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I'm still here? ACC Tourney Day II

Wow. I'm still in Tampa. Bet you didn't think I nor the Hurricanes basketball team would still be here for another game. But we are. So, how about them Canes!

Jackmcclinton_1Got to give credit where credit is due. Jack McClinton is a big reason UM is where it is today. And if the Canes somehow pull off a second upset today McClinton figures to be the reason again. The kid from Baltimore may have only scored 17 points yesterday, but the truth is he saved UM with what he did at point guard. The Canes really only have one point guard and yesterday they played without one. Harris had three quick fouls and played 25 minutes under a caution flag. McClinton, who could barely dribble earlier this year, kept the Canes composed when it built its big lead in the first half and kept them from imploding under Maryland's press in the second.

Jimmy Graham was big too. Coach Frank Haith talks all the time about how great Graham is in practice. Jimmy finally played like the guy all of his teammates know him to be when the game doesn't count. He blocked shots, rebounded, flew around and provided the type of interior toughness this team has lacked all season.

In two hours, the Canes get Boston College. The Eagles are beatable. Jared Dudley is a beast and the reason BC finished fourth in the conference. But this is a game where if Miami matches the intensity it displayed yesterday, it can beat BC -- even with just one point guard.

Which brings me to the bigger point. As bad as this Miami team has been all season. I'm now convinced had this team not lost Anthony King, UM would be fighting for an NIT berth today at the very least. So, for you Miami fans who have been down on hoops, take pride in what this team has accomplished this season. Despite the injuries, suspensions and losses, yesterday's win proved this team has not quit. And quite frankly, they had plenty of reasons to. It's a testament to Haith and his players Miami has continue to play with great effort. And that should count for something.

OK, enough preaching. Got to share with you that quarterback recruit Robert Marve, a Tampa native, was in the crowd yesterday wearing a UM cap and cheering his brains out as Miami pulled off its upset yesterday. Kid didn't need to be here. But he loves the Canes. Hopefully, I'll score an interview with him today if I spot him.

In gridiron news, I got an email this morning from the UM information staff that receiver Darnell Jenkins will miss this spring to attend to a family situation.

"Family is more important than football, and Darnell has to be there to take care of his family,"  UM coach Randy Shannon said in a statement. "We are all in agreement and want to do what's best for Darnell and his family. He will remain in school and rejoin us when practice starts in August."

I've known Darnell for years. Hopefully its nothing too bad. I'm sure we'll hear more in the coming days.

Anyway, as the games go on today, feel free to pour your thoughts and questions in on the tournament, the latest football developments and anything else that pops into your head during March Madness.

Go to go... Noles about to take on Carolina.