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Who is your UM Valentine?

Since we've hit sort of a lull here with news from The U, I figured this might not be a bad time to go off topic and in honor of Valentine's Day have a little bit of fun.

ValentinespenguinSince most of us guys will be spending Valentine's Day in the doghouse because, like me, you forgot to get the Mrs. something and figure to be scrambling today, I figured what better way to take a break from the hassles and headaches than to answer a few silly questions during your lunch break about your favorite team.

Like I said, these are all in fun and after each question I'll provide my own answers. Feel free to answer the same questions and provide the best valentine's day story -- good or bad -- you can recall. Just try to keep the answers PG-rated.

Which former Hurricane do you love the most and why?
Michael Irvin. Nobody represents what The U has meant more than Mike. He's a playmaker, a winner, a Hall of Famer and somebody who has never forgotten his roots.

Which current Hurricane are you crushing on most?
Javarris James. Kid has mad talent and the best thing about him is that he's humble. He has a connection to the past and bleeds green and orange.

Biggest Hurricane tease of all time?
Tie, Magic Benton and Willie Williams. Not sure there was more hype about a Canes player than a guy named Magic. Willie, we all know his story.


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for former cane i love the most, it is tough to not love ed reed solely for his half-time rant at fsu. that was amazing.

hope for the future, baby j is a great choice. though he has not touched foot on campus, robert marve could take that spot over rather quickly. i love calais campbell too. everything a hurricane should be.

biggest tease - willie williams is a great one. kyle wright has to be up there also. benton came in with huge expectations. ryan moore could be up there. jammi german as well.

Under biggest tease you need to add Jamie German and Brian Fortay. 2 guys who came in with tremendous hype and did not leave to expectations - especially Fortay who left with his tail between his legs to Rutgers (I believe).

Too many great former and current Hurricanes has poured there blood and sweat for the U to choose just one.

wow something interesting to write about, manny are U trying to get the ball rolling?

Here it is:

fav Cane: Russell Maryland, when that kid from Texas called him out before the '91 Coton Bowl, and said he'd take him out of the game, Russell responded by sacking the QB 3 times in the 1st half.

Crush on: Chavez Grant, he has what it take to be a stud for along time, plus he did win two games by making some incredible plays.

Biggest tease: Jessica Alba, j/k. It's Kyle Wright, the kids frustrates me soo much I can't describe it..Ya'll know what I'm talking about...

My picks;

Favorite Cane(s);too many to name, so I'll pick my perseverence fav- Frank Gore- overcame a learning disability, mother's illness and TWO reconstructions on his knees to get to his dream

Crush on; Baby J- I think with a decent offensive game plan he will really start to shine...

Biggest tease; Jammi German- the kid had D. Hester type of speed and moves and could play receiver, tailback and kick returner- he just never seemed to be able to put it all together for most of his time at the U.

Favorite Cane: No Doubt the 2001 Miami Defense. You need to go back and research how great this team was particularly the D. Only two teams scored more than 7 points on them the whole season. This was the Greatest D of all time!

Crush On: Santana Moss. He was our version of Deion Sanders. Every time he got the ball it was "showtime" and he could play many different positions! He opened the door for other speedsters (Roscoe Parrish, Devin Hester) This is a hard one though because i like so many players and former players: Ray Lewis, Warren Sapp, Clinton Portis, Ed Reed, Willis McGahee, Ken Dorsey, Kellen Winslow, Jeremy Shockey, Michael Barrow, Randy Shannon, (i'll be here all day...you get the picture)

Biggest Tease: Tie between Kyle Wright and Jarrett Payton. We all know about Wright and hopefully he'll pan out this season. Payton was a big letdown who along with everyone else seemed to think he was automatically great because his father was. His last name was his ONLY claim to fame as evident in his unsuccessful attempt at the NFL. His last name was probably the only reason so many Canes fans were so patient with him as he consistently fumbled, ran for no gain, and couldn't punch it in from the 2 yard line against the luckeyes.

Favorite Cane: Brian Mckinney...Sweetest guy ever too!

Crush on: John Vilma. He is so eloquent.

Biggest Tease: Kyle Wright. Nothing more disappointing than wasted talent. He needs to get it together and stop being his biggest obstacle to achieving greatness.

Favorite Cane: Dan Morgan aka Danimal. He played with so much heart.

Crushing on: Kenny Phillips.

Tease: Willie Williams.

Former Cane: Sean Taylor

I love watching this guy play. Playmaker, hard-hitter, a true Cane. Probably one of the most feared safteys ever in NCAA and one of the most feared safteys in NFL now.

Crushing on: Kenny Phillips

Biggest Tease: Obviously Kyle Wright, Willie Williams, etc... But I am going to pick on RYan Moore, Lance Legget, Darnell Jenkins, and Greg Olsen.

My favorite former Cane without a doubt is Bryan Pata because his spirit and smile was always pleasant and bright. Current crush is Baby J. His momma raised him right, that young man is not only graceful on the field, but just as humble off. The biggest tease of all Larry Cocker!lol yall Can we add Coach Shannon to the crush list?

Fav cane: Sean Taylor and Rusty Maderis; when he saluted the crowed, that was one of my first memories of being a cane fan: 9 years old or something

Crush on: Kenny and Pimp C aka Colin McCarthy

Tease: Kyle, Willie, and Greg Olsen. I hope they all turn out great though.

Fav cane: Sean Taylor and Rusty Maderis; when he saluted the crowed, that was one of my first memories of being a cane fan: 9 years old or something

Crush on: Kenny and Pimp C aka Colin McCarthy

Tease: Kyle, Willie, and Greg Olsen. I hope they all turn out great though.

former: Bernie (and Kenny, for making the play that got it all started)

current: Javarris

wasto: Willie or Jammi

Favorite: Irvin, Mike Barrow, or Warren Sapp

Current: Sam Shields (I'm finally starting to forgive him for dropping that 4th quarter pass against FSU; besides, Baby J is sloooow)

Bust: Willie Williams (Benton's not a bad choice, but Jammi German even made it to the NFL briefly didn't he?)

Fav cane: The best LB to ever take the field for "THE U" Mike Barrow (AKA BAM BAM) thats what they use to call him lol.

Crush on: "THE U" for putting out the best football players and for being the team that only plays to be #1 not #2 in the nation.
Tease: Anyone that writes something negative about a UM player and then writes they are a UM fan.(You suck)

Favorite: Ken Dorsey, loved everything about him. His football IQ, his passion for winning.

Current Crush: Javarris James, I think he has great potentional. A playmaker that the 'Canes have been missing.

Bust: Kyle Wright guy was All-Everything coming out of high school. Now he may not even start his senior year.

favorite: has to be the entire roster of the 2001 championship team that team was stacked, and you gotta love the heart there

Current crush: the 2007 recruiting class, specifically marve and cooper... imagine that back feild when they join up w/ baby j

Biggest bust: would be kyle but he still has time to improve but... hies up there... have to say ryan moore and willie williams

Jim Kelly, even if he is a Republican!!!

Fav Cane - Melvin Bratton - a phenomenal, versatile player, and no player ever left it out on the field like he did. I will never forget him coming off the field after he injured his knee. He wouldn't let his teammates carry him. He walked slowly and painfully, and he represented the pride of the U like I'd never seen before.

Biggest flirt - Sam Shields. He is elegant. Watching him run 60 yards against Nevada was as beautiful a sight as any I've seen in a while. He is so smooth.

Biggest Tease - There are a ton of guys who came in with hype and barely left with a varsity letter. It will get worse as the New Media hypes players younger and younger. When we rivals and scout have rankings on the best Pop Warner players in the country, I say beware. Still, the winner is Kenny Kelly. Kelly was supposed to be the new age quarterback for the U. I firmly believe that Ken Dorsey (Kelly knew he would never see the playing field again after the 1999 Gator Bowl) was as the reason for his departure as was the baseball contract. Also. Kevin Beard. After putting up a game (or half) of a lifetime against the Gators in "the Comeback," Beard disappeared from the team.

Favorite Canes: Tiger Clark, Rusty Meadaris, Sean Taylor, Rohan Marley(heart), Michael Barrow & K. Winslow( see: his freshman special teams play)

Crush: Randy Shannon as coach , Calais Campbell & Richard Gordon(greatness starts on special teams)

Disappointments: Wright, Dorsey (in the '02 NC game), Jason Geathers, Ethnic Sands, Kevin Beard, & LEON WILLIAMS!

Favorite Former Cane - Ted "The Mad Stork" Hendricks. Talk about a guy that started it all. Go ahead and break out your history books on that one.

Current - Calais Campbell. It's close between him, Baby J, McCarthy and Grant but McCarthy and Grant have a long way to go produce like Campbell and Baby J. Actually, though... lets go ahead and make that a tie between Campbell and James.

Tease - Ya'll leave Wright alone... all that kid needs is a coach... beleive me when i say that you will all be singing a different tune next season with that kid. Biggest tease... i'm gonna go with Brock Berlin. His Florida comeback highlighted his abilities... unfortunately for only 1 game.

make that a 3 way tie with Sam Shields in the mix for current favorite... that kid made something out of a good for nothing miserable season... he is winner pure and simple...

Favorite Former Cane: Edge. With the great players to come out of The U, he was the first to give back financially. That's love.

Current Crush: Randy Shannon. Not only because of the great potential for the future...he's also quite handsome.

Biggest Tease: Brock Berlin. Talented shotgun quarterback. Miserable at almost everything else.

fav:ken dorsey and ryan clement, jerome brown,irvin crush:marve tease:willie

Mike Irvin DOES represent Miami better than most - he is a drug-addled bojangler who just lost his job due to a complete inability to function in the context of normal society. Good pick Manny - you obviously have your priorities in order.

Fav: Brock Berlin, great leader and good athlete and a decent QB. Brock is by far the cutest white boy to ever play for the Canes!! I loved his smile, blonde hair and his sweet butt!! Brock is my Cane valentine!!!

looking for the action on Saturday's meeting at Soldier Field with ND. This is from Hurricane Harbor in Alachua.

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