story about UM leading the ACC with the most student athletes on the All-Academic Team. What do you think? I doubt it too.

Here's the gist of the news sent our way this afternoon...

The Hurricanes honored were: G Andrew Bain, OT Jason Fox, TE Greg Olsen, PK Jon Peattie, S Kenny Phillips, LB Darryl Sharpton, WR Sam Shields, and C Anthony Wollschlager.

The eight selections topped Boston College and Duke, which had six each, and Florida State, which had four. Every ACC school had at least one member. To be eligible, a player must have earned a 3.00 grade point average for the fall semester or have maintained a 3.00 cumulative average during his academic career. Peattie has been selected three straight years.

"I guess we're not a football factory anymore. We're an academic factory now," said head coach Randy Shannon. "You have to give a lot of credit to our academic staff. This university and football program attract a lot of great student-athletes that will be successful in life, and we are proud of that."

Got to love Randy's quote. But it also says a lot about how The U has changed. There's no doubt president Donna Shalala has raised the standards and that while obviously has made the students work harder, it also has hurt recruiting and the type of kids UM can recruit. There were a lot of kids who told me throughout the recruiting process they liked Miami, but they only had the test scores and academic averages to get into Rutgers, North Carolina, etc. You get the point.

Now, where do you stand? Do you like the fact UM has raised its academic standards? Or do you feel the standards are too high and eventually hurt recruiting?


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I taught freshman comp at a football factory once--Florida, in fact, during the Wuerffel glory years--and I got a little bit of a look at how the GPAs for athletes are maintained. Are there guys who just grind it out? Probably. But there's lots of people at places like UF and UM who are willing to lend a helping hand, too. So, maybe our athletes are better students than at Duke (riiiight), or maybe we have better resources allotted to making sure our athletes get the numbers we need to show off to the world.

Either way, I don't care. UM is my minor-league football team, not my alma mater.

This is a great article! I really enjoyed reading it and its good to hear good things like this about "The U". I am somewhat biased though about the standards being as you put it too high. Allow me to elaborate: The University of Miami is ALREADY a prestigious school (a prestigious private school mind you). It doesn't make sense to raise the bar and possibly ostracize some potential great recruits because we want to "clean up our image and send a message to the world". A Rolls Royce IS the premiere automobile and needs no accessorizing. As is UM in terms of great Universities. We don't have to raise the standard...WE ARE THE STANDARD!!!!

The University of Miami is ALREADY a prestigious school (a prestigious private school mind you).

No, it's not. Well, I mean they have the prestige derived from the football--and to a lesser extent, baseball--team, but it's not in the top 50 of universities academically. Hell, U.S. News has it ranked behind Florida.

Miami is 53rd-55th annually in that poll, moonbat, and I'd say thats pretty prestigious. Out of several thousand collegiate institutions, thats pretty impressive considering they were 3rd tier not more than 8 years ago.

ken, I agree! Good post.

Ironic that the sportswriter and those with comments fail to acknowledge who was the Cane's coach and responsible for this impressive academic record. Certainly not Randy Shannon. Nuff said ?

First of all those rankings aren't the gospel. It's not like it's an exact science. I think UF is ranked like 5 spots or so higher than the U. So they're pretty much the same. Both are good schools academically. It's just that UF hasn't beat us in football for 20 years. Damn I love saying that.

First of all those rankings aren't the gospel.

Of course not--rather, they are a measure of prestige. Or, in this case, the lack thereof.

Ok i love the U. but really do this players even go to class? i am a college student my self and when you got guys taht have to travel, durning class days.( BASKETBALL) how can u maintain such a high GPA most people have trouble in college by just missing 1 class.. and i my self Attend the university of miami and have many football players for classes which most of them never show up to class, again how do they manage to pass? do the techers give them their grades because of whom they are on the field? lets be serious i love the U but there is not 1 program out there that has student athletes on the All-Academic Team that really deserve to be there. For exaple did MATT LINEHART made the all american team the semmester in which he was playing football his 5th year and took only 1 class BALL ROOM DANCING.. lets be serious

There are plenty of players that are on the all-academic team that deserve it. Matt Walters received his masters in Mech Engineering while at the U and is now doing pretty well with the degree from what I hear. Some people learn how to manage their time at a young age and it's a gift far greater than any skills they possess on the football field.

I like reading things like that, but at the same time, I also like to be in a BCS's bowl every year. With that said, I think Shalalalala should not raise the bar anymore, and let the kids play ball. Miami is already known as a thugh university why should we worry what people say when is not true. Are we trying to look good for the media? I think that's a little too late. Let's get the great players and let them play ball.

Everyone has to remember all these kids are full qualifiers. They aren't some kid with a 1.5 GPA trying to ride the football wave. Next year there should be even more on the list, at least we know all of them will stay eligible. I hope all the young guy's in Dade County see what these guy's have accomplished and strive for more.

UM if I remember correctly is ranked 52 at the moment (which is significantly better than before Shalala came along, and overall not a bad ranking). Btw, Florida is 47, and considered a very good academic school. Do you even know how many academic institutions there are in this country?

Very proud of the players, faculty and staff. Out West the jealous progams constantly bag on the Canes because they are ignorant of the great grad rates, APR and now this distinction!

No one cares on Saturday or BCS Game day about how smart they are, only can they win. I guess we finally uncovered the root cause of our substandard performance. Too much reading, too many pocket protectors and not enough football talent. Life is about winning and nothing else. Give me a "C" student and a 13-0 season versus an "A" student and a 4-9 record anyday. Only the losers worry about grades, the winners are too busy with pro contracts, parties and guest appearances. Ask Troy Smith of OU what does he want, an "A" in biology or a BCS National Championship ring. It doesn't take a brain to figure that one out.

Let's see. The numbers are eight players with either a 3.0 average OR 3.0 last semester. Thats eight out of 85 roster players.

Somehow that doesn't impress.

I guess it's twice as good as FSU.

Which ACC schools had only one?

What are the majors of these player? Are they juniors or seniors? or just the underclass? I do not know the answer because I am a Tech (the real TECH) Fan. So, I am just asking. Good luck with P. Nix. I think he is good, but he is sporatic at times.

Ernie- As I had an opportunity to see this article for the first time and read your "enlightening" comments, several thoughts immediately occured to me. As a graduate of the "U", how the hell did you ever get into this school, as you claim? When you are able to speak, write and spell in the English language and are able to articulate a coherent thought about anything, your comments and criticisms might have some merit- but I doubt it. In the interim, I would suggest you get an actual life, a tutor and a clue before you criticize some kids achieving significantly more than you obviously have in your brief, moronic and ignorant time on this planet. Is this a great country or what?-any inarticulate idiot with a computer can become an expert critic on the academic achievements of others. Pathetic.....

If I am a football player going to UM, I would be more concerned with how many players are ending up in the NFL rather than how many got their communications degrees. Do I want to be a millionaire football player or a $35,000 Miami office worker. Why should it not be the goal of every university to recruit players that will make it to the NFL rather than those who can merely graduate. (Not that they are mutually exclusive). Getting to the National Title and winning it should be the goal, and recruiting the players that can give us the greatest chance of getting there should be the ones who are recruited.

Let's not be naive, I have a degree from UM and believe me nobody is all that impressed.

David, guess what? Athletes better get their education since only a handful actually make it in the NFL or other leagues. Then, once they're there the average time is relatively short. If they make money and don't know what to do with it, they will end up wondering what happened to their cash in 3 years. Having SOME education will at least give them a chance at life. Sports is only temporary.

David, I too have a degree from the U, and am doing quite well thank you, and I get plenty of looks at my degree on my office wall. Also, in case you haven't noticed, (how could you not), everytime you watch an NFL game, you see Canes on one or both of the teams playing. If that's your bag, the U puts more top-notch players in the NFL, than ANYONE, refer to Superbowl, and Pro Bowl, I mean are you kidding me? They are recruiting kids with character, who, by the way, are damn good football players. Sheesh, you sound like you went to UF or something. Are standards are a bit higher for good reason. Half to 3 quarters of the kids you see as 5 star recruits, won't even make it to the NFL, for various reasons. Your post was rather ridiculous, but I had fun responding to it. Thanks, and keep it up.

The academic all-american honors speak nicely about GPA's of already-admitted atheletes. However, what's story on our recruiting standards? I keep hearing that academic standards are up and that guys like Edgerrin James would no longer be eligible to play on this team.

Yet, I talked to some Chicago Bears fans a couple weeks ago who told me that they love Devin Hester, but that he's dumber than a bag of rocks. I wonder what his admission numbers looked like.

The university keeps coming out and talking about "higher standards" for student atheletes, but I've never read any specifics on what those higher standards are. It almost seems like they generally want better student-atheletes, but don't want to publicly commit themselves to bright-line standards that would prevent them from getting the next nuckle-head all-american. Which is fine. I just want to know whether clear standards exist or not.

QUESTION: Can anybody tell me exactlty what these new standards are (e.g., minimum gpa, minimum SAT score, etc.)and how they compare to UM's standards, say, 10 years ago, or the standards at other schools?

Is this the truth, or just an excuse that tries to explain away several mediocre seasons?

If it's the truth, then I commend the University for trying to raise the value of my UM degree, and allowing me to shove this down the throats of all the Cane bashers I run into on a regular basis.

If it's not true, then let's cut the BS and go out and recruit the best damn football players using the same NCAA academic minimums that most everyone else does.

To jxrey;

I don't think they make the standards public. But as far as being something cooked up recently to "cover some bad years," Butch Davis was complaining about increased standards and he's been gone over five years now.

To the board in general, why do people assume good grades and a successful football team are mutually exclusive?

Good comment Brian. jxrey, the main reason Greg Schiano turned down the U, was because our standards are too high. This isn't something made up. It really astounds me that NO matter what positive thing is ever said about Miami, someone ALWAYS has something negative to say about it, for the love of Pete, if you don't like the U, then stay off the posts, or forums. Looks like people love to come and run their yappers, because they've probably been pounded by the Canes, or are just jealous, because we have a beautiful campus, in a beautiful state, and you can get a great education, as well as play in the NFL. Our 3rd, and 4th rounders, end up starting anyway, lol.

Generally speaking, the current minimum requirements are an 820 on the SAT or an 18 on the ACT and a 2.5 GPA. The SAT requirement is generally believed to be 20 points higher than that required by almost all the other NCAA Div.I-A schools. These somewhat higher requirement have been the subject of thousands of articles, posts and complaints by those who believe the "U" should be a football factory first and an academic institution second. Everyone is, of course, entitled to their opinion, but I find it amusing that the majority of those that complain about the current requirements and "demand" that they be lowered, have never set foot on the campus as either a student or as an athlete. Or that those numbers wouldn't come close to getting a non-athlete into school. Usually they are the same ones that bitch about Pres. Shalala being the principal cause of these "outrageous" standards, ignoring and/or forgetting that she was largely responsible for spearheading the UM's presnt endownment exceeding the $600 million plus mark and Leonard Miller estate's recent $100 million dollar gift to the UM School of Medicine. Hey, who gives a rat's ass about academics or that very few kids ever make it to the NFL or that the "U" will never be the Princeton of the South or that, etc.- just let every kid that can walk and chew gum at the same time into the "U" and let's play some football....

Moonbay- You are that "shining" example of my last comment. For whatever it is worth and to put the UM's ranking into some perspective, the Univ. of Miami is ranked at 56 by U.S. News and World Report (2007), just behind the Univ. of Florida at 50. But ahead of Ohio St. (58), Pitt (59), Georgia (63), Texas A & M (62), Va. Tech (80), N.C. State (85), Auburn 88), Alabama (90). Tennesse (95), Nebraska (103) and, there it is at last, the Florida State Univ. at 110. Of corse, all but the "U" are public, state supported universities-not too shabby for a little private school with only about 9750 total undergrads....

Patrick Mulcahy said the following, which I for some reason find funny:

"Sheesh, you sound like you went to UF or something. Are standards are a bit higher for good reason."

This is a bitter sweet article. Bitter because ESPN's press and all its negativity on the U will never change. Sweet because this is a constant truth about the student athletes that play for the football program at the University of Miami. I bet those ESPN analyst are eating their own feses right now, but to prideful to show the respect The U deserves.

For those with peanut sized, drug infused brains that claim they are UM fans, you should go back and see that most of the Seniors on the "fatigue" years teams also graduated..........

Take a real comparison for just this decade between the huge laundry list of legal challenges by FSU athletes vs UM. UM has never been thug-U. UM just beat the crap out of all the big shots - only missed the NC game twice from '83-'91...

Then, ESPN is so duplicitous, wants their UM game for ratings, then bashes UM to death at every opportunity. FIU started a planned brawl on an extra point kick when they knew it was all over, that begame UM hell that cost them two games. Pata's death likely cost them two more games. Go back and look at the first half of the UL game - UM was eating them up on both sides of the ball, before dropsy set in and killed our OFFENSE.

Coker had them ready to play - take away any team's two SR WR and you get FR mistakes. Also, our TE Olsen played to his lowest expectations, like was he betting against UM or just a psycho - now the pros want to bet he'll be OK at the next level after costing UM three games personally in '06????

Yeah, our first black HC will be a winner - that kinda' happens when you have 19 returning starters and big depth at every position...............

Big Al, thanks for the statistics. If you are who I think you are, you're a reliable source.

As for Mulcahy, what astounds me is that anytime someone so much as implies something negative about the U, some knee-jerk comes out with the typical overreaction.

Look, some of us on this board are Cane fans and/or alums who come here to do more than just cheerlead. We watch the games, we want the teams to do well, and, sometimes, we get upset when the teams don't do well. This does not make us Cane haters, and we will not stay off the forum and the posts. We're good fans despite the fact that we don't have Randy Shannon shrines in our closets or take press releases from UM's PR department as the Lord's Word.

Mr. jxrey,
What I don't understand is why you're ripping me??? I am an alum, and lifelong Cane, bleeding orange/green, and sometimes blood red. You apparently don't understand what you read. I posted that everytime something bad happens at the U, all these idiots come out, and start running their mouths, and that it gets very tiresome, thats pretty much the jist of it. As far as cheerlead, are you kidding me? I live in Pensacola, and I still go see my Canes play, even when there's only 2 or 3 thousand fans in the stands. I sit in hick Ben Hill stadium, and get heckled, and things thrown at me, and I fire back with look at the scoreboard. I sit at Doak Campbell, watching FSU fans ready to leave the stadium, until we botch a kick, or drop a sure td, so they end up winning. If thats a cheerleader then, damn right I am. You need to COMPREHEND what you read. I NEVER said Cane fans get off this post. I said I don't understand why Gator fans, or other schools come on our post to rip the Canes. What school did you go to man, I sure hope it wasn't the U, because you're dumber than dirt, if you think I'm putting in a knee jerk reaction, lol.......

i rather win championships w dumb kids

shala is ruining the U

Rog- This is really a great country and even your moronic "intellectual" opinion has now been posted. Sorry, but unfortunately dumb kids, as you would suggest, don't get into, are wanted at or are able to stay at the "U". Possibly you are campaigning to get yourself in, get someone close to you in or are just dumber than the proverbial sack of rocks and still don't get it? With your thought provoking gems of wisdom here for all the world, kindly tell us just who is "Shala" and how she is ruining the "U"? Pathetic- it is almost always the cluless, who, having never been to or stepped foot at the "U" (or any other college for that matter), preach or bray the most about the non issues at the "U"....

For a University like UM, and not have the entire City of Miami back them up...The University should have there name changed to Coral GaBLES Univ. not Miami... This is not a college town, which it should be. I mean goodness sake, Ive live here for 20 years, and i dont think once ive seen that UM logo, of any sort.
Sometimes i feel like the University of Miami is like a spy for the gov't, b/c you never see them come out, of that campus, its really pathetic... I dont think we deserve a kid of that caliber, unless he, can changed the mind set of that little midget that runs everything over there...its really, really PATHETic, and thats just another reason why sooo many kids in Miami are loosers, b/c theres no college orientation, but MDCC. FIU will be the new power house in years to come, if he should go anywhere it should be FIU, wow i cant believe i just said that, "sad but true"

boy, having some kids with good grades sure makes up for thirty years of thuggish behavior. glad we got that cleaned up, all in a single press release too! Brandon Meriweather looked like a dreadlocked horse, kicking at a defenseless man ON THE GROUND, but no hard feelings - right? guess not. Bryan Pata visited UF on a recruiting trip, and almost signed with the Zooker. if he had, he would have a championship ring on his finger - and he would be alive. not too many athletes get shot in the back of the head here in Gainesville - in Miami, that's called Tuesday.

boy, having some kids with good grades sure makes up for thirty years of thuggish behavior. glad we got that cleaned up, all in a single press release too! Brandon Meriweather looked like a dreadlocked horse, kicking at a defenseless man ON THE GROUND, but no hard feelings - right? guess not. Bryan Pata visited UF on a recruiting trip, and almost signed with the Zooker. if he had, he would have a championship ring on his finger - and he would be alive. not too many athletes get shot in the back of the head here in Gainesville - in Miami, that's called Tuesday.

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