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Who is your UM Valentine?

Since we've hit sort of a lull here with news from The U, I figured this might not be a bad time to go off topic and in honor of Valentine's Day have a little bit of fun.

ValentinespenguinSince most of us guys will be spending Valentine's Day in the doghouse because, like me, you forgot to get the Mrs. something and figure to be scrambling today, I figured what better way to take a break from the hassles and headaches than to answer a few silly questions during your lunch break about your favorite team.

Like I said, these are all in fun and after each question I'll provide my own answers. Feel free to answer the same questions and provide the best valentine's day story -- good or bad -- you can recall. Just try to keep the answers PG-rated.

Which former Hurricane do you love the most and why?
Michael Irvin. Nobody represents what The U has meant more than Mike. He's a playmaker, a winner, a Hall of Famer and somebody who has never forgotten his roots.

Which current Hurricane are you crushing on most?
Javarris James. Kid has mad talent and the best thing about him is that he's humble. He has a connection to the past and bleeds green and orange.

Biggest Hurricane tease of all time?
Tie, Magic Benton and Willie Williams. Not sure there was more hype about a Canes player than a guy named Magic. Willie, we all know his story.